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Stay Kit for Bluemels 26"/28" Fenders includes 4 V-Stays with ASR Safety Release for Front + Eyebolt and Nut Set. Made in Germany. 11897-Set for Bluemels 26"/28" with Black Stays & Hardware (for 11805, 11806, 11807, 11811, 11815, 11819 and 11823) 11898-Set for Bluemels 26"/28" with Silver Stays & Hardware (for 11808, 11812, 11816, 11820 and 11824)
Stay Kit for Bluemels STYLE Fenders includes 4 black powder-coated U-Stays + ESC V-Adapter Strut Mount Set (11892). Made in Germany. 11905-Set for Bluemels STYLE 46mm Width Profile (item 11832) 11909-Set for Bluemels STYLE 56mm Width Profile (item 11835) 11913-Set for Bluemels STYLE 65mm Width Profile (item 11838) 11915-Set for Bluemels STYLE 75mm Width Profile (item 11841)
Front and Rear SKS V-Brace Fender Stay Set with Drawbolts
$12.99 - $14.99
Eyebolt and Nut Set for mounting V-Stays to the Bluemels Fenders. Contains 8 stainless eyebolts, 8 stainless nuts and 8 plastic stay endcaps. The set is available in either black or silver finish. This hardware set is included with the fenders, this kit is available as a replacement. - Made in Germany - 11890 Nuts and bolts are black finish - 11891 Nuts and bolts are silver finish
This eyebolt and nut set for fender-mounting contains 8 stainless eyebolts, 8 stainless nuts, and 8 plastic stay endcaps. This hardware set is used for mounting Chromoplastic Longboards, Bluemels, and Commuter II Fenders.
For mounting the wheel guard in the steerer tube The cone system from SKS GERMANY has proven itself for over 20 years. After an update, the SKS SHOCKBLADE and SHOCKBOARD mudguards can now also be securely attached to larger fork shafts. The system covers a diameter of up to 39 mm (1.8 inches) and is made of very robust, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic. In addition to the simple assembly, the new cone system convinces with well thought out fastening components for an optimal fit.
Replacement SKS Rubber Straps for RacebladePro and S-Board
Cannondale Headshok Adaptor for the SKS Shockboard Fender
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