CAMBA Trail Profile

The Hayward Area has a ton of events and attractions that make it one of the top summer tourist destinations in the Midwest—beautiful lakes, gorgeous golf greens, the Lumberjack World Championships, Fishing has no Boundaries. Over the past 26 years, CAMBA, Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association, has been working tirelessly to make our Hayward/Cable trail system one of the top 10 in the Midwest. Many visitors to the area have no idea the scope and beauty of the CAMBA trails just minutes from their cabin or hotel or how easy they are to explore. If you have a bike (or can rent one) there is a section of trail that is just perfect for you and your riding style.

Hayward Cluster - 5 to 20 minutes from downtown Hayward

The Hayward Hospital Gateway Trail is just a mile from downtown and is the perfect trail to get started on—easy single track for any ability. 

Hatchery Creek, Mosquito Brook, and Gravel Pit Trailheads
These closer-to-town trails are intermediate-difficulty single track with some challenging hills. 

Seeley Area - 20-minute drive from Hayward
OO Trailhead
‘OO” (Double O) is known as the heart of CAMBA’s trail network. From this point there is a wide mix of intermediate to difficult trails incorporating interesting features like bridges, jumps, and fast switchbacks.

Cable Cluster - 30 to 45-minute drive from Hayward

North End, Camp 38, and downtown Cable Trailheads
This scenic part of CAMBA features intermediate to difficult trails with a lot of hills. Riders can expect a mix of narrow, old-school and newer, wide trails with swoopy berms, jumps, and drops.

Namekagon Cluster - 45+ minute drive from Hayward

Namekagon, Wilson Lake, and Rock Lake Trailheads
These trails are the most remote of the system. Riders can choose from a wide variety of trails suited to nearly every ability level, but within the Namakagon System are included some of the most technical and difficult riding in the system, namely at Rock Lake and Danky Dank.

If you are new to the area and/or the trails, make sure to scout or ask New Moon for advice on what trail might suit your particular equipment and riding style.
Trails as pristine, safe, and fun as our CAMBA trails don’t just happen. Dedicated trail crew and area volunteers are always on the lookout for areas that can be cleared or improved so that riders can have the best possible experience in the woods. If you take advantage of this treasure of the Northwoods, consider donating to or becoming a member of CAMBA. Or, if you’re around, spend part of your time in the woods volunteering to improve the trail during one of the many workdays that are necessary to keep the trails in great working order. Check out to help out.

If you haven’t ridden one of the many CAMBA trails, now is the time. See Hayward and Cable in a different way and enjoy the trail on two wheels. Enjoy your ride!

Thanks to CAMBA for supplemental photos.