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Word From The Wax Bench...

The Future of Glide Wax is Liquid!

Glide waxing is in the midst of a revolution. Recent efforts by regulators and wax companies to be more environmentally responsible with wax formulation have led to a rapid evolution of alternative and new options to hot waxing. The thrust of these efforts  has led in the direction of liquid or semi-liquid recipes which drastically reduce the amount of base waxes and additives required to adequately treat a ski’s surface. Using alcohol-based suspensions rather than petroleum solvents and propellants, production is more environmentally friendly.

Benefits for the skier are substantial, too…

First: Liquids are easy to use. Basically spray or rub on, let dry a few minutes, brush or cork a bit, go ski!

Second: They’re fast. Glide is outstanding – right on par with traditional  hot waxes.

Third: They’re durable. A common assumption with liquids is that they’re only good for 5 or 10K. New formulas, when applied to a clean ski can potentially last far longer, with some even being developed specifically for long distance racing.

Fourth: They’re “Techy”. For the wax techies, just as with hot waxes, there are base waxes, mid-fluoros, High-fluoros, top-coats, and so on. There is as much diversity available as you already have in your wax box.

Fifth: They’re also not too “Techy”. That works, too! Just want quick skis? No problem – there are affordable, simple universal sprays and perform as well as a good hot wax. Again: spray, dry, brush, ski.

Sixth and most importantly: They’re Simple. Temp ranges are broad and forgiving, elaborate equipment is not needed, and time requirements are a fraction of that needed for hot waxing.

New Moon has been testing and evaluating liquids for a few years now and are pleased to share with you a collection of those which we like best. View our Performance Liquid Gliders Here.

We can also take a look at application techniques from our suppliers. Note: these videos focus primarily high-end liquids, but the concept remains throughout the price performance spectrum, from top-dollar race liquids to low-cost training liquids…

Jusso Luikkonen from Rex Wax of Finland on HF Race Waxes.


Jusso demonstrates Rex’s amazing Glide Cleaner and Prep Liquid. This product is the foundation of All of New Moon’s waxing service.


Start Wax From Finland on Start Ultra Gel


Vauhti Wax shows the similarity of application principles – apply, dry, brush, go skiing.

For the performance-minded skier or racer, having a clean and porous base is key to good liquid wax adhesion. A freshly stone-ground base is ideal for maximum benefit from liquids. New Moon tech, Dusty adds that a grind followed up with a liquid-based waxing regime dramatically reduces inevitable base damage from hot irons, cold weather hot waxes, and solid fluoros.

Dustin inspects a stone ground ski base prior to liquid wax application.

Frequent, follow-up cleanings with glide-specific cleaners like Rex Glide Cleaner, featured in the videos above, in optimal condition for wax adhesion and “primes”  bases with a penetrating,  hard paraffin wax which acts as the base wax for subsequent layers.

New Moon’s wax techs are excited to share their knowledge of the liquid wax revolution with you. Call or stop in for the latest scoop!


5 thoughts on “The Future of Glide Wax is Liquid!”

  1. I traveled to Europe with Rex G11, HF11, HF21, Vauhti FC Mid, Star FX2, and Toko Helix 2.0 sprays in my suitcase. They were not problem in TSA. They also worked very well in the warm spring snow in the Alps. The biggest surprise was the no fluro Rex G11! It was as fast as my powdered skis. Also, the Vauhti FC Mid Liquid was exceptional. Definitely would not bring this in a carry on bag, but in the stored suitcase, no problem.

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