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New Moon Ski & Bike offers a full service bicycle repair department. Our goal is simple: To provide fast, efficient, cost effective service at reasonable rates. We strive to keep turn-around times to a minimum and will try to accommodate your travel or vacation schedule as much as possible. We're pretty busy with repair and service, so we won't sell you service or parts you don't need. All service is performed on a first come, first served basis. Feel free to call for current turn-around times. 715-634-8685.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Air- Free! Just stop in with your bike.
  • Tune-ups- typically $55-$65, more in some cases. Covers the most common and basic adjustments and lubrication.
  • Overhauls- $100-$200 depending on type of bike. When a bike needs a lot of work.
  • Tubeless tire service- $15-$30 per wheel.  We’ll convert your tube set-up, or refresh your sealant with fresh “Stans” sealant.
  • Flat tire repair- typically $15 per wheel including new tube and labor, more for some bikes.
  • Tire replacement- highly variable cost; we’ll help you pick the right tire.
  • Adjustments- $5 and up. When a full tune-up is not needed.
  • Brake bleeds- $15-$30 per wheel. Keep your hydraulic brakes working like they’re supposed to.
  • Wheel building- we'll custom build your dream wheels. Stop in for a quote.
  • Wheel truing- typically $10-$15 per wheel. If it requires more than $15, you probably need a new wheel!
  • Broken spoke replacement- typically $20-$25 for the first spoke and $5-$10 per additional spoke per wheel. Individual spoke replacement can take A LOT of time, hence the high cost. A new wheel may be more sensible.
  • …and much more – just ask – we’re here to help! 800-754-8685

Estimates are always free. Please understand that each repair situation is unique, and cost may vary significantly from case to case.

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See you on the trails…
Don, LJ, and Chris

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