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SILENT SPORT TRAIL REPORT – Fall Color Biking Routes

Just because it’s a bit cooler outside doesn’t mean you should put away your bike. In fact, it’s the perfect time to head out on the roads and trails and experience the beautiful scenery. This week on Silent Sport Trail Report, get a few ideas from Chris on the roads and trails where you’ll be able to see the best fall colors.

Chequamegon 2018 – One To Remember!

The rainy rollout. Photo: SkinnySki.com

The great citizen race events in skiing and biking are made great by a special combination of the trails or routes they use, the people that participate, the volunteers, organizers and staffers, and of course, the weather! The 2018 Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, the “Fat Tire”, certainly lived up to this standard.

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Silent Sport Trail Report – CAMBA’s Hidden Gems

Take a listen to Chris & John and hear about all the cool features you may  not know about on the CAMBA trails. These hidden gems will challenge and delight you. Have a listen & try them out!

Moonie Equipment Profiles for the Cheq 40

When it comes to preparing for races around the shop, whether they be bike or ski, we try to keep things simple. This sounds much easier than it is. Overthinking, and last minute tinkering always seem to creep in as race day approaches. In our bike world, no other event brings out as many equipment and tech questions, and last minute indecision as the Chequamegon 40 and Short & Fat races. To help either ease your mind, or further add to your confusion, we’ve put together a brief tech and equipment profile from several of us at the shop who will be riding the event, including how our bikes will be set up, and key pieces of gear that we find important.

Curt Gerber, long time Moonie, multiple Chequamegon veteran, and many other endurance races including 3 times completing the Leadville 100.
Bike: Specialized Fatboy Comp Carbon
-1×11 drivetrain with 36 tooth front chainring
-HED aluminum wheels with Specialized Fast Trak 4.0″ tires set up tubeless
Essential equipment:
– Two water bottles on the bike filled with electrolyte mix
– Partially filled 70oz Camelbak with just plain water
– One 20 gram CO2 cartridge and inflator, a SWAT multi tool, replacement quick link all carried in jersey pockets
– Garmin 520 GPS computer
Words of wisdom:
“Always bring a pump to the start line. Make sure you have a handle on your tire pressure.  I see a lot of people on the side of the trail early on and I think many of those situations could have been avoided with a little better awareness to tire pressure and setup. “
“Distribute your effort throughout the course.  Enjoy being out there.  I feel like memories we hang on to the longest as humans are those etched by a little adversity and suffering.  Embrace climbing those Birkie hills and appreciate being healthy enough to do it.”
Ian Finch, 4th year Moonie, Completed the Short and Fat several years ago, and a dozen or so other races, but Chequamegon 40 rookie
Bike: Specialized Epic Hardtail 29 Comp Carbon
Specs: 1×11 drivetrain with 34 tooth front chainring
Specialized Fast Trak 29 x 2.3″ front tire
Specialized Fast Trak 29 x 2.1″ rear tire both set up tubeless
Essential Equipment:
– Two water bottles on the bike filled with electrolyte mix (not just copying Curt, there is logic here)
– Serfas Monsoon waterproof seat pack filled with spare tube, CO2, tire lever, SWAT multi tool, and Wolftooth Pack Pliers chain tool with a replacement quick link
– Lezyne Macro GPS computer
– Bike Togs, thumb grips
– Ergon GA3 grips
– Remote front fork lockout (super convenient for the race)
– Clif Shot Bloks
– Skout Protein Bar
Words of Wisdom:
Having never done the 40 before, I can’t offer any super specific race advice other than what others have given, which is pace yourself, and try to get on with a group that is around your speed to maximize drafting and help keep yourself on track. I plan to put forth my best effort, but I will not sacrifice enjoyment to shave a few seconds of time. Try to keep a smile on your face, and remember your motivation for riding in the first place, that helps to get through the gritty moments.
Dustin Dale, 4th year Moonie, Completed the Short and Fat years ago, been racing mountain bikes since he was 15, won the WORS series at age 17, and has had strong finishes in this year’s Borah Epic, Hungry Bear, and Seeley Pre-Fat races. Despite all these accolades, he is a Chequamegon 40 rookie. He will be racing with his twin brother Dakota also in his first 40, and celebrating their birthday on race day, how cool is that?!
Bike: Specialized Epic FSR Expert 29
Specs: 1×12 drivetrain with 36 tooth front chainring
Maxxis Aspen 29 x 2.25″ tire both front and rear set up tubeless (weather dependent, if it’s a wet course, he will use a Maxxis Ikon 29 x 2.25″ up front)
Essential Equipment:
– Two water bottles on the bike, one half full, and planning a full bottle handup at OO
– Bike Togs, thumb grips
– ESI chunky race grips
– A couple of GUs in jersey pocket
Words of wisdom:
Don’t panic if you get passed up early, stick to your plan, and try to get to OO in good shape because most of the climbing is towards the end of the race. Don’t get rattled, keep on pushing through.
Article by Ian Finch

New Moon Radio – Kids’ Edition!

School has started or is about to start up, but it’s not to late to enjoy some biking with the kiddos! Here’s this week’s edition of the Silent Sport Trail Report from  Hayward’s WHSM Radio.

Have a listen & get out there with the little ones!



2018 Seeley Lions Pre-Fat Rolls Out This Saturday

… as is “pre-Chequamegon FatTire Festival”. The Seeley Lions Pre-Fat is one of the great summer traditions in our area. Known for its low-key and fun-first atmosphere, the ​Seeley Lions Pre-Fat​ offers the perfect “warm-up” to the Chequamegon Fat Tire Fest events coming up in September.

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