BG FIT (Fit Integration Technology)

Chris Young, owner, fixing girl's bikeBG FIT (Fit Integration Technology) is a complete bicycle fit system that will allow anyone to ride faster, longer and in greater comfort while greatly reducing the chance of injury.

Both certified BG FIT technicians, Chris and Joel have been trained to analyze your body's unique attributes, pedal stroke and body position. Using the data gained during this assessment, they optimize your bicycle and equipment to match your biomechanical profile.

Specialized has created the only complete range of ergonomically enhanced bikes, equipment and apparel to complement our BG FIT bicycle fit system. Every piece works together to ensure perfect ergonomics at every contact point. All of the following can be customized for your particular body type and ride style: gearing, saddles, bike geometry, stem, handlebars, spacers, shoes, footbeds, shorts and gloves.

And, you don't have to ride Specialized to benefit from a BG Bike Fit. Chris or Joel can use the same proven science to help anyone on any bike get a better ride.

To make the BG FIT appropriate for all types of riders, there are three levels of bicycle fit. Each adjusts the bike to fit the body.

  • Basic FIT — For Casual Riders.
    The fastest way to custom fit the bike to body. Basic Fit focuses on comfort and control.
  • 2D Comprehensive BG FIT — For Enthusiast Riders.
    A truly custom fit that helps anyone ride faster, more safely and more comfortably.
  • 3D Advanced BG FIT — For Elite Riders.
    The highest level of custom fitting bike to body. 3D Advanced Fit results in maximum increases in speed, endurance and comfort.

If you haven't felt quite comfortable enough on your bike or you if you want to move up in the race results, give Chris or Joel a call at (715) 634-8685 to set up a fit appointment.

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