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Ercolina – Upgrade Your Fitness Routine

Upper body and core strength is the foundation of cross country skiing. The Ercolina is the perfect solution to increasing and maintaining your power and fitness through your off-snow season. Local CrossFit studio owner, Dave Prois, gave us insight into why he uses Ercolinas in his gym, CrossCut CrossFit.


“Our CrossCut CrossFit members range in age from teens to 80-plus. We like the Ercolina because it is adjustable for height, shoulder width and resistance, making it a versatile piece of training equipment for athletes with a wide variety of skills and needs.
Photo by Dave Prois
We found it particularly useful last year when our members trained for an international 1,000-meter ski erg contest. Several members, including some without ski experience, placed near the top of their age divisions after a few months of programmed training on  our two ‘Linas.’
The Ercolina’s adjustable resistance feature allows us to program distinctly different workouts, from strength workouts on high to tempo workouts on low, or longer endurance workouts at medium resistance.
The power readouts for each arm allow the athlete to quickly identify and adjust for disparities in strength between sides. The ability to use either single-pole or double-pole technique allows athletes to vary the muscles trained within any workout.
Our small gym is routinely packed with people and equipment, so the fact that the Ercolina is wall-mounted and takes little space when not in use is another appreciated feature.” 


Ercolina’s many features including a programmable workout monitor, adjustable resistance, travel bag, and mounting hooks make it the perfect piece of fitness equipment. Check it out at Newmoonski.com and call with any questions.

Dave and his wife Darlene moved to Hayward in 2007. Dave’s background as a police trainer, coupled with his long involvement in competitive endurance sports (triathlons, bike – and inline skate racing), drew him to kettlebell training. He holds many professional qualifications including CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Instructor, USA Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, RKC/FMS Functional Movement Screening, and Precision Nutrition coach. Check out CrossCut CrossFit  or their facebook page for more information about Dave, Darlene, and Hayward’s CrossFit affiliate.

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PRODUCT REVIEW – Swix Triac 3.0 – with Guest Contributor Jeff Tumbleson

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First of all, let’s preface I’ve been a long time KV+ user for years, but I’ve used the first (2 1/2) iterations of  Swix Triacs plenty.  Honestly, I was not expecting to experience too much that was earth shattering.

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High Praise for Pole Hiking – 2nd Edition

Photo: SMS Nordic

Last year, we wrote about how Chris got back to fitness after a long struggle with back pain and a neck and back fusion using pole hiking. This year, New Moon’s Steve Morales has a personal story about how pole hiking has helped him recover from a painful injury and surgery.

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