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Mint Black Sheep 7
Because that's how the nursey rhyme goes and we owed it to our Bah Bah Blue Sheep to get it right. Our Black Sheep of the MINT family is 7" tall, can be worn year-round in many parts and includes a little bit of terry toe padding for reinforcement at that outer most point of your foot.
Mint Fireroad 5
$24.00 - $25.00
The bold 5" Fireroad adds a pop to any ensemble, on the bike or off. And here's a thing or two about Fireroads: all wheel sizes and tire widths are welcome. There's probably nothing more simultaneously exhilarating and frightening than when you're barreling down one wondering if you have control.
Mint Scotch Neat 7
$24.00 - $25.00
Like Macallan. Like Lagavulin. Like Single Malt. We take ours neat.
Mint Bandit 8
There are many things to be when you’re Bandit. You can be a rap song, a bar in Chicago, a robber or a thief, an electronica band, a cyclist or a runner. You can be banded threads wrapped around and around with splashes of color that remind us of sun down. You can be the Lone Ranger graveling down a lonesome, beautiful stretch, catching the last light of day before the sun sets. This is Bandit.
Mint Brick 7
Here's a neat tip we learned on the webs: brick pairs well with mint. Be bold and pair brick with glossy red. Pastel mint will make your brick MINTs pop or go full gas class with neutral tones of tan or classic white.
Mint Cobalt 5
A new 5" for shorty sock fans. This hue is of such beauty we wish we had another three inches on top of it for our taller sock fans.
Mint Electrum 6
Electrum. The skinny is that electrum is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver and trace amounts of other metals. See gold. See silver. And see traces (big bold traces) of other precious metals in our Electrum. Ride it and feel as good as gold - or silver if you come in second at the town line sprint.
Mint Gussied Up 7
Imagine a tuxedo or a little black dress with a pink bowtie or scarf - packaged like a sock. Pair this with black, white, shades of grey, or pink and consider yourself Gussied Up. PS: Pairs well with pants.
Mint Mixed Metal 8
A splash of copper, a dash of nickel with a bit of give and take: a conductor of electricity with the ability to to resist corrosion even at high temperatures. Mix and matches with the changing seasons and temperatures; in its element on any type of terrain or chicane.
Mint Mod Mauve 7
Dusty dark rose from tip to tip, Mod Mauve says you've got style without having to boast. It's subtle confidence. Keep it classy and avoid pairing with orange shoes.
Mint Nighthawk 7
Whether at the diner or on the bike, they're out there blazing twilight trails. Be it crumbs or resettled dust, something is always left in the wake.
Mint Ollie 7
Ollie like Oliver like an olive tree. Italian threads, and made in Italy, of course.
Mint Road Trip 8
A solid line on a map is a paved road. This one will take you wherever you want to go.
Mint The Mason Green 5
The skinny: Mason is a traditionally masculine name and its origin as ‘one who works with stone’. None of that applies here. We produced the two Masons because you asked for a shorter sock, and we named it after our friend Heather who is not a bricklayer. But would dudes buy a sock named after a girl? We didn’t think so. Google Heather Mason and ask her to go for a ride. Any ride. Any bike. Any length. That’s why The Mason.
Mint The Mob 8
Designed for our Mob Shop friends in Ojai, California, this is our new favorite sock for graveling. Hint: it matches the Mob Shop's new earthy green, super classy, topographic map kit.
Mint The Sage One 7
Seven inches of sage with a dash of fresh M-mint. Super clean, super clever, all-knowing, just like a sooth sager should be.
Mint Urdin 7
Urdin. It's 'blue' in the Basque Country. We've done a time or two at the Tour and if there is something you'll never forget it's cycling fans of The Basque Country. Get yer'self over yonder for a spin and drink some kalimotxo (coca-cola and red wine) post ride. It's an acquired taste, but when in Rome do as the is said.
Mint Vision Quest 8
Kit up, saddle up, pack some snacks and water, pick your route, and prepare yourself to receive sacred knowledge from the journey 8 inches tall Italian threads, and made in Italy, of course.
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