Our History

New Moon Ski & Bike Shop owners, Chris & Judy Young and Kristy and Joel HarrisonThis ski season marks New Moon Ski & Bike Shop's 35th year serving Nordic skiers. It is also the fourth season that Joel Harrison and Chris Young have been the owners of this legendary ski shop. Both Joel and Chris have been longtime employees under Steve and Melisa Morales, founders of New Moon. If you've called the shop or stopped in to talk skis over the last 15 years, the odds are you've been helped by them. Their goal is to continue the tradition of quality products and outstanding service that New Moon offers to cross country enthusiasts of all kinds.

Take a look at the 4 Seasons article published last year to find out a little more about Chris and Joel and their passion for the sport.

Whether you make the trek to Hayward to ski on our amazing trails and in our world-class events or if you stay close to home — have a great ski season. We're looking forward to talking to you soon.

Think snow!
Joel Harrison & Chris Young, Owners




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