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Joel Harrison, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop Owner
Chris Young, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop Owner
Kristy Harrison, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop Owner
Judy Young, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop Owner
Marcia, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop staff member
John, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop staff member
Julie, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop staff member
Judy K., New Moon Ski & Bike Shop staff member
Nancy, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop staff member
Don, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop staff member
Bruce, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop staff member
Louise, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop staff member
Rhonda, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop staff member
Rhonda, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop staff member
Rhonda, New Moon Ski & Bike Shop staff member

Joel Harrison

A native of Idaho, began his love of cross-country skiing in the USSA program. He continued as a collegiate skier, eventually becoming the Jr. National Biathlon Champion in 1987 and 1989. Since moving to Hayward he has competed in many area events and has worked at New Moon dealing with every facet of the ski industry. "I love to encourage families to play outside."

Chris Young

Originally from the Chicago suburbs, started out as a USSA alpine racer, collegiate ski captain and coach. Later, he began Nordic skiing and racing, fell in love with the sport and joined the staff of New Moon in 1996. "If you need that one-in-a-million oddball ski pole or binding part, ring me up. It's attention to the little details that often makes for an enjoyable Birkie, or any other ski outing. We like to sweat the details around here, so you don't have to."

Kristy Harrison

New Moon's hometown gal. She met Joel while attending college and has quite an extensive cross country skiing background, including being coached on the Hayward High School XC ski team by New Moon founder Steve Morales. After spending time out west, Joel and Kristy and family moved back to Hayward. Kristy has assumed the bookkeeping duties around—much to everybody's relief. Even though we all love what we do, we still like getting a paycheck!

Judith Young

After a 13-year career in public relations, graphic design and journalism, Judy joined the New Moon staff in 2005 to undertake the huge responsibility of advertising, inventory and customer service. A casual classic skier, Judy mostly enjoys the trails during her time as support crew for the many friends/participants who need a bottle or feed handed up during area races. "It's so great to be able to help someone find the right item, something just perfect for exactly what they want to do. And to hear back from them later or see them in the store around Birkie time — that's just the best!"


After 20 years of teaching and coaching at the high school and college level, Marcia settled in Hayward full-time because it enabled her addiction to Nordic skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and hiking. With 30 American Birkebeiners under her belt, she enjoys helping others pursue the challenge and joy of cross country skiing. She developed a Nordic program for both her high school and university programs and now brings that enthusiasm to New Moon. Favorite time to ski and kayak is under a full moon! We’re so glad to have Marcia on board!


Our resident European, John – A.K.A. John the Dane – brings an amazing knowledge of skis and ski equipment as well as a bit of culture to the New Moon staff. His extraordinary technical skills ensure that your skis are prepared precisely the way you want them for the conditions you ski in. We don't get to see John much in the summer, as he does beautiful landscaping throughout the area, but once the snow flies, he comes back to the Moon – ready for the ski season!


New Moon's shipping lady extraordinaire. We take pride in getting your orders out the day you call, and that means up to 120 packages each day over the holiday season – a lot for only 2 shipping staff. Honestly, we think Julie is as close to a miracle worker as you can get. She checks in stock, keeps up with inventory, and gets items ready for the sales floor in addition to getting your orders out the door. "I like sending packages out over the holidays. Each package could be a gift and when the recipient opens it, that package could just make his or her day."

Judy K.

Retired in May 2007 from a 32-year career as teacher and director of a parent cooperative preschool. The day after she retired, Judy and her husband, Jim, left Green Bay to move to their northwoods home on Lake Namakagon. After some months of settling in, Judy decided to come out of retirement to work part-time in New Moon’s shipping department and on the sales floor. She and her husband raised three sons who are competitive skiers/bikers – Tim, Casey & Ryan (all also part of the New Moon Family). The whole family helped start the Ashwaubenon H.S./M.S. Nordic Ski Team back in 1998. "We’ve enjoyed coaching, cheering, feeding, accommodating, adopting and photographing the numerous athletes who have joined our boys over the years and who continue to return to our northwoods home when they need a place to stay." Quite often, Judy can be seen with a camera or two around her neck at ski and bike races…so be sure to SMILE!


Nancy moved to Hayward from the East Coast several years ago and was talked into working in the office by her daughter and son-in-law, Judy and Chris. Even though there wasn't much snow back home, she loves the cold wintry weather up here. And, not only does she use her fantastic office skills to help us out, she also isn't against a little time in the back room getting the clothes ready for the floor. Thanks, Mom!


How did an avid golfer, jazz fanatic and 2-Time World Champion Barefoot Waterskier come to work at New Moon? Well, when your neighbor is Chris Young, you don't have much of a choice. Don became interested in cycling after going on a few rides with Chris, and boy, was he hooked! Now a card-carrying bike mechanic here at the Moon, we're hoping to get him on some skis soon. Don's a great addition to the shop and loves to talk biking. His favorite ride is 50 to 70 miles on a super hot day, decked out in his typical (cool!) black attire. Give him a wave if you see him out and about!


Hayward native Bruce is an old friend of New Moon. He raced with the Hayward High school Nordic Ski Team in the 1980s under coach and New Moon founder, Steve Morales. Bruce moved on to become a highly accomplished elite Birkie skier, racing competitively in the Midwest racing scene through the 1990s. Bruce now has a family and a successful lawn care and property maintenance business, but skiing remains a key part his family's life. As an expert Nordic ski salesman and a world-class ski technician, he's looking forward to helping out fellow XC skiers.


Hey there, my name is Louise and I’m excited to be the newest addition to the New Moon crew this winter! I hail from Madison where I grew up racing in the youth programs with the Madison Nordic Ski Club and Blackhawk Ski club which led to coaching for another six years. During this time I was also a Program Director and Board Member for the two clubs respectively and working at local ski shops and as an event planner getting people out enjoying their winter on skis allowing me to spread the sport I’m so passionate about. What do I do when I’m not on skis or getting someone else out on skis? You can find me rock climbing, camping and traveling around the world or if you’re lucky enough to spot me at home I’ll be elbow deep in the garden, concocting something in the kitchen or piecing together a project at my sewing machine. Here’s hoping for a great winter on skis!


Rhonda Rady is the newest addition to our world-class New Moon shipping team. In addition to her new role at New Moon, Rhonda is a self-proclaimed “ski-mom”, aspiring single-track mountain biking addict, and owns a Hayward-area masonry business with her husband. Rhonda is not exactly new to the Moon – her daughter, Breanna, has worked at New Moon for two years. New Moon takes pride in fast and accurate mail-order turnaround, and Rhonda is eager to make your mail-order experience a positive one.


Hi! I’m Andie, and I’m a new moonie. I am a bit of a nomad at heart, living out of my suitcase and going wherever my life takes me. This time I’ve landed in Hayward, WI and the New Moon Ski and Bike Shop. I trained competitively for the sport of biathlon for 7 years and am excited to be apart of a community that holds skiing as near to their heart as I do. I got my start in skiing in northern Maine with the Maine Winter Sports Center, and continued to grow and compete with the Biathlon Alberta Training Centre. I love to mountain bike, and, of course the trails that this area has to offer are a definite bonus, and in the summer months I enjoy ripping a good ride on the single track. I also love music, so if anyone lives in the Cable area and hears a trumpet blasting in the evening hours, I apologize in advance! I am so excited to get to know all of you through the store, and through the trails! Now get out there and giv’r.


A veteran bicycle mechanic and nordic ski technician, Samuel comes to us most recently from the Keweenaw Peninsula, where he was employed as a professional trail builder. Originally from central Alaska, Sam is an avid outdoorsman, and splits his time among many silent sports. Typically accompanied by Pluto, his skijoring dog and trusty companion; look for him at local bike and ski races, as well as New Moon’s summer bike maintenance clinics.