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Word From The Wax Bench...

Birkie Wax Service: Plan Ahead, Have More Fun!

As we close in on one month ’til Birkie 2019, it’s time to get plans organized for a fast race and stress-free weekend. Part of New Moon’s annual Birkie tradition is aiding skiers with those goals. Birkie Wax Stress Syndrome, or “BWSS” is a crippling affliction that can render a skier unable to partake in and enjoy the pre-race Birkie festivities on Thursday and Friday. The Birkie Expo, Barnie, Barke-Birkie, and Giant Ski event are just some of the reasons you or your skier should forget about waxing decisions and leave the waxing to us! Leave the iron,  scrapers, the wax, leave all of it at home and enjoy your weekend!

Here’s the drill:

  • Purchase your Birkie/Korte/Haakon Waxing Service online HERE.
  • Be sure to get your skis to New Moon before we fill up.  Complete details online.
  • Pick up your skis, ski fast, have fun!

Rather than succumbing to BWSS, may we suggest catching a severe case of Birkie Fever instead!


Skin Skis 101, Again. They’re just getting better!

A year ago, we took an in-depth look at the skin ski phenomenon. Based on skier enthusiasm so far this fall, there appears to be little sign of the skin ski wave slowing down. This updated, “Skin Ski 101” refresher, will help the uninitiated learn about these amazing skis and how a Birkie Birchlegger, Korte newbie, or any skier, for that matter, can benefit from skin skis. Enjoy. Continue reading Skin Skis 101, Again. They’re just getting better!

PRODUCT REVIEW – V2/Jenex Rollerskis – with Guest Contributor, John Bauer

I have tested and trained with V2 production models and prototypes since 1992.  Here, I discuss and review the new V2/Jenex  XLK 98 (skate) & XLK 900 (classic) model rollerskis, having about 20-30 hours of skiing on each. Continue reading PRODUCT REVIEW – V2/Jenex Rollerskis – with Guest Contributor, John Bauer

We’re Floored!

In keeping with our refresh theme, we had yet another change here at the Moon last week…we finally got new flooring! The gray carpeting downstairs lasted quite a while but you know it’s hard not to traipse in dust and dirt and wax and bike grease or whatever those guys in the back roll onto the floor (Chris and Dusty, I’m looking at you!). So, we have beautiful new flooring! The pattern and color really classes up the log chalet, and I’m sure the clothes will really pop when we get the downstairs floor switched over to our winter apparel.

Chris and Joel moving the front counter back into place using a bike pump…seriously. OK, the dolly had a flat tire.

Upstairs will still be carpet, to be redone in November. We wouldn’t want you to have cold feet while trying on ski boots!

Before… John and Ian had a bike skid contest on the eve of the install.
… and after. No skidding allowed!

Before and after shots of the floor. Of course, the guys had to skid around with bikes on the carpet before the replacement. John gives us his approval.

Stop in soon to check out all the improvements!

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