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Rottefella MOVE Tune Skate Kit IFP
With the Rottefella MOVE Tune Skate kit on your cross country skate skis with IFP plates you can now adjust your binding position without taking your boots out of the bindings. Adjusting the binding back will speed up the ski in soft conditions. Move it forward for stability in hard conditions. With a little practice you could even MOVE your bindings on the fly! Will fit boot sizes from EU36 to EU52. The MOVE Switch is approved by FIS (International Ski Federation) for use in all competitions. - Complete kit includes Rottefella NNN bindings, MOVE switches, parts for installation - Only compatible with skis using IFP plates (Fischer and Rossignol) - Adjust Switch knob clockwise to move bindings 12mm forward for better grip - Adjust knob counterclockwise once for 12mm, twice for 24mm backward to improve glide - Boots must be NNN, Prolink, or Turnamic type soles NOTE: The mounting plates (such as the IFP plate, NIS plate or RMP plate) are not included. Choose the correct binding for your mounting plates.
Rottefella Xcelerator 2.0 Skate NIS Bindings
Rotefella NIS-NNN Xcelerator Skate 2.0 Binding. This is the racer’s choice binding! This lightweight racing binding is lighter, more durable, and a more secure fit than the Performance Skate. Fits all NNN-compatible boots (including Prolink and Turnamic). These bindings only affix to skis with an NIS plate (Nordic Integrated System)(not included). Binding are able to be fine-tuned by adjusting the binding (w/ a simple key included) forward for more control, or backward for more glide. Dual flexor system provides amazing control and balance of ski tip. Wide platform for stability and control.
Rottefella MOVE Tune Unit
Replace the existing unit with MOVE Tune Unit for optimal skis in all conditions, without stepping out of the skis. Simply turn the handle and adjust the bindings position between 9 steps. Perfect for wax and skin skis, classic and skate. Rottefella MOVE™ Tune is approved by FIS and can be used in all competitions and fits all skis with MOVE bindings.
Rottefella Performance Skate Bindings
In order to satisfy an ever-increasing tribe of recreational skiers who want to get more pleasure from their skiing activities, Rottefella has developed the Performance ski binding, with models adapted to both skating and classic style. Cross country skiing is the clear “in” favourite. Calories burn off, just about every muscle and sinew is in active use, but at the same time there is no overloading of joints and other risk areas. Rottefella Performance is a binding where three functions in particular will contribute to increasing the enjoyment of cross country skiers: The Rottefella Key – The key to a better skiing experience in the fight against lack of grip or skis that lack sufficient glide, you now have the Rottefella Key. A balanced binding - The Rottefella Performance has a reinforced binding housing that has been optimized for balance and stability. The locking mechanism – a vital detail when you are eager to get going – or when you are trying to open the binding with frozen fingers – you want this to be as easy as possible. Weight: 193 g Length: 296 mm Width: 56 mm Shoesize: 36-52
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