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Word From The Wax Bench...

New Moon Runs the Birkie

The Birkie Spirit burns strong on Birkie Trail Run Festival morning. Photo: Egan Young.
Obviously, we here at New Moon love the American Birkebeiner and all the snowy ski events, we ride in the Fat Bike Birkie, and we hike on the Birkie Trail all year long. But the Birkie puts on another event called the Birkie Trail Run Festival that New Moon employees have not been as active in as some of the others.

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Fischer 2018-2019 Winter Line-Up at New Moon

Fischer Sports is the global leader in Nordic skiing. Founded in 1924 in Austria, Fischer’s  dedication to innovation has created legions of loyal winter athletes who share Fischer’s passion for performance.


For winter 2018-2019, New Moon is continuing with several Fischer favorites and adding a few exciting additions to the line.

Fischer equipment has been setting the standards on the track for years and their Twin Skins have been no exception. As the name suggests, the Twin Skins are all about the 2 separate strips that are arranged in offset positions underfoot on the ski. They are arranged with variable depth integration for smooth and balanced gliding. The 100% mohair skins ensure you can rely on the kick – especially in hard or icy conditions, and the skin’s Teflon coating minimizes moisture absorption and subsequent icing.

New Moon has had great success with the Twin Skins. They are the ultimate problem- solver ski. Reliable in a wide range of conditions, easy-to-use since you don’t have to formulate a wax program, and much better glide than previous scaled and hairy versions. Our customers loved the Twin Ski Race and Twin Skin Superlite last year-both easy-to-kick skis, the Race a full-on racing ski and the Superlite, a hybrid between and race and touring ski. Last year we also offered the the Twin Ski Carbon, which is lighter and harder to kick, but fully rewards the more experienced skier with a great experience. This year, New Moon is adding the Twin Skin Speedmax to its Twin Skin line. Classic aficionados can now enjoy top tier features and construction in a skin ski. Like the Twin Skin Carbon, the Twin Skin Speedmax uses a shorter skin pattern for grip to emphasize glide. If you want the techiest skin ski, the Speedmax is it.

Another favorite from last year is Fischer’s Carbonlite Skate Boot-a featherweight racing boot with World Cup experience. With a multitude of outstanding features like Turnamic compatibility, carbon cuff and heel counter, extended fit system, ratchet lock buckle, Triple F membrane, and thermo insole, this boot sets any skier up for success and outstanding achievements on the ski trail.


New Moon’s Fischer pole selection includes the standard and stiff version of the Speedmax. These poles have everything the racer’s heart desires: it is lighter than light, has optimized stiffness, perfect swing weight, and an absolutely minimal handstrap. Although both poles are very high on the stiffness spectrum, the more robust Speedmax stiff is a better fit for those bigger skiers or sprint specialists.

All the above put together make a great winter set-up for champions in the making, but what about when the snow isn’t falling yet?

We are also proud to offer Fischer roller skis this year. Fischer is the only ski manufacturer to use its years of experience in ski production to provide perfect training equipment in summer, too. Their objective is to offer a top-of-the-line, ski-like feel, and by using the proven materials from their Carbonlite ski line, Fischer is able to achieve this goal.


We have 3 roller skis available this year. The RC5 skate is an entry level roller ski perfect for younger skiers. The wider, 80mm wheels provide a low center of gravity for confident handling. A shortened wheelbase allows agility and easier turning, and the durable aluminum frame is torsionally stiff for efficient skiing. The RC7 Skate is the ideal choice for the ambitious recreational skier.

The Carbonlite Skate features Fischer’s newly developed Air Core Composite frame which absorbs vibration for smooth performance while the Razor Shape Base guarantees sufficient ground clearance even with an extreme kick angle. Perfect for racing and high level training.

To complete the package, enjoy improved overall fit and performance with the RCS Roller Skate Boot. Lighter and cooler than the ski boot, the RCS completes the package.



If you haven’t experienced Fischer quality, this is the year. New Moon is an official Nordic Racing and Demo Center. We have several demo days on the trail throughout the winter or visit the shop and get set up for your own outing.

Fischer Skiletics Summer Workouts – Week 2: “Power Performance” Upper Body Contrast


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Fischer Skiletics Summer Workouts – Week 1: Get In Shape, Get On Track

SKILETICS® by Fischer offers training programs including tips and tricks which have been developed together with top athletes and their coaches to get you in shape. Make their program yours and get the best out of your body thanks to SKILETICS®.

No other sport trains as many muscle groups as cross country skiing. No matter if you prefer skating or classic style, SKILETICS® will work your leg, arm and torso muscle groups with dynamic motions.

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Quantum Leap

Swix’s Quantum Pole Series.

We are full into bike season, but some of us here at the shop are dreaming of snow, Pisten Bulley grooming, and a perfect day on the ski trails. Here’s a little teaser for this upcoming ski season…

Joel is busily testing out the new pole line-up from Swix for 2018/19, and although black asphalt is not white corduroy, he is still super-excited about these revolutionary poles.

Ski poles are often the most overlooked piece of  nordic equipment. The four most important pole shaft properties are weight, swing weight, stiffness and strength. Swing weight refers to the pendulum motion of each pole stroke and how more weight near the pole tip requires more energy from the skier. The stiffer the pole, the more of your energy goes into forward movement and less into bending the pole. And strength just refers to the durability of the pole. The most important aspect to the pole is overall weight. Skiers often try to cut weight in their boots but disregard the extra grams on their ski poles. Remember, you are lifting, swinging, or carrying your poles throughout your entire race or workout, so overall pole weight can have a profound effect on your technique as well as your times.

Here is something to think about: Say you and your friend are racing a marathon for 3.5 hours. Skiers average approximately 40 pole plants per minute and move their poles 5 feet per stroke. If your poles are just 3 ozs. heavier than your friend’s, your poles will be moving 7,777 more ft-lbs than your friend—that is like curling a gallon of milk in both hands over 450 times! Who has the advantage?

So, when you select your pole, it is important to take the above into account, as well as basket type, and type and size of the grips and straps.

Swix is the leading innovator in the field of composite ski poles. Their cutting-edge poles offer maximum performance regardless of the skier’s skill level. Every single pole is tested for weight, stiffness, and swing weight before it leaves the factory, and Swix guarantees superior quality of all aspects of their products.

This year, Swix is introducing the Quantum Pole line-up. Joel has been roller skiing with the Quantum One model this summer. The new Quantum series of poles is a range of carbon pole shafts based on leading composite technology. New Moon stocks five different Quantum Pole levels from Swix to fit any budget and ability.

The Quantum One is “a nice treat,” Joel reports. “Not as stiff or as light as the Triac 3.0, but a lot more economical option for training or budget racing than Swix’s $500 flagship pole. It has a good swing weight with a stiffness on par with the popular but now discontinued Triac 2.0. And the Quantum One is reported to have greatly increased impact strength as compared to previous models, which makes use in competition or roller skiing a perfect fit.”

In addition to baskets for different hardnesses of snow, Swix offers the Carbon roller dedicated for roller skiing. The TBS makes it a lot easier to change the ferrule while out on the tarmac.

Another nice feature of the Quantum poles is the Swix TBS basket system. These thread on, thread off baskets and ferrules allow an easy exchange with no glue required. “It’s super-quick to install a ferrule even out on the mean streets of your weekly roller ski loop,” Joel says.

The Swix Triac Connection System (TCS) between the hand and shaft.

But Joel is most excited about the Quantum’s grip and strap system. It is called TCS-the Triac Connection System. The grip is 100% natural cork. The strap is hand-shaped for power transmission with no stretch, no movement, and no energy loss. “There is no excess. My hand size is a size 9/10, and I find that the large is snugly fitted (there are 4 sizes of strap available). Be sure to go up a size for cold weather handwear  (heavy mittens or heavy gloves probably won’t work—try the Toko or LillSport overmitt as a cold-weather alternative) but they are supreme power levers—there is zero flopping around and no re-gripping or repositioning of the strap while racing. These absolutely represent an improvement over the long-standing Swix Pro-Fit Strap & Grip standard.” Straps install with Swix’s dual purpose strap removal tool/bottle opener.

New Moon is currently taking pre-orders for the Quantum 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6. Straps are sold ala carte, but the price for the pole and strap is $289. Be sure to check out the rest of the Quantum Series on our website.


Birkie Family Outdoor Center Groundbreaking

As you’ve heard or read by now, the Birkie is building a Family Outdoor Center to serve as the new trailhead at the Hwy. OO crossing. New Moon is honored to be able to contribute to the center in our own way with the New Moon Ski & Bike Wax & Repair Room, where skiers and bikers can get their gear in perfect condition before or after they head out on the trails.

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