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PRODUCT REVIEW – Swix Triac 3.0 – with Guest Contributor Jeff Tumbleson

In addition to amazing performance, triangular shafts, TCS straps, and TBS glueless baskets are key features of the Triac 3.0.
First of all, let’s preface I’ve been a long time KV+ user for years, but I’ve used the first (2 1/2) iterations of  Swix Triacs plenty.  Honestly, I was not expecting to experience too much that was earth shattering.

Photo: Jeff Tumbleson
However, only after a few strokes I quickly admitted that the Triac 3.0s are probably the best poles I have ever used.  The grip and strap interface is very good to amazing.  The swing weight in noticeable lighter.  And the biggie, they feel like they are the stiffest poles, PERIOD.
Photo: Jeff Tumbleson
With a re-designed grip and strap interface, 3.0 sizing looks different than the older,  Pro-fit Grip & Strap-equipped poles at first glance. In actuality, sizing remains the same, as only the upper part of the new grip is eliminated, giving the appearance of a shorter pole.
Bottom-line here, I’m kind of hooked.  Now, are they worth the money?  Like most things in sports that are at the very high end price point….YES, they probably are.
Jeff Tumbleson is a master skier, avid biker, ABSF Board Member, and gear junkie.

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