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Ski Straps

Willow Wrap Ski/Pole Straps
Keep your skis and poles together with Willow Wraps! Sold in pairs. Velcro strap wraps around both skis and poles. Standard: The Standard sets the new standard for ski ties. Extra thick EVA foam protects your ski's bases much better than the free ones you get at races and the pole strap keeps your poles securely bundled to your skis for easy carrying. Mini: About half the size of the Standard, the Mini is the easiest to put in your pocket while skiing but still offers the same performance for bundling your skis and poles. Tour & Kids: Perfect for kids skis or touring skis up to 65mm wide. The convenient size and extra long pole strap make it great for getting back and forth to the trails with your friends or kids. Designed and manufactured in Minnesota. *Color may vary.
Toko Racing Ski Sleeves
Slide-on style. For racing width skis.
Toko Wrap-Around Velcro Ski Straps
Keep your skis together and protects the bases. For racing width skis. Sold in pairs.
Ski Bones Race Ski Bones - Pair
For racing skis. Molded rubber. Color may vary. Sold in pairs.
Ski Bones Touring Ski Bones - Pair
For wider touring skis. Secures skis and provides base separation. A long-time favorite XC ski accessory. Color may vary. Sold in pairs.
Rex Ski and Pole Holder
Classical ski & pole holder, available colors vary.
New Moon Racing Ski Sleeves ( Pr)
Keep skis together, protect the bases and support your local shop! Works with skis up to approximately 46mm in width. For wider skis, see New Moon Wrap-Around Ski Straps. Sold in pairs.
New Moon Velcro Wrap-Around Ski Straps (Pr)
Works for both race and touring skis up to 60mm in width . Works with skis wider than 60mm, but base separation will be only be partial. Sold in pairs.
Fast Wax Ski Bones - Back Country/Alpine
Ski Bones hold the tips and tails of all types of skis together making carrying skis and storing them much easier. The Ski Bones center strap keeps the bases apart so they don’t rub and scratch. This is very important to maintaining good ski base quality and great performance. This is the large size of Ski Bones. Large enough for most of the widest skis. Will stretch up to 4.5" width.
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