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Word From The Wax Bench...

Gateway Trail Fun Day Rides Again

This Saturday, CAMBA and the Hayward Area Memorial Hospital invite you and your family to the Gateway Trail Fun Day. From Noon to 3, come explore this new beginner trail system located on the Hospital property. This event will offer a variety of fun activities including a mini mountain bike expo, bike demos, and  plenty of fun and games along the way. All ages and abilities are welcome!

According to CAMBA executive director Ron Bergin, “A gateway trail is an entry-level trail that is suitable for beginning mountain bikers or those uncomfortable with narrower, more technical trails.”  Construction on the Hayward Hospital Trail began during the summer of 2017. “The ultimate plan for the trail is to build up to six miles of trail,” says Bergin.

“Of course one of our goals is to provide a trail for younger riders to have fun and a positive exposure to mountain biking, but a trail of this nature is perfect for riders of all ages, including those in the more senior age ranges,” says Bergin. The trail is wider than most singletrack trails, has no rocks, roots, or other obstacles; and has a fun rolling flow without any significant hills.  “This is not to imply that the trail is a simple, flat straight trail,” Bergin clarifies.  In fact, the trail has many sweeping turns and a great fun flow.  Experienced riders truly enjoy the trail as well.

If you’re worried about having the right type of bike or nervous about trying the trail alone, don’t give it a second thought! New Moon will be on-site offering FREE bikes to borrow for the event, and volunteers will be offering guided rides for those who want to check out the trails with a more experienced rider.

This is the second year that Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge are partnering with CAMBA to host the Gateway Trail Fun Day. HAMH had several goals in mind when they decided to co-host again this year. Hayward Area Memorial Hospital’s Marketing/Communications Director Cherie Morgan explains, “Our primary goal for the day is to expose as many people to the Hospital Trails as possible and to raise awareness of what a great trail system we have to offer. We wanted to offer people the opportunity to try the trails or bikes, that may not own equipment or be comfortable doing so on their own. With the support of local bike shops and CAMBA trail guides, we are able to offer that opportunity at this event. We also hope to promote the great work CAMBA has done to expand our trails to include mountain and fat biking.”

“HAMH wants people to see Hayward Area Memorial Hospital and Water’s Edge as a partner for their overall health and wellbeing. We are here for the community if they need great medical or senior care, and we are also working to become a community leader in health and wellness. By partnering with Hayward Area Ski Trails Association (HASTA) and the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) we are able to offer a trail system for people of all ages and abilities. The Hospital Trails offer trail running, hiking, mountain biking and fat biking. In the winter outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy classic skiing, fat biking and snowshoeing. In addition to our trail system we sponsor a number of events in the community that support healthy and active lifestyles,” Morgan says.

No matter what your level of biking expertise, please come check out the Gateway trail this Saturday-Grab a snack and kick off the mountain bike season by supporting and celebrating the new trail!

—Photos supplied by CAMBA and Chris Young





Hungry Bear Wrap UP

This past weekend, the Hungry Bear Gravel Ride growled over the rivers and through the Chequamegon woods. You may have read in a previous newsletter about how Dusty and Ian have been training and planning for the big event. How did the big day pan out for our two intrepid cyclists?

Early in the week, the weather looked grim, and several people decided not to ride. But the day turned out to be beautiful and sunny…so no excuses…and both Ian and Dustin were on no matter how the weather turned out.

Before the race.

Dustin has been training tirelessly for a few months now, and although the Hungry Bear is the first race of his season, it is just one of a long line of races he plans to compete in over the summer.

Dustin channeling a high fashion model after his ride.

It was a good but hard event for Dustin, “Last year’s pace was pretty easy and low key, but this year, riders went hard right off the bat. I was surprised that some of the fastest riders were pushed off the back of the front group during the first surge, but the best part of the day for me was being able to ride with that front, fast pack.”

Up until the Hungry Bear, Dustin’s training mainly consisted of longer, easy rides-slow and long distance. But things are going to change now that he is setting his sights on the Borah Epic. He has big plans to make the top 60, and his training regimen will be intense. “I’ll do one day at the terrain park practicing jumps, balancing, and wheelies; one day working on hill climbs; and interval sessions the rest of the week, as well as attending 3 group rides per week.”

Ian, still smiling and feeling fine after his Crud Cloth worked wonders!

Ian wasn’t training quite as regularly as Dustin, so he decided to switch to the Snacking Bear 60, which turned out to be a good decision, “I was thinking this at mile 50 or so on Rock Lake Road when the suffering began to creep in. I still have hopes to do it, maybe next year.” Another reason the Snacking Bear was the perfect race for Ian is that he really loves snacks! “Since it’s really important to stay well fed during a race, it’s fun to experiment. I took some cues from my Birkie supply list and brought with some smoked herring fillets, pickles, a peanut butter filled chocolate Clif bar, and these tasty new bits called GFB (Gluten Free Bites) made with dates, peanuts, and dark chocolate. I will say that the smoked herring is easily my favorite exercise food, some good fats, protein, and I think they have magical powers.”

Some of Ian’s Snacking Bear snacks.

Although he had a bit of a delay around mile 40 to re-inflate his front tire and tighten a bottle cage, he was able to hang with a nice group of riders. “We all rode together until about mile 40, maintaining a fast, but manageable tempo that made the race go by pretty quickly. It’s fun to ride with people who are talented and know about riding etiquette.” His other favorite parts of the day included the pizza and Crud Cloths. “Crud Cloths are easily the best post-race solution to clean off all that sweat and dirt short of hopping straight into a shower.”

Ian, smiling post-race.

So, the first race of the year is in the books. Hope you all are looking forward to a fantastic summer of riding and racing. Look for Moonies at all the area events including the Borah Epic, Chequamegon 100, Lutsen 99er, Pre-Fat, and, of course, the Chequamegon 40 and Short and Fat.



Introducing ANGi

Safety is important to all of us, but it shouldn’t stifle the fun. Specialized’s ANGi sensor helps you have the rides of your life, while staying safe, too.

ANGi is a patented, helmet-mounted sensor that measures the forces transmitted to your helmet during a crash, as well as the harmful rotational forces that occur during crashes when your helmet doesn’t actually impact the ground.



Specialized patented ANGi sensor calls for help when you can’t. In fact, it’s the first device to protect you before, during, and after a crash. It does this through a pairing with our Specialized Ride App for iOS or Android devices. And if it detects a crash, it commences a countdown that, if you’re ok, you can stop and keep riding. If, however, ANGi determines that you’re in need of help, it’ll send an alert to your selected contacts with your last known GPS coordinates and a message that you’re in need of help. What about if you’re out of service coverage? ANGi has a plan for that. Just set your estimated ride time before you head out when you know that your ride will take you out of range. All you need is an active data signal when you start your session. And if you haven’t completed your ride within that time frame, ANGi will send a notification to your contacts with your last uploaded location.


If the ANGi sensor detects a potential crash during your ride, it will connect to the Ride App on your smartphone, sound an alarm, and start a countdown. If you’re okay, you just cancel the countdown and keep riding. If you’re injured and unable to cancel the countdown, however, the Ride App will send a text alert to your emergency contacts telling them you may have been in an accident.

In addition to notifying your contacts that you may have crashed, ANGi and the Ride App will also send your location, via GPS coordinates, to all of the contacts you’ve listed in the Ride App.


This is important stuff. Check out the Ambush and Propero ANGi equipped helmets at newmoonski.com or stop in the shop to discuss all the various options and features.

-Article excerpts and videos from Specialized

It’s Jacket Season !?!?!?

It’s jacket season! I know…shut up, we are ready for it to not be jacket season anymore. What I’m getting at is this is the time of year where you really appreciate certain pieces of gear that make these in-between temps (40s-60s) tolerable, even enjoyable on your bike. A nice cycling jacket can make a world of difference, and we have some pretty cool options that can become your new favorites. There are some high tech (dare I say, space age) materials that go into making these pieces windproof, waterproof, lightweight, and breathable. Here are a few that have us excited this spring:
Specialized Deflect Reflect H2O Jacket
This is the layer for getting you out the door when the weather suggests otherwise. Deflect windproof and waterproof material has been updated this year with little fleece micro dots on the inside to create a small channel for air to flow and reduce sweat buildup. Reflectivity is present on nearly the entire piece making you super visible on the road (even with the black version). Since it has front pockets, this could just become your new rain jacket off the bike too. Who needs to look at the forecast when you’ve got one of these in your closet?
-Also, check out the several variations on this jacket: Deflect H2O Road, Deflect H2O Comp, and the new Deflect H20 Pac which is an ultra-light, packable, waterproof jacket weighing less than 100 grams.
Louis Garneau X-Lite Cycling Jacket
It’s a jersey pocket miracle, this wind shell weighs in at just over 2 ounces! Incredibly light, and packable so you can literally fold it up into itself and carry it with you whenever the temps might dip. Not waterproof, but would certainly be better than getting totally hosed in the rain without it. I’d go so far as to say that a jacket like this is an essential part of your gear puzzle along with things like lights, and a flat kit if you’re a frequent cyclist.
-For a basic, compact rain shell, the LG Clean Imper is a great option for a frame bag, back pack, or pannier
Louis Garneau Alpha Cycling Vest
Need something to keep your core warm and add some visibility? Who doesn’t like a good vest? The Alpha vest has both covered with Polartec lining, a super breathable back and loads of reflective detailing. This sharp looking and versatile vest is equally at home on the bike, rollerskiing, running, or maybe an outdoor beer fest…just saying.
So there’s our quick first impression from this season’s jacket/vest crop. We continue to be impressed by the level of engineering and thought that goes into these weather specific products, and it further reinforces our belief in the sentiment that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Picking up a nice piece of clothing or equipment that expands the conditions in which you can enjoy your favorite activities can really enrich your appreciation both for how nice it is when the weather cooperates, but also can help you expand your scope of what you’re capable of achieving. Ok, enough reading. Time to go play—stop at the shop and suit up! Mention you read this article and get 15% off in-stock cycling jackets or vests at the Moon—good through May 13th.

Ercolina – Upgrade Your Fitness Routine

Upper body and core strength is the foundation of cross country skiing. The Ercolina is the perfect solution to increasing and maintaining your power and fitness through your off-snow season. Local CrossFit studio owner, Dave Prois, gave us insight into why he uses Ercolinas in his gym, CrossCut CrossFit.


“Our CrossCut CrossFit members range in age from teens to 80-plus. We like the Ercolina because it is adjustable for height, shoulder width and resistance, making it a versatile piece of training equipment for athletes with a wide variety of skills and needs.
Photo by Dave Prois
We found it particularly useful last year when our members trained for an international 1,000-meter ski erg contest. Several members, including some without ski experience, placed near the top of their age divisions after a few months of programmed training on  our two ‘Linas.’
The Ercolina’s adjustable resistance feature allows us to program distinctly different workouts, from strength workouts on high to tempo workouts on low, or longer endurance workouts at medium resistance.
The power readouts for each arm allow the athlete to quickly identify and adjust for disparities in strength between sides. The ability to use either single-pole or double-pole technique allows athletes to vary the muscles trained within any workout.
Our small gym is routinely packed with people and equipment, so the fact that the Ercolina is wall-mounted and takes little space when not in use is another appreciated feature.” 


Ercolina’s many features including a programmable workout monitor, adjustable resistance, travel bag, and mounting hooks make it the perfect piece of fitness equipment. Check it out at Newmoonski.com and call with any questions.

Dave and his wife Darlene moved to Hayward in 2007. Dave’s background as a police trainer, coupled with his long involvement in competitive endurance sports (triathlons, bike – and inline skate racing), drew him to kettlebell training. He holds many professional qualifications including CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Instructor, USA Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, RKC/FMS Functional Movement Screening, and Precision Nutrition coach. Check out CrossCut CrossFit  or their facebook page for more information about Dave, Darlene, and Hayward’s CrossFit affiliate.

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