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Word From The Wax Bench...

spring tune-ups

Well, last week we put the skis “away” (they’re never actually put away – our ski-crazed customers routinely peruse the array of skis on the rack on any given day of the calendar). And this week, despite the 2′ plus of snow in the woods and fresh grooming on the Birkie trail, we talk about getting the bikes out and ready to ride. Right now is a great time to get your bike into New Moon (or your local bike shop) for a Spring tune-up. Continue reading spring tune-ups

Summer Ski Storage

Chris prepares a ski for summer storage.

Although some of us are currently still enjoying exceptional skiing (it’s us!), we will all be putting away our skis for summer. I spoke with several techs here at the shop, all with years if not decades of experience, about the best way to keep your skis protected and ready for next fall. Needless to say, I didn’t exactly get all of the same answers. A few, I won’t name names, just put their own skis in the garage…that’s it. But, in order to cover all “bases” (see what I did there?) and keep your own skis safe, here is a quick primer on the best way to store your skis for the summer. Look below for photos of the process. Continue reading Summer Ski Storage

Rollerskiing and skiing on the same day… Whaaat?

Looks like another week of this primo spring skiing, You don’t know if you don’t go… Joel’s most recent Facebook post. 3/11/18

Spring skiing just might be the ultimate cross country experience. I hear about these amazing outings all year long: super-fast, glazed tracks; warm sun and bluebird skies; rolling up your sleeves and soaking in the day. Continue reading Rollerskiing and skiing on the same day… Whaaat?

Cold Protection, Part 2: Face and Eye Protection

Now that our hands and feet are cozy and comfortable, let’s talk about keeping our skin and eyes protected and safe from the elements. If you didn’t read part one of this article, you can find it here.


There were a couple of great comments by readers about how they keep their faces warm, and they both had to do with eye protection. Continue reading Cold Protection, Part 2: Face and Eye Protection

Simplify Your Fluoros and Save Your Skis!

Toko Wax is known for their simple and practical approach toward waxing and ski prep. Here, Ian Harvey, Toko US Brand Manager, reviews a universal fluoro application technique for Toko Jetstream Bloc based on extensive, on-snow testing.

Toko’s Ian Harvey explains simple and reliable Jetstream Bloc fluoro application.

Most importantly, Ian uses a  fiber buffer (aka “Fiberlene”) to protect the skis from overheating. Continue reading Simplify Your Fluoros and Save Your Skis!

Cold Conditions, Let’s Review…

By Judy Young.

When I get the pleasure of working on the downstairs floor, I help customers answer a lot of different questions, for example, where is Chris or Joel, can Chris or Joel talk, when will Chris and Joel be back (see, you thought I only knew about clothes!). But, the question I hear the most is, “how can I keep my hands and/or feet warm?” Continue reading Cold Conditions, Let’s Review…

Seeley Hills & Birkie Tour Wax Clinics

The infamous Seeley Start Crash, 2006. Photo: Skinnyski/J.Wenner

New Moon’s annual race wax clinics kick off this Friday, 1/12 at 4pm with waxing presentations from Fast Wax founder, Dan Meyer and 3-time Olympian and Toko Wax ambassador, John Bauer. Brush-up (pun) on your waxing knowledge and skills with these wax experts in our cozy shop. Still cold from the arctic cold snap? We’ll have the wood stove going, too! Continue reading Seeley Hills & Birkie Tour Wax Clinics

Skin Ski Treatment Options – Do It Right!

 – Judith Young, Softgoods Buyer at New Moon

Skin-based waxless skis have become immensely popular. Proper care will keep them kicking and gliding along!

Now that you know the “skin”-ny on skin skis, it’s probably a good time to learn about the various choices you have in skin ski treatments. Skin skis use a special “hair” pattern underfoot for grip, but the pattern can be prone to icing in moist snow conditions. If you can make a snowball and it doesn’t fall apart, use skin wax. When the temps drop, glide becomes the concern.  The skin ski wax formulations New Moon offers reduce icing and enhance glide. They are simple to apply and can dramatically improve your experience with skin skis. Here’s an overview of the products we carry and how to differentiate them…

First, a quick note before we start: skin waxes use special, alcohol-based, adhesive-safe solvents to allow spray application possible. Most skin skis have removable skin strips to facilitate easy replacement. Due to the chemistry Continue reading Skin Ski Treatment Options – Do It Right!

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