Birkie Week 2018

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View our preliminary Birkie Wax Report.

2017 New Moon Birkie Wax Service

***Wax Service Refund Policy***
With warm temps, Friday events have been moved to Saturday, but final distances and details are yet to be determined. If you wish to remove your skis from wax service for a STORE CREDIT REFUND, be sure to do so by 10am, 2/22. Thanks!

New Moon will again be offering professional race waxing services for the 2017 Birkie. Relax before the race; let us deal with the wax panic for you! New Moon’s Birkie Wax Service has been a highly successful program with hundreds of satisfied, repeat customers. Every pair of skis is treated as we would treat our own, and many customers repeatedly beat their own best time or placement year after year. Our waxing gurus carefully consider the forecast as it evolves during the week, and with careful testing and consultation with experts across the industry, they choose only the best possible waxes for race day. We are not contracted with any particular wax brand, allowing us to choose any product or brand we feel is called for.

Pre-order Birkie Waxing Service! Skiers are encouraged to

For convenience, skiers may drop off Birkie Wax Service skis or ship them to New Moon.

A few simple steps to follow:

  1. Get your skis to New Moon.
  2. Allow sufficient travel or transit time so that your skis arrive at New Moon.
  3. Ski Pick-up:
    Skiers may pick-up finished skis at New Moon Friday, Feb 24TH from 5PM to 7PM, not earlier. Skis will NOT be delivered to the start area on race day.

2017 Birkie Wax Menu:

Choose from low-fluoro or pure-fluoro glide waxing, as well as classic binder wax options. Final wax choices are made Friday after the weather forecast for race day stabilizes. Be sure to drop-off or ship your skis scraped and stripped of all glide and kick wax, if applicable. Dirty skis will incur additional clean-up charges. All Birkie waxing is done off-site; final wax coats are applied Friday. Skis will NOT be delivered to the start area on race day.


Pure Fluoro Glide $89: For both Skate and Classic skis. Treat your skis to World Cup-grade waxing for maximum possible durability and glide performance. This service includes many preparation layers and final topcoats such as Swix, Toko, Fastwax, Rex, or Start pure fluoros.

Low Fluoro Glide $60: For both Skate and Classic skis. High value performance for Citizen racers. This service also includes several prep layers and a final layer of wax such as Swix LF, Toko LF, Fast Wax, Rex LF, or Start LF.

Binder Wax $35: For Waxable Classic skis only. Includes all necessary kick zone prep and binder layers. Final race-day kick wax will not be applied. Final kick wax application is the skier's responsibility. Common binder choices for our Birkie Wax Service include Toko Base Green and Swix VG35. Very important - Please read notes below... For classic binder wax customers, please mark your kick zone. If you are unsure, please indicate your weight and experience in detail in the 'comments' field when ordering wax service; we'll help you determine your kick zone. Classic skiers will need apply their final kick wax and carry a back-up kick wax or two and a cork during the race to accommodate changing conditions or if more kick is needed. We'll provide detailed recommendations for backup waxes and wax experts will be on-hand at New Moon Thursday and Friday before Birkie to assist with technical questions. In addition, kick wax supplies can be found at Birkie and Korte food stations.


In-Store & Birkie Expo Wax Assistance

Wax experts from Toko, Swix, Fast Wax and our own wax techs will be on-site at New Moon and at New Moon's Birkie Expo booths on pre-race Thursday and Friday. They'll help you come up with a simple and effective Birkie waxing plan. Bring your questions and get the latest info on the wax report for race day!

Birkie Week Stone Grinding Service

Last call for New Moon Stone Grinding Service Birkie Week will be Sunday, 2/19 at 4PM. Completed non-Wax Service grind skis will be available for pick-up Tuesday, 2/21 at 5PM. Grind skis scheduled for New Moon Birkie Wax Service will be available for pick-up Friday evening, 2/24. More stone grind info available on our grind info page. Post-Birkie weekly grind batches resume after race week with last call each Monday or Tuesday, and completed skis available the following Thursday or Friday. Please call ahead with specific grind schedule questions.

Download New Moon Stone Grind Service Form

In-Store Pick-Up - Beat The Rush!

Birkie is a XC SKI feeding frenzy, so skiers are always welcome to place orders for their Birkie supplies ahead of time and pick them up at New Moon during business hours Birkie week. This is a great way to ensure that you get what you need. Give us a call at (800) 754-8685, and we'll set it up for you.