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Bliz Optics Motion Sportglasses
$39.95 - $64.95
Streamlined, straightforward with a fantastic fit. Motion has a stunning design and is a great choice for several outdoors sports. The light weight design and the fact that they are very comfortable to wear make them an appreciated choice.

Motion is an uncomplicated model that still stands out with its great fit and comfort. Motion has a lens with 100% UV-protection and high optical quality.
Bliz Optics Fusion Nano/Nordic Light Sunglasses with Photochromatic Lens
SIZE: M/L COLOR: Matt Black LENS: Brown w blue multi Photocromic FILTER CATEGORY: 1|2|3 You and Fusion make a great pair. You’re both tough, flexible and unbeatable! This is a unique model, technically advanced and fully adjustable. Low weight and fitted with Jawbone technology. Adjustable nose pad and temple tips provide superior comfort. The large, ventilated cylindrical lens maximizes your field of view. Fusion Nano Optics Photochromic is equipped with a photochromic lens that automatically adjusts the darkness of the lens to the strength of the sunlight (UV light). The stronger the sun, the darker the lens to keep you performing at your best no matter the conditions. The lens ranges between categories 1-3 depending on the weather conditions. In addition, the lens has minimal distortion and integrated anti-fog properties.
Bliz Optics ProFlip Max Small Face Replacement Lens
Small clear spare lens for Proflip.
Bliz Optics Drift Sportsglasses
A challenger, a companion. Drift is a model made to fit most activities. An excellent choice for multisport, both for everyday use and more demanding situations. Drift is designed to fit different types of faces. This is a model that offers more protection and comfort with a frame that covers large areas around the eyes. The lenses offer 100% UV protection and has high optical quality. Drift is a perfect choice if you need a good-looking pair of sunglasses to accompany you on all your adventures.
Shimano Aerolite P
AEROLITE P WIDENS THE WORLD WITH A RIMLESS PANORAMIC VIEW LENS FEATURING EXCEPTIONAL CLARITY AND SMOOTH AERO PROFILE. FRAME - Rimless frame creates an ultra-smooth aerodynamic surface. - Ultrasonic welding of frame to lens slashes weight to 23.4 g. - Radiused temples with non-slip pattern for secure fit and comfort. - Reversible nose pad features different front and back thicknesses for fit adjustment. - Strong, durable, and lightweight Grilamid TR90 frame. - Dual injection molded, non-toxic TPE temple tips. LENSES - Panoramic view 7-curve one-piece lens hugs the face's contours to maximize eye protection at high speeds. - Ultrasonic welding between frame and lens reduces distortion. - Cycling dedicated RIDESCAPE lens optimally tuned for greater contrast and clarity in every riding scene. - Colored lens edge. - Full UV 400 protection. - Hydrophobic coating increases water-repellency, keeps lenses cleaner. - Special anti-scratch treatment. - Extremely lightweight and impact resistant Polyamide (PA) lens boosts clarity. PACKAGE - Travel box. - Eyewear pouch can be used for lens cleaning. - XL nose pad included.
Bliz Optics Edge Drop MTB
$74.95 - $84.95
When you come to spend a day or two in the downhill mountains, you need to be prepared. The high speed of modern Downhill racing requires high-tech products. The Edge Drop has been created to optimize a riders field of view and ability to react to the course with the necessary speed and safety. Bliz Drop provides sun protection whatever the conditions. Fits effortlessly with helmets providing comfort and attractive looks at an affordable price.
Muc-Off Visor Lens & Goggle Cleaning Kit
The Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaning Kit is ideal for keeping in your ride pack for quick and safe cleaning on the move. It quickly removes dust, mud, insects, soot and oily residue from your helmet and goggles leaving a streak-free finish. Each kit contains a premium quality microfiber cloth that has been specifically designed to clean delicate finishes. The pack also includes a 35ml spray bottle containing an advanced pH balanced, biodegradable cleaning formula. - EVA storage case included - Contains 35ml Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaner - Includes Microfiber cloth
Bliz Optics Hero Pink Lens
Pink contrast spare lens, fits Hero sports glasses. Filter category 1 - for flat light conditions. This lens is suitable for a Hero. Article numbers of the sports glasses the lens fits: 52210-10 Hero Matt black with smoke lens 52210-11 Hero Matt Black Polarized 52210-13 Hero Matt Black with blue multi lens 52210-14 Hero Matt Black with pink multi lens
Bliz Optics Vision Nano/Nordic Light
Vision is a unisex model made to fit wider faces. A model with unique possibilities to adjust to your personal preferences. Jawbone technology lets you adjust both performance and looks. Function and comfort are top-notch. Vision Nano Optics Nordic Light is created to meet the needs of the most demanding sports such as cycling, skiing and hiking. A great choice when both amateur and elite athletes demand the very best. Since no two pairs of eyes are identical, Vision lets you use an optical adaptor (can be purchased separately). You can have this adaptor adjusted to fit your eyeglass prescription. The result is a model so finely tuned to your needs that you are always able to perform at the highest level thanks to fantastic visual performance. If you want a pair of glasses that are 100% tuned to you - and only you - Vision is the choice for you.??? Vision Nano Optics Nordic Light is equipped with a Nordic Light™ lens. A high-tech lens that significantly enhances contrast and pops certain colors, giving you clear and crisp vision in poor visibility conditions such as flat light. The lens filters out the blurry colors between the blue and green, and the green and red wavelengths. These parts of the color spectrum are reduced(?) by the Nordic Light lens, giving you a considerably sharper view with better contrast even in the toughest weather conditions. In addition, you’re guaranteed to stay fog-free with the built-in ventilation and integrated anti-fog treatments in the lens. The lens also has minimal distortion for crisp vision in every direction.???Materials?Vision is made from Grilamid TR90, a high-tech material that is super lightweight and very flexible. Vision guarantees excellent performance and comfort in the freezing cold as well as in scorching heat – despite its exceptionally lightweight. Vision is easy to fit to your needs. For maximum field of view on your morning run, use Vision without the Jawbone technology. Then add Jawbone for your bumpy mountain bike ride in the afternoon for better stability and protection. Vision is carefully designed to suit different types of faces. The temples are made with wire core that can be adjusted for optimal fit. The nose pad is adjustable to make the glasses as comfortable as possible. The lens is detachable and can easily be switched to different lens colors and filter categories (can be purchased separately). The optical adapter (purchased separately) can hold your personal eyeglass prescription so you never miss a thing!. Vision is the ultimate frame for the ultimate performance.
Bliz Optics Hero Clear Lens
Bliz Hero Lens - Clear
Bliz Optics Hero Nano Optics Nordic Light
Matte Black Frame, Begonia with Blue Multi Contrast Lens PRECISION LENS TECHNOLOGY Precision Lens Technology™ delivers lenses with the most exacting refraction tolerances and complies with the most demanding safety standard. With their distortion-free field of view, these lenses let your eyes relax and focus. In addition, all eyewear with Precision Technology also features our PRECISION CURVE, MAX UV-PROTECTION, X-PC SHATTERPROOF, ANTI-WATER, ANTI-SCRATCH and when desired Multicoating or Polarized in one great lens. 100% UV-PROTECTION Bliz Active Eyewear protects your eyes efficiently against harmful UVA and UVB-rays. UNBREAKABLE POLYCARBONATE LENS The lenses are made of Unbreakable Polycarbonate which are 10 times more impact resistant than plastic or glass lenses and offers the highest degree of protection. Grilamid TR-90 Frame The frame is constructed from Grilamid TR-90 which is exceptionally lightweight, stiff yet flexible. ADJUSTABLE NOSE PAD The nose pad is adjustable for a more comfortable and optimal fit around your nose. RUBBER WIRE CORE The temples in Rubber Wire Core allow you to adjust the glasses for a more tight fit around your head. Lens Technology: Nano Optics Nordic Light Lens Category: 2 (Moderate Light) Fit: Standard
Bliz Optics Ace Sportsglasses
Few glasses give such a confident first impression as Ace do. A pair of glasses that radiates self confidence, a fine tuned combination of fashion and sports. They are well suited for every occasion. As a trusted companion in any sport, or as a stylish addition to the outfit of the day. X-PC lenses with 100% UV protection guarantees protection for your eyes.
Bliz Optics Fusion Spare Lens
Lens: Clear Filter category: 0 Clear spare lens, fits Fusion sports glasses. Filter category 0 - for dark weather conditions. Lens: Pink Filter category: 1 Pink contrast spare lens, fits Fusion sports glasses. Filter category 1 - for flat light conditions.
Sven Can See Sven Can See Anti-Fog Gel
For use on: Prescription glasses, safety glasses, sunglasses, goggles, masks and face shields. Features: Biodegradable Odor free 24 hour fog prevention Works year round in cold and high heat Easy application: Spray, Wipe n' Go!
Bliz Optics ProFlip Max Replacement Lens
Pink w Red Multicoating spare lenses for Proflip.
Bliz Optics Breeze Small Spare Lens
Lens: Clear Clear spare lens, fits Breeze Small sports glasses. Filter category 0, for dark conditions. Bliz offers a wide range of high quality extra lenses for our various sports glasses. Bliz glasses are designed to make it easy to change lenses for different weather and light conditions. All to maximize flexibility for you when you practice different sports.
Bliz Optics Hero Matte Black
A pair of glasses that looks as good as they feel, and keeps your vision clear in different weather conditions? Just like you – a true Hero. This is a versatile model that goes great with many different kinds of sports. Whether you’re on a mountain bike at full speed, on a slow run or just chilling at the beach, Hero is right there with you. The lens comes with Hydro Lens Technology™, guaranteeing clear and crisp vision in different weather conditions. Adjustable temples and nose pad makes sure you’re always comfortable. If you’re looking for a great companion, Hero may be your new best friend! Winner. Champion. Hero.
Bliz Optics Breeze Spare Lens
Lens: Pink Filter category 1 Bliz offers a wide range of high quality extra lenses for our various sports glasses. Bliz glasses are designed to make it easy to change lenses for different weather and light conditions. All to maximize flexibility for you when you practice different sports.
Bliz Optics ProFlip Optics - Over the Glasses
This model is designed to be worn over Rx glasses. The Proflip offers great protection and superb nordic-specific function, at an affordable price! The multi-position lens flips upward providing the flexibility needed for variable weather and lighting conditions. Adjustable strap, 100% UV protection. Includes a hard case, a extra lens (clear) and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Black frame with Orange w blue multi lens.
Muc-Off Anti Fog Treatment
Muc-Off Anti-Fog Treatment uses cutting edge moisture absorption technology with an anti-mist formula to create a transparent, micro-thin coating so your ride is never cut short by foggy goggles. Anti-Fog Treatment lasts up to five days, and if you spray on the outside of your swim goggles or sports glasses, the anti-mist formula will help rain bead off to make your ride that much safer. With this long-lasting formula, your goggles will be fog free for up to five days. - Intensive anti-mist formula - Advanced moisture absorption - Lasts up to 5 days - Safe on all plastics and glass - Works on mx and ski goggles, Snowboard goggles, helmet visors, glasses & car mirrors
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