Why Grind?

Stone grinding is the best method to refresh ski bases that have been damaged, oxidized or worn out. Normal wear and tear will eventually make a ski base convex. In addition, poor snow conditions can leave bases scratched or badly gouged. Long term exposure to the atmosphere will also oxidize the delicate polyethylene base materials. years of ironing medium and cold weather waxes can effectively "seal" microscopic base pores — vital to wax absorption — creating an impermeable plastic sheet that is only fast for a few Ks. Stone Grinding will flatten a ski’s base, open up its pores and leave a pristine finish, allowing easy wax absorption and many Ks of fast skiing. Slow skis never make for a fun day — a fast grind will help you enjoy the experience that much more.

The Process

Before skis are ground, each pair is individually evaluated and hand-tuned as needed. Following the grinding process, each ski is cleaned with a special base conditioner optimizing the fresh base material for wax penetration and adhesion. Skis then receive a generous application of soft glide wax whether they are finished or heading to the hotbox for further post-grind finishing. The freshly waxed skis then undergo several hours in New Moon's "ski sauna" at a moderately warm temp - just enough to soften the wax and allow softer components of the wax to soak into the base's pore spaces. This "primes" the ski for later waxing and good wax adhesion. New grinding and hot box protocol eliminates the need for elaborate post-grind waxing rituals. Apply a layer of your wax du jour and go ski, really. Our analysis finds that overwaxing, especially with mid and cold-temp waxes results in diminishing the effects of the grind due to overheating of the ski. With advances in ski technology, skis continue to get lighter AND more heat-sensitive. In the past, we, along with the rest of the xc ski world recommended extensive waxing after grinding. Best practices now are understood to be using a quality iron and minimizing ironing time with quick passes with a hot iron. That's right - HIGH IRON TEMP, FAST IRON PASSES, MINIMAL IRONING TIME ON THE SKI. This will help keep your fast skis fast and free of heat damage. If your completed grind needs to be altered or modified to meet your needs or expectations, that's no problem – just let us know. Satisfaction is guaranteed. For further information, give us a call, (800) 754-8685 or email.

The Grind Service Menu

Old Man Winter Cold Grind — $69.99

Approximate temp range: 20F and colder, fresh to lightly transformed snows. Perfect for your cold day race skis, this is an ultra-fine, linear grind for the really cold days on the trail. A fine linear pattern minimizes friction on cold, fresh snow crystals and is recommended for those days you walk out and hear the snow squeak under your feet. Old Man Winter is a shallow, low-impact grind that can be refreshed and repeated many times. Extremely popular in the Upper Midwest and Rockies.

New Moon Universal Cold Grind — $69.99

Approximate temp range: 0F to 30F, fresh to moderately transformed snows. The New Moon Universal Cold is a versatile grind that will bring new and old skis back to factory condition with fast, flat bases. We recommend this grind if you ski one pair of skis in many different conditions. This versatile grind works especially well for highly variable Midwestern and New England snow conditions, including new snow, moderately transformed snow, machine-tilled and man-made snow — always a safe choice for the high school or citizen racer. A super grind for racers relying on one pair of skis. Single pair owners skiing in regions with faster snow transformation due to freeze-thaw cycles, heavy traffic, or heavy tilling should consider the Universal Warm grind below.

New Moon Universal Warm Grind — $69.99

Approximate temp range: 20F to 35F, moderately to heavily transformed and refrozen or icy snows. Transformed snows are the real key here, more so than temperature. This is a moisture management grind ideal for regions or calendar periods with freeze-thaw cycles. Perfect for glazed classic tracks – even well below 20F. This can be an excellent race grind for late season, but not for wet, slop snow or corn snow. For slop see the "t-shirt grind" below.

Skiing in a T-Shirt Warm Grind — $69.99

Approximate temp range: 32F, wet slop or corn snow. We’ve all been there, and you must be ready with some special skis. As the title suggests, this grind can channel water like a rain gutter, — a necessity for warm weather racing. Intended for 32°F and warmer, this grind utilizes deep channels to handle snow moisture and reduce speed-killing suction, while helping your skis move over wet transformed and corn snow crystals that are associated with warm-weather and spring skiing. Are your sleeves and tights rolled up? Are your boots soaking wet? This is the grind!

Stone Grinding Schedule

We typically grind weekly mid-week. Last call for weekly drop-off may vary. Please call New Moon if you need specifics on last call and pick-up times or email Chris. Skis are left unscraped for base protection unless otherwise specified.

Additional Services

Pre-Grind Tuning & Repair — $15 and up

Some skis that are badly scratched and gouged may require significant repair work before grinding. In most cases, scratches, gouges and minor edge damage can be repaired. In addition, strongly convex or concave bases can be steel-scraped to achieve a flat base before grinding. Skis will be evaluated upon arrival for repair and tuning needs. We are glad to address any tuning requests that you may have.

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