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Product Spotlight – Floyd’s of Leadville

My goal in training for either skiing or biking is to reduce suffering when I participate in events. To reduce suffering after training, it’s important to have a plan for managing pain and inflammation. Eating ibuprofen like candy, as it turns out, isn’t the best game plan for your overall health. We’re happy to welcome Floyd’s of Leadville CBD line of products into the shop to help with pain, inflammation, and stress management. The Leadville, CO based company, which is home to the legendary Leadville 100 mountain bike race, was founded by former professional cyclist Floyd Landis. You can read about his journey and philosophy here .
CBD is an oil found in hemp plants. Hemp has been cultivated for practical and medicinal purposes for nearly 6000 years, with CBD being isolated and studied since the 1950s. CBD is not psychoactive (meaning it doesn’t not get you high) and Floyd’s products have been 3rd party tested for purity  so you know exactly what you’re getting. The primary benefits of CBD are: anti-inflammatory, pain management, stress and anxiety relief, and promoting restful sleep. We have been testing these products and have found them to be effective both post workout and in daily use.
We are currently stocking:
Recovery Powder – Whey protein recovery drink with CBD
Softgels – 25mg of CBD per capsule, which is generally a daily effective dose
Tincture – 600mg per bottle in a liquid solution, one full dropper = 20mg
As with any health product, if you are uncertain how this fits into your regimen, contact your doctor or health care professional.

PRODUCT REVIEW – V2/Jenex Rollerskis – with Guest Contributor, John Bauer

I have tested and trained with V2 production models and prototypes since 1992.  Here, I discuss and review the new V2/Jenex  XLK 98 (skate) & XLK 900 (classic) model rollerskis, having about 20-30 hours of skiing on each. Continue reading PRODUCT REVIEW – V2/Jenex Rollerskis – with Guest Contributor, John Bauer

PRODUCT REVIEW – Swix Triac 3.0 – with Guest Contributor Jeff Tumbleson

In addition to amazing performance, triangular shafts, TCS straps, and TBS glueless baskets are key features of the Triac 3.0.
First of all, let’s preface I’ve been a long time KV+ user for years, but I’ve used the first (2 1/2) iterations of  Swix Triacs plenty.  Honestly, I was not expecting to experience too much that was earth shattering.

Continue reading PRODUCT REVIEW – Swix Triac 3.0 – with Guest Contributor Jeff Tumbleson

High Praise for Pole Hiking – 2nd Edition

Photo: SMS Nordic

Last year, we wrote about how Chris got back to fitness after a long struggle with back pain and a neck and back fusion using pole hiking. This year, New Moon’s Steve Morales has a personal story about how pole hiking has helped him recover from a painful injury and surgery.

Continue reading High Praise for Pole Hiking – 2nd Edition

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