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Word From The Wax Bench...

Trail To The Birkie Video Series, Part 3: Lauren

For week three in our Trail To The Birkie Series, we chat with Lauren as she preps for her first full-length Birkie. Let’s cheer her on come race day – we know she’ll do great!

If you missed Part 1 last week, take a minute to view that segment featuring Ashley Shuman.

Catch up with our week 2 feature with fast skier, Dakota Dale.

Enjoy, and let’s get Birkie Fever goin’!

Birkie ’19: “Year of the Volunteer”

Each Birkie seems to take on a life of its own – the Blizzard Birkie, and Half Birkie, The Non-Birkie, etc. Getting ahead of the game this year, organizers have set out to preordain the 2019 event and “the Year of the Volunteer.”.And rightly so; there are 2500 of them, in fact! These are the tireless foot soldiers which make the Birkie possible. Envelope stuffers, parking marshalls, medics, food station workers, and on and on.

In the spirit of the Year of the Volunteer, New Moon sought to add a little, special thank you to the effort. This year, each and every Birkie volunteer  will receive a gift card from New Moon. “Volunteerism is really the true legacy of the Hayward/Cable Area events – Birkie, Chequamegon Fat Tire, Lumberjack World Champs… it defines what makes our communities so special.” says New Moon co-owner, Chris Young… “We always have wanted to do something special for the (Birkie) volunteers and this just felt right.”

last week, New Moon owners, staff, and friends gathered at a favorite local Birkie hangout, Coops Pizza, and prepared 2500 gift cards for each and every Birkie volunteer. “It’s just a small thank you, and we’re lucky to have the opportunity to do this.” Chris reiterates: “We hope to do something like this again!”

While out skiing or spectating at this year’s Birkie events, look around at all of the special folks that make this the greatest show on snow—give them a tip of the hat and pass along a quick “Thanks!”

Trail To The Birkie Video Series, Part 2: Dakota

Next in our Trail To The Birkie Series we meet Dakota, up and coming masters elite. Dakota shares some training tips, why he loves classic technique, and a look at the twin Dale brothers rivalry.

If you missed Part 1 last week, take a minute to view that segment featuring Ashley Shuman HERE.

Enjoy, and let’s get Birkie Fever goin’!

Wax Report for Pre-Birkie

Weather Forecast:

Overnight low 19 below zero; late afternoon high 11 above. Race start is delayed until 11am so air temps will be warming into single digits above zero – expect some cold air in the frost pockets! Approximate start temp. 5 below zero.


Cold, fresh snow; course has been moved to north of OO from Lake Hayward.
Kick Wax:
A winter of multiple rain evens means we’ve used a lot of klister; however, there is a lot of new snow from Wednesday and Thursday. Expect 6″ or more of fresh snow with the older, icy stuff piston-bullied and tilled in.
We recommend a very thin klister binder like Six KR20 or Rex Liquid Base Klister. Layer must be thin and shorter than the regular kick zone by about 3″ in front and 1 1/2″ in back. Allow to harden fully before applying kick wax.
Hard Wax:
one layer of Swix V40 Extra Blue, think and lightly cork to cover klister. The cover and go longer with Swix VR30. Make sure not to go too long or thick with the klister and V40. Cover with colder kicker and you’re good. Go long with the cover wax.
Other Options – Start Oslo, Rex pro Grip, Start Terva Green or Black. Binder is very important in this context.
Glide Wax:
Expect a generous helping of fresh powder; uphills should soften up during the race traffic. Some ice tilled in should increase speed on the flats and downhills.
Favorite glide waxes for cold: Swix LF4, Start Green, especially MF10, Rex HF 31, FastWax White, Vauhti Polar HF
Fluor Top coats of Rex Tk-73 or Tk-820 or Toko Jetstream Blue, Start SFR 75 will be possibilities due to mixed snow type.

The Future of Glide Wax is Liquid!

Glide waxing is in the midst of a revolution. Recent efforts by regulators and wax companies to be more environmentally responsible with wax formulation have led to a rapid evolution of alternative and new options to hot waxing. The thrust of these efforts  has led in the direction of liquid or semi-liquid recipes which drastically reduce the amount of base waxes and additives required to adequately treat a ski’s surface. Using alcohol-based suspensions rather than petroleum solvents and propellants, production is more environmentally friendly.

Benefits for the skier are substantial, too…

First: Liquids are easy to use. Basically spray or rub on, let dry a few minutes, brush or cork a bit, go ski!

Second: They’re fast. Glide is outstanding – right on par with traditional  hot waxes.

Third: They’re durable. A common assumption with liquids is that they’re only good for 5 or 10K. New formulas, when applied to a clean ski can potentially last far longer, with some even being developed specifically for long distance racing.

Fourth: They’re “Techy”. For the wax techies, just as with hot waxes, there are base waxes, mid-fluoros, High-fluoros, top-coats, and so on. There is as much diversity available as you already have in your wax box.

Fifth: They’re also not too “Techy”. That works, too! Just want quick skis? No problem – there are affordable, simple universal sprays and perform as well as a good hot wax. Again: spray, dry, brush, ski.

Sixth and most importantly: They’re Simple. Temp ranges are broad and forgiving, elaborate equipment is not needed, and time requirements are a fraction of that needed for hot waxing.

New Moon has been testing and evaluating liquids for a few years now and are pleased to share with you a collection of those which we like best. View our Performance Liquid Gliders Here.

We can also take a look at application techniques from our suppliers. Note: these videos focus primarily high-end liquids, but the concept remains throughout the price performance spectrum, from top-dollar race liquids to low-cost training liquids…

Jusso Luikkonen from Rex Wax of Finland on HF Race Waxes.


Jusso demonstrates Rex’s amazing Glide Cleaner and Prep Liquid. This product is the foundation of All of New Moon’s waxing service.


Start Wax From Finland on Start Ultra Gel


Vauhti Wax shows the similarity of application principles – apply, dry, brush, go skiing.

For the performance-minded skier or racer, having a clean and porous base is key to good liquid wax adhesion. A freshly stone-ground base is ideal for maximum benefit from liquids. New Moon tech, Dusty adds that a grind followed up with a liquid-based waxing regime dramatically reduces inevitable base damage from hot irons, cold weather hot waxes, and solid fluoros.

Dustin inspects a stone ground ski base prior to liquid wax application.

Frequent, follow-up cleanings with glide-specific cleaners like Rex Glide Cleaner, featured in the videos above, in optimal condition for wax adhesion and “primes”  bases with a penetrating,  hard paraffin wax which acts as the base wax for subsequent layers.

New Moon’s wax techs are excited to share their knowledge of the liquid wax revolution with you. Call or stop in for the latest scoop!


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