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Bliz Optics Fusion/Matrix Spare Lens
$44.95 - $64.95
Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, and Anti-Fog Innovative allround lens with game changing characteristics. The recipe pops the contrasts and blocks the faded colors in between. The lens is a violet 2 lens. It cuts out parts of red light and vastly enhances flat light visibility. Additionally, it also blocks out destructive UV-light. The 2 makes this a great lens in every environment and every weather condition. Glare from the sun is cut by the multi-coated color. Compared to the Coral lens, this lens works best in varying weather conditions.
Bliz Optics Breeze Small Spare Lens
Lens: Clear Clear spare lens, fits Breeze Small sports glasses. Filter category 0, for dark conditions. Bliz offers a wide range of high quality extra lenses for our various sports glasses. Bliz glasses are designed to make it easy to change lenses for different weather and light conditions. All to maximize flexibility for you when you practice different sports.
Bliz Optics Hero Clear Lens
Bliz Hero Lens - Clear
Bliz Optics Spare Lens Matrix - Small Face
Lens: Pink Filter category: 1 Pink contrast spare lens, fits Matrix Small sports glasses. Filter category 1 - for flat light conditions. Lens: Clear Filter category: 0 Clear spare lens, fits Matrix Small sports glasses. Filter category 0 - for dark weather conditions.
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