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Word From The Wax Bench...

2018-2019 Stone Grinding Begins Soon!

Yeah, you got to ski into late April – SWEET! Yes, sweet, but your skis are icky and gross with oak leaves, kick wax, deer hair, and possibly other unidentifiable animal byproducts.

Eww! That’s disgusting.

There is hope, though. Get your boards into New Moon early for fall stone grinding! We’ll clean all the junk off them and completely refinish the bases leaving a pristine, ultra-fast base, perfect for your training, racing, or scorchingly fast group outings.


Besides, getting a new grind guarantees record snowfall, so do the right thing, eh?! We’re accepting skis now for early grind batches. Test batches will be completed soon and service shall begin late October. First come, first served, y’all.

Yummy! Fast, too. Shown here is a Warm Uni Grind, ideal for transformed snow and temps straddling freezing.

For more info, call one of the Moonie Techs at 800-754-8685 or visit the New Moon Stone Grinding Service Site.

Think Snow!





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