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Word From The Wax Bench...

Rex Clinic Recap

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting the Hecker family on behalf of Rex Ski Wax for a liquid wax clinic at the Samuel Johnson Nordic Center at OO (in our fancy smancy New Moon Wax Room no less!) Another perk of the job is that I was able to get out for a short bit to enjoy a bit of top notch spring skiing.
We sprayed, we brushed, we conquered. It was a great way to showcase what is turning out to be a paradigm shift in waxing. Jeremy Hecker led the demo, representing not only the Rex brand, but his new role as the Head Nordic Ski Coach for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The event was well attended, and we had our hands full during the whole demo, waxing skis and getting everyone up to speed on how to apply these new waxes. The trail had just been groomed on Friday, so the skiing conditions were excellent. It was ideal spring skiing with a firm and fast deck, but not so icy that you couldn’t get an edge.
Later in the afternoon we headed back to the shop for a “happy hour” with some apres ski snacks, beverages, and further wax wisdom. It was a great event to host as a follow up to our success with Rex over Birkie. Thank you to the whole Hecker family, Mike, Connie, Chris, and Jeremy for being great partners and representatives, but also for all they do in the Nordic community in our region and abroad on the World Cup circuit.
We will definitely do this event again next ski season, so keep your eyes on our events calendar in the Fall. In case this was the last weekend of truly great skiing for the season, I hope you enjoyed this winter as much as I did! -Ian

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – March Wax Specials

Ski into Spring with some awesome wax specials going on through March.


First up is Swix FC8XWS. Original MSRP was $109, now only $79 while supplies last. Joel says, “Super spring ski wax! Works well over liquid, ideally crayoned on and roto fleeced.” This block form provides exceptional economy, allowing dozens of applications when crayoned in lightly. Like powders, though, 8X can also be be ironed like a traditional fluoro powder, just be sure to apply more heavily before ironing.


And, do not miss Fast Wax’s Special – 20% off through the end of the month. All in-stock, Fast Wax products are on sale! Fast Wax is a uniquely local partner for New Moon, based right in Minnesota, unlike most European-based ski wax companies. They are celebrating 25 years in business, too – Happy 25! If you haven’t tried out Fast Wax yet, here’s a great chance to save a few bucks and give it a go! Long-time favorites are HSF Tan for snow in the upper teens and 20s and HSLF Extreme White  for sub-zero cold-spells. Also popular are the economical 500g Bulk Waxes, easy-to-apply HSP Paste Waxes, and the Ultra-Fine Steel Brush. Don’t miss this rare chance for 20% off!

Trail to the Birkie Wrap Up

Hopefully you’ve been watching Trail to the Birkie along with all of us. The video series was created to share our passion for cross country skiing and the admiration we have for our customers and friends. After each video, find out how our skiers fared this past weekend.

Ashley Shuman

Ashley was looking forward to skiing the Korte, but unfortunately did not get clearance from her PT to ski in this year’s event. “I was really bummed, but was able to enjoy Birkie week as a spectator without the stress of preparing to race, and that was a pretty fun experience,” Ashley says. “Now I’m looking forward to being able to fully participate in the Fat Bike Birkie next weekend and to get to experience another facet of Birkie Fever!”


Dakota Dale

Dakota made his way from the 6th Wave through the throngs of skiers last year to secure himself a Wave 1 start in the 2019 Birkie. How did this year go for him? “Birkie week went well. I felt a bit sluggish during the race but that is okay.” Unfortunately, Dakota just missed placement in the elite wave for next year. “Pretty disappointed I missed my elite wave, but I have next year!”

Lauren Harrison

Lauren had a tough, but really meaningful race. “I had a good experience racing, especially considering my lack of training,” she says…”it was tough skating conditions with how choppy the trail got, which makes me even prouder that I finished and excited  for next year to hopefully improve upon my time. It was so rewarding to go over the bridge and see the finish line and hear everybody cheering you in. Can’t wait for next year!”

Roger Burger

“By all accounts, the weekend was a great success,” Roger says about the event. “Warm temperatures for athletes, spectators and volunteers really felt like a gift. The fresh snow made for more work than my current fitness level was ready for and things changed from racing to hard work at about 35K.” He was particularly glad there wasn’t a strong headwind on the lake! “Thanks to all the volunteers and the Birkie staff!!” Roger is now looking forward to some warm spring skiing on fast transformed snow.

We at New Moon hope however you celebrated the Birkie, whether it was on the trail or live-streaming from home you had an awesome, inspiring weekend. Remember, the Birkie lifestyle doesn’t just happen during Birkie week—appreciate the outdoors, strive to be your best, and be proud of your accomplishments no matter how you race or recreate. See ya on the trail!

Birkie Video Highlights

Reese, son of Joel & Kristy, hangs out with the Gu Crew at the Birkie expo last week.

There were so many great moments over Birkie week! Here are just a few that were memorialized for the ages.

First up is New Moon’s first running of the Giant Ski. While Chris, Joel, and Judy held down the fort at the shop, a group of intrepid adventurers including Ian, Kristy, Daryl, and a couple of friends competed downtown on Friday evening. Let’s just say they made quite a scene. Thanks to Sawyer County Record for this and the next video.

New Moon Ski and Bike in the Giant Ski! Oh, my.

Posted by Sawyer County Record on Thursday, February 21, 2019


The next video is the Kortelopet which took place on Friday. It’s been great having the Korte finish on Main Street!

If you weren’t here to watch the Birkie, here it is, in its entirety.

And, finally, the Gu Crew from Berkeley, California took out some fat bikes in Sunday’s blizzard after the Birkie. Looks like they had an amazing time.

Hope you had a great Birkie 2019! Stay ‘cold as a polar bear’ ’til next year!

Get Out Of Your Wax Comfort Zone

This year has been really weird for fans of Swix or Toko wax. Wax has been out of stock and race wax recommendations have been scarce. Seems the US importer is stuck in some kind of legal jeopardy with the US Environmental Protection Agency. All we have at New Moon are assurances that next year will be better, and that each of the wax brands will get the EPA’s attention in their turn. 

In practical terms, this means your favorite brand or tech may be unavailable this race season. With Birkie coming up it is time to get acquainted with some of the other, lesser known brands that are available this season: Start, Rex, Vauhti.  Below I will call out some standout waxes that have been legendary at Birkies past. 

Joel says everything will be OK!

Start SFR75 cold fluor powder has been on winners’ skis many times in the last ten years, new versions are Start HF9 and FHF9. These are some of the best cold powders you can buy. Start Green glider has been super in the cold at all levels of racing for decades. There is an LF, Mid Fluor and High Fluor. Seems like the MF10 as the mid fluor green is now called is our local favorite.  

Start kick waxes have been taking share of Swix’s historical dominance now for a couple of years. The “Oslo” Racing line—Special Purple, Extra Blue, Super Green—seem to be a pre mix of hard wax and klister and have been saving weekends for years on the Birkie Trail. These waxes really help climb hills when the track is glazing or wetter than expected. This can happen especially when the trail has lots of skier traffic on race day. Start Terva kick wax is a nice kick and glide in fresh snow and the Extra Base Wax binder has been super reliable. 


Rex HF21, the new Rex Blue high fluoro, was my wax last year’s Korte and it was superb. I used the liquid, and my prep time was mercifully brief in an otherwise overbusy week. Just spray on and brush when dry. Likely it would have been faster with a layer of powder burned in but there were many other skiers’ gear to attend to. 


Rex TK-29 was maybe our most amazing wax job for service skis in, I think, 2012. We had fresh snow in the low twenties and lots of skiers set PR’s in what would have been slow and soft conditions. This powder is best 28-15F. 

Rex Pro Grip Kick wax is less goopy than the Start Oslo and is better when the snow is a bit drier but can handle some glazing. There are four waxes in this line up; red, purple, blue and green. Many high school races are won on Pro Grip Blue. 


Rex Liquid Klister. This is a lifesaver for the busy athlete or coach. Application is easy and fast and makes an excellent binder to hard wax. Currently three in the line: Base, Gold, and Special Red. I have used the Base and Gold on older snow and added the red in light rain or wetting up corn. Makes klister easy. 


Vauhti. This one is new for me. I have been using their liquids this winter and have had excellent luck with the LF Mid and UF Mid. Very fast skis, super easy application. Vauhti Carrot kicker and their Super Base binder have been bragged about for some time. 


So get out of your comfort zone.  Most ski shops have run out of many Swix and Toko go to waxes early on this year and we’ve have to learn some new tricks. Luckily the snow doesn’t seem to mind and if you get it right you will have a blast! —Joel 

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