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Word From The Wax Bench...

Product Spotlight – Floyd’s of Leadville

My goal in training for either skiing or biking is to reduce suffering when I participate in events. To reduce suffering after training, it’s important to have a plan for managing pain and inflammation. Eating ibuprofen like candy, as it turns out, isn’t the best game plan for your overall health. We’re happy to welcome Floyd’s of Leadville CBD line of products into the shop to help with pain, inflammation, and stress management. The Leadville, CO based company, which is home to the legendary Leadville 100 mountain bike race, was founded by former professional cyclist Floyd Landis. You can read about his journey and philosophy here .
CBD is an oil found in hemp plants. Hemp has been cultivated for practical and medicinal purposes for nearly 6000 years, with CBD being isolated and studied since the 1950s. CBD is not psychoactive (meaning it doesn’t not get you high) and Floyd’s products have been 3rd party tested for purity  so you know exactly what you’re getting. The primary benefits of CBD are: anti-inflammatory, pain management, stress and anxiety relief, and promoting restful sleep. We have been testing these products and have found them to be effective both post workout and in daily use.
We are currently stocking:
Recovery Powder – Whey protein recovery drink with CBD
Softgels – 25mg of CBD per capsule, which is generally a daily effective dose
Tincture – 600mg per bottle in a liquid solution, one full dropper = 20mg
As with any health product, if you are uncertain how this fits into your regimen, contact your doctor or health care professional.


This is obviously the after photo.

Few things can make you look instantly cooler than a sweet pair of sunglasses. If you’re aim is top shelf spiff, just take a look at the start line of a World Cup Nordic Ski race. There is a kaleidoscope of shiny, bright colors covering those high intensity peepers, and they’re not just for show. If you’re zipping down hills at high speed, you want to keep your eyes from freezing up so you don’t wind up in the woods (just ask John about that!), plus they help reduce glare when you’re on bright white snow in the sun.

The Matrix.

Easily the most popular model on this year’s World Cup circuit has been the Bliz Matrix. We’ve mentioned this model earlier in the season, but with a recent release of new colors, we wanted to make sure everyone has a shot at picking up a pair of these cool new shades. With a wide angle, solid lens, they provide great coverage side to side, but what makes them unique is that the lens extends higher up on the brow so you can still get coverage even when your head is down in an attack position. They are vented to reduce

fogging, and come in colors ranging from 80s radical, to sleek and stealthy.
The Profile.
If you want to protect your eyes, but prefer more of a goggle fit and even wider coverage, you’ll love the long time favorite ProFlip Max model. The ProFlip comes in four styles: standard, Small Face (for slimmer skulls), OTG (over the glasses), and Kids. Of course all of these glasses are *guaranteed to make you ski faster.
*OK, not guaranteed, but you’ll look great!”

Product Spotlight – ANGi Equipped Bike Helmets

We like to venture out into remote parts of the woods on many of our bike rides. While the woods and seclusion are a big draw for so many of us who bike and recreate in our community, it can also create situations in which an accident can become dangerous and potentially life threatening. While some of us may be a bit stubborn about technology creeping ever more into our recreational activities, a new bit of innovation from Specialized has us (and our loved ones) very excited.

The Propero 3 Helmet.
The next level of evolution in helmet technology has arrived in the form of ANGi and MIPS equipped models within the Specialized line. ANGi stands for Angular and G-Force Indicator, which is a small module attached to the helmet that can sense an impact and notify your emergency contacts via the Specialized Ride App on your phone. MIPS stands for Multiple Impact Protection System which is an inner structural lining of the helmet that has grown in popularity and effectiveness over the last several years to help protect riders from multi directional and rolling impacts. The two systems together, in addition to years of high quality helmet construction, leads to what is now assuredly the safest helmet you can wear.
For general FAQs about the specific functionality of the ANGi device and Specialized Ride App, refer here, or better yet, stop in the shop to try one on for yourself or the cyclist in your life that you want to keep track of. We have received stock of both the Ambush Comp (Mountain Bike) and Propero 3 (Road Bike/Multi Purpose) just in time for the holidays! —Ian

Product Spotlight – Twin Six

If you find yourself coming up dry for gift ideas for the cyclist in your life, Twin Six has got you covered this season.
Deep Woods
Saddle Up
We just received a shipment of fresh new designs in the form of shirts, jerseys, socks and water bottles. A broad range of styles are covered including the colorful, tranquil pattern of the Deep Woods (we love our evergreens up here), a nod to the hunting cyclist with the Saddle Up T-shirt, a seasonally appropriate long sleeve option in the Yule Tide, and the classically irreverent Anti-Team design makes a return.
Yule Tide
Or, help support CAMBA with the Jesse LaLonde designed t-shirt and water bottle. 20% of the proceeds from these pieces go to CAMBA. Remember, What Would Santa Do?
These designs all carry the high quality level of other Twin Six pieces, meaning that you aren’t sacrificing comfort and functionality just to get some fresh looks. Stop by to check out the full lineup.
Six Stroke
Don’t just sit around, get to the shop or call us today! You’ve got a nerdy cyclist’s stocking to stuff, and one just may be your own! —Ian

Free Family Fat Bike Demo Day – Dec 1st!

Global Fat Bike Day (GFBD) began in 2012 in the UK. Truly a grass-roots movement, this is the day when the entire world is encouraged to ride together and/or organize their own rides in their communities.

So, in honor of GFBD, give fat biking a try, for free!
Head over to the CAMBA Hospital Trailhead for our Family Fat Bike Demo Day! New Moon will have our fleet of fatties for the whole family – kids and adults. Test a fat bike on the snowy trails or on pavement if you prefer. Guides will be on-hand to hive a helping hand out on the trail. No reservations needed.

Where? Hayward Hospital CAMBA Gateway Trailhead.

How to get there? Travel north/west on Hwy 77 about 1.5 miles from New Moon. Go to the main hospital campus entrance. The trailhead will be immediately on your left and you enter the campus.

When? Saturday, December 1st, 10am – 2 pm.

For More Info:  Call New Moon at 715-634-8685 or email customerservice@newmoonski.com. You may also visit our Facebook Event Page for more details.

Not familiar with the Hospital Trail? Check out our trail preview article from earlier this summer.

Make sure you bring your camera/smart phone because Global Fat Bike Day is also about sharing your experiences online. Use the hashtag #GFBD2018 to connect with the worldwide Fat Biking community.

See you on the trail!


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