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Word From The Wax Bench...

Goodnight, Moon

New Moon’s Man in the Moon logo has been around for over 25 years, and although he holds a special place in our hearts, we felt that it was time for an update.

The process to refresh our logo was extremely detailed and very interesting. We started with just words describing who New Moon is and who we aspire to be. Then we looked at design styles and color palettes. And, lastly, we choose from 8 different logos that were designed with input from all of our discussions, tweaking colors until we had our final designs.

All the logos looked great, but the one that we chose gave several of us “shivers” after its unveiling. The twinkly stars, the conifer trees—we really connected with this one.

The new logo, with its European styling and crisp look, is meant to represent our expertise and precision in the Nordic World, and we hope the Moon curving around the forest and stars projects our love and care of the environment as well as our customers.

Skiing on a clear winter night—that’s just how this logo feels. We love it and hope you do, too!

Look for new New Moon merchandise for the upcoming winter season. Online soon.

5 thoughts on “Goodnight, Moon”

  1. I love it!!
    The man in the moon was cute but the new logo is classic, timeless and encapsulates the essence of what the company is!
    Well done!!

  2. As one of the founders of New Moon in 1976, I’d like to congratulate you all on the new logo! It looks good and it’s time. Our first logo was created by my wife and cofounder Melisa. It featured moonlight scene with a skier casting a long dark shadow and leaving dark pole and ski tracks as he skied over hill toward a new moon. It was very romantic and conveyed the magic cross country skiing delivers. The logos you show in the newsletter were all created by friend and have a skier Dennis Rogers. Dennis is professionalism and talents were invaluable to us in our early years as he worked tirelessly creating logos, posters, and Brent catalogs that made us look great! All in exchange for friendship and ski equipment. We could not have done it without him. Thank you Dennis! Here’s to friendship, the business evolving, and another successful 40+ years. Good job, you all!
    Steve Morales

  3. The new logo is a winner! Really love it! Sad to say goodbye to the original version, but with all things in life change is not necessarily a bad thing.

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