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Word From The Wax Bench...

2018 Seeley Lions Pre-Fat Rolls Out This Saturday

… as is “pre-Chequamegon FatTire Festival”. The Seeley Lions Pre-Fat is one of the great summer traditions in our area. Known for its low-key and fun-first atmosphere, the ​Seeley Lions Pre-Fat​ offers the perfect “warm-up” to the Chequamegon Fat Tire Fest events coming up in September.

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New Moon On The Air

Here at New Moon, we’d like to think that everyone knows us or at least knows where to come for ski and bike information.

But we often like to get the word out in other venues to people who may not be as familiar with the Moon. Currently, we have a column in the Visitor Magazine, a local publication geared towards, you guessed it, tourists, about biking in the northwoods. Continue reading New Moon On The Air

Two Quarters Shorts – ON SALE NOW!

Yes, of course, there is a lot to be said for the Twin Six Two Quarters Mountain Bike Shorts: they are responsibly made from mostly recycled Polyester; they are water repellent, durable, and breathable; they are shaped to fit your body. But, to be honest, I’m writing this because Joel and Ian would not stop telling me how amazing these shorts are (and I’m getting a bit tired of it, tbh).

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Gitche Gumee GrandFondo Training Ride

New Moon hosted the 3rd and final training session before the Gitche Gumee GranFondo that takes place on Saturday, August 25th. If you haven’t registered yet for the big event, do so before the August 1st price hike. Register here  on their website and check out GGGF’s FB page here.

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CAMBA by the Numbers

Video series helps tell the CAMBA story

 CABLE, Wis. (July 17, 2018) It may be hard to believe for those familiar with the CAMBA trails, but despite having been one of the first organizations to develop mountain bike trails in the upper Midwest and now with the longest, most diverse system of trails in the region, many people still do not know about the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association’s extensive system of off-road bike trails.

 “This has been an on-going frustration,” says CAMBA executive director, Ron Bergin. “We’ve worked very hard over the years to develop and promote our 250+ miles of singletrack and other mapped and marked off-road routes, but every so often we hear from someone who is just learning about the trails.”

If all goes well, however, CAMBA expects this to change thanks to the development of a series of videos that began circulating last winter. “The purpose of the video series,” says Bergin, “is to better tell our story and illustrate what the trails and the Chequamegon Area are all about.”

 CAMBA’s latest video, CAMBA by the Numbers, does just that. The video takes a quick look at not only the trails, but the many aspects of the local communities, environment, and lifestyle that together comprise the CAMBA experience.

 CAMBA by the Numbers enumerates such things as local forests, cycling experiences, local scenery, trails and trailheads, events, amenities, and special places along the trails.

 Previous CAMBA videos include CAMBA – The Movie, a trailer featuring some early footage from the project; Mt. Ashwabay Trails, a short piece highlighting CAMBA’s northern-most trails; and Big FAT Winter – a look at winter biking in the Chequamegon Area. All of these videos, as well as CAMBA by the Numbers, can be viewed at www.cambatrails.orgCAMBA by the Numbers is posted on the CAMBA home page and you can click through to the Video Series page to view the rest.

 The fifth and final video of the series will be released in August. Titled Big Woods – Endless Trails, it will feature some of the most scenic riding locations in the area, unique trail features and trails, and great trail riding shots.

Watch CAMBA by the Numbers right here!


Revise Your Ride – Midsummer Check-In

Not all bikers are created equal! Someone who is regularly hammering the single track is not going to be comfortable on a cushy, fat saddle that only allows him or her to sit upright, and a newbie is not going to need super-stiff, carbon shoes that won’t allow him or her to hike up hills. New Moon has clothing and equipment that will ensure your comfort and confidence no matter if you are riding for the first time or if you are a world cup wanna-be! Let’s take a ride with the New Moon family out on the trails and see what they’re all using this summer…

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Hospital Trail 2.0 Preview – Picture Heavy!

Photos by Chris Young

Unique mountain biking opportunities continue to expand in the Hayward area! Let’s take a quick tour with CAMBA volunteer and New Moon founder, Steve Morales, through the latest phase of the Hospital Gateway Trail expansion…

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