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Bike FIT

Basic Bike Fit 

A free service included with every bike sale.  A basic fit includes sizing of the frame, seat height, handlebar, shifter, and brake lever position.

Advanced Bike Fitting-FIT (Fit Integration Technology) 

A complete bicycle fit system that will allow anyone to ride faster, longer and in greater comfort while greatly reducing the chance of injury. 

Both certified FIT technicians, Chris and Joel have been trained to analyze your body's unique attributes, pedal stroke and body position. 

Using the data gained during this assessment, they optimize your bicycle and equipment to match your biomechanical profile.

Specialized has created a complete range of ergonomically enhanced bikes, equipment, and apparel to complement our FIT bicycle fit system. 

Every piece works together to ensure perfect ergonomics at every contact point: 

  • gearing
  • saddles
  • bike geometry
  • stems 
  • handlebars
  • spacers 
  • shoes
  • footbeds 
  • shorts and gloves

**Not only Specialized, Chris and Joel use the same proven science to help anyone on any bike get a better ride.**

Call (800) 754-8685 to set up a FIT appointment.  

Pricing: $75/hour.

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