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Word From The Wax Bench...

Two Quarters Shorts – ON SALE NOW!

Yes, of course, there is a lot to be said for the Twin Six Two Quarters Mountain Bike Shorts: they are responsibly made from mostly recycled Polyester; they are water repellent, durable, and breathable; they are shaped to fit your body. But, to be honest, I’m writing this because Joel and Ian would not stop telling me how amazing these shorts are (and I’m getting a bit tired of it, tbh).

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Revise Your Ride – Midsummer Check-In

Not all bikers are created equal! Someone who is regularly hammering the single track is not going to be comfortable on a cushy, fat saddle that only allows him or her to sit upright, and a newbie is not going to need super-stiff, carbon shoes that won’t allow him or her to hike up hills. New Moon has clothing and equipment that will ensure your comfort and confidence no matter if you are riding for the first time or if you are a world cup wanna-be! Let’s take a ride with the New Moon family out on the trails and see what they’re all using this summer…

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New Moon Merchandise Is Here!

Dusty models the expresso new New Moon logo tee. He obviously loves it!


Just like we’ve been “decking out” the store (see what I did there?) with our new porch and “beverage credenza,” we’re spiffing up the sales floor with some new New Moon merchandise! You’ll find items you’ll love. And if you’re on vacay without your kids or significant other, a fun tee or tote can often be a much better gift than a pair of bike shorts or some gu packets!

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