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ACTIVE SOLVENT TECHNOLOGY DESIGNED TO DISSOLVE WAX AND OIL. USE STRAIGHT OR MIX WITH WATER. The special surfactants used in Rex Chain Cleaner increase the wetting properties of the low aromatic hydrocarbon solvent mix, and also create a water-miscible solution that can be used raw or diluted for water for use in chain cleaning machine. Rex Chain Cleaner dissolves oil, wax and other stubborn dirt and makes it water rinsable. We recommend using Rex Chain Cleaner for the drivetrain, the green Rex Bicycle Wash for everything else. NON-ALKALINE SAFE FOR ALUMINUM AND CARBON When researching raw materials for our bicycle detergents, we found out that many popular detergents that cyclists use to wash their bikes are actually harmful to them. Alkaline detergents cause corrosion in aluminum parts over time and take away the shine from anodized aluminum parts. Rex Chain Cleaner has been verified to be completely safe for anodized aluminum parts in long-term soak tests. It also does not leave a film on brake discs and thus weaken their performance. USE STRAIGHT OR MIX WITH WATER MIX RATIO: 1 PART CHAIN CLEANER / 2 PARTS WATER Active solvent technology: Mix with water for more economical use. Rinse away with water. Absorb dirty solvent into rags or tissues and let evaporate. TIPS: Cleaning cassette: Spray onto cassette cogs and brush off dirt and grease. Rinse with water Chain deep cleaning: Use Rex Chain Cleaner in a chain cleaning device, straight or diluted with water. Rinse chain with water, dry with rags or tissues and apply lube. Do not let Rex Chain Cleaner enter the sewerage system. Absorb used detergent into rags and let evaporate.
100% BIODEGRADABLE BICYCLE WASH Ready to use, non-alkaline and solvent-free. Safe for all aluminum and carbon parts. NON-ALKALINE (pH7) SAFE FOR ALUMINUM AND CARBON When researching raw materials for our bicycle wash, we found out that many popular detergents that cyclists use to wash their bikes are actually harmful to them. Alkaline detergents cause corrosion in aluminum parts over time and take away the shine from anodized aluminum parts. Rex Bicycle Wash has been verified to be completely safe for anodized aluminum parts in long-term soak tests. It also does not leave a film on brake discs and thus weaken their performance. ECO-FRIENDLY 100% BIODEGRADABLE Rex Bicycle Wash contains water, 100% biodegradable anionic surfactants and complex binders. The mildly foaming detergent with a nice lemon grove scent is manufactured at our factory in Hartola, Finland. WATER-BASED SOLVENT-FREE CLEANER AND DEGREASER Rex Bicycle Wash is based on modern solvent-free chemistry. It’s strong enough to be used for removing stubborn grime from drivetrain. The mixture ratio we use for Bicycle Wash is actually four times as strong as needed for general bike washing. Despite its strong composition, Bicycle Wash is still safe for your hands and enviroment. If you need even more cleaning power for your drivetrain, we also have Rex Chain Cleaner. Rinse bike thoroughly with water Spray onto entire bike and let it affect for a while Brush stubborn grime with a brush or a sponge Rinse entire bike with water
Description Terry Air Stream cycling socks offer 4 channels of ventilating mesh in a women-specific design. Socks come in varied cuff heights depending upon the design (2–3 inches). Made in the USA. Product Details • moisture-wicking, micro denier acrylic • mesh upper for superior air flow • double-stitched heel, cuff and toe for durability Fit Notes S-M (6–10) L-XL (10–14)
UNIQUE INGREDIENTS SHARING THE BEST PROPERTIES WITH OUR HIGHLY ACCLAIMED DOMESTIQUE CHAIN LUBE Like the highly acclaimed Rex Domestique Chain Lube, our Assembly Grease also utilizes the same raw materials that we use in our high-fluor ski waxes. This unique approach gives Assembly Grease the same properties our chain lube is known for: Ultra-low friction and good lubricant film creation on metal-to-metal surface contacts. The fluorocarbon compounds further enhance the water repellency of the grease. Compared to our chain lube, we turned the product into grease instead of oil. FROM THE BEST INGREDIENTS Rex Assembly Grease is made at our factory in Finland, using medical-grade grease and paraffins unlike typical industrial greases. WITH ADDITIONAL PROTECTIVE QUALITIES In addition to PTFE and fluorocarbon compounds, the grease also contains a special anti-corrosive additive that further enhances protection against rust in headsets and bottom brackets. FOR ALL BICYCLE APPLICATIONS Assembly Grease is excellent for headsets and other bearings, bottom brackets, suspension linkages and bushings, axle threads and bolts. Tested year-around in harsh Finnish climate by elite Finnish bikers.
$20.00 - $175.00
DIRT REPELLENT WITH THE BEST RACE SKI WAX TECHNOLOGY In addition to skiing, we at Rex are also passionate cyclists. This is the main reason why we developed the lube. We started playing with the idea “If Rex made a chain lubricant, what would it be like?”. That sounded so interesting we had to find out! The Rex Chain Lube recipe combines out-of-the-box thinking with the best raw materials used in high-end fluorinated ski waxes. Rex is well known for its world cup level fluorinated ski waxes and is an expert in paraffin wax-based applications with six decades’ worth of experience. Each batch of Rex Chain Lube is carefully hand-mixed at our factory in Hartola, Finland. ELASTIC FORMULA OPTIMIZED VISCOSITY FOR LONGEVITY The unique elastic formula of Rex Chain Lube ensures optimal attachment to the chain without adding friction. Rex Chain Lube has been tested in road racing motorcycles at up to 300km/h speeds with good results. When applying Rex Chain Lube, you will notice how the lube forms thin hair-like strings where the chain leaves the chainring or derailleur pulley. This happens before the lube penetrates into the chain, and it is normal behaviour. ULTRA LOW FRICTION DYNO TESTED AND OPTIMIZED FOR BEST LONGEVITY AND WATT SAVINGS Dyno-tested independently by two acknowledged laboratories on two continents: Friction Facts (USA) and Wheel Energy (Finland). In both tests the results were encouraging: In the Friction Facts tests, Rex lube was the 10th fastest out of 55 lubes ever tested, with 5.48 W average friction. Most of the more efficient lubes are either not chain lubes at all (olive oil, hard paraffin wax), or thin solvent-based lubes with much shorter reapplication intervals. Rex lube is the fastest solvent-free and non-vaporizing chain lube tested by Friction Facts. (tested 7/2015) In longevity tests done by Wheel Energy, Rex outperformed competing mineral oil and solvent-based lubricants with a significant margin.
$39.95 - $270.00
ULTRASONICALLY TREATED IN REX R&D LAB The secret of this new lube is the Black Diamond particles that are mixed into the lube in a time-consuming ultrasonication process at our factory’s Racing Service lab. The Black Diamond particles significantly improve the properties of the lube: Lower friction, lower wear and increased rain resistance. In continuous metal-to-metal contact that occurs in drivetrain while riding, the particles form an ultra-thin and hard layer that minimizes friction and wear, and is also waterproof NEXT LEVEL COMBINATION OF DRY AND WET WEATHER PERFORMANCE Previously, seeking for the lowest possible friction in a chain lube has meant sacrificing all-weather performance. So-called “wet” lubes have traditionally been very energy-stealing. Rex Black Diamond combines test-winning friction levels with strong weather resistance in a previously unseen way. Black Diamond has been tested in demanding race conditions by our elite athlete team. The true king of chain lubes! N-KINETIC™ WAX FEATURING THE LATEST RACE SKI WAX TECHNOLOGY They have upgraded the wax blend used in Black Diamond lube to the same Rex N-kinetic™ technology that is used in the best cross-country ski waxes. The slightly lower viscosity results into lower friction and better lube penetration into the chain. Rex is well known for its world cup level fluorinated ski waxes and is an expert in paraffin wax-based applications with six decades’ worth of experience. WAX BASED SOLVENT-FREE, NON-VAPORIZING, UNDILUTED Adding solvent or water to a chain lube is generally thought to be a great way to reduce manufacturing cost and giving the manufacturer a better margin. At Rex, we think otherwise. Every drop you apply on the chain is 100% lubricant and not something that will evaporate into the air. Unlike with most chain lubes, there is no need to wait until the solvent evaporates before you can ride your bike. UP TO 30 WAXINGS FROM A SINGLE BOTTLE UP TO 500 KM WITH ONE WAXING
$39.95 - $270.00
Longer life for e-bike drivetrain. The longest lasting lube in the world as measured by Zero Friction Cycling. New e-bike optimized version is now available! AMAZING LONGEVITY OVER 1000 KM’S WITH A SINGLE APPLICATION Zero Friction Cycling is the world’s leading chain lubrication test laboratory, and it is trusted by all major chain lube manufacturers. There are over 300,000 controlled test kilometers from a comprehensive database of the best lubricants on the market. To date, no lubricant has remotely demonstrated the treatment longevity of Rex Black Diamond, which outperformed competing lubricants in tests, even when tested with an astonishingly long lubrication interval of 1,000 km. POWER AND TORQUE WITH E-BIKES, LUBRICANT CHOICE MATTERS! In electric bikes, chains and chainrings are subjected to higher forces than usual. Small chainrings and sprocket sizes, low cadence, and high power are a combination that wears out the drivetrain quickly. By choosing the right chain lubricant, the lifespan of your chains can be increased up to six times when compared to average lubes on the market. Under load, the Black Diamond E’s nanoparticles form an extremely durable and low-friction surface layer on metal-to-metal contact surfaces, significantly improving the lubricating properties. In addition to low friction and low wear, Rex chain lubes’ ability to recover from temporary interruptions in lubrication caused by sand, water and dust is researched to be the best in its category. Even when subjected to contamination, Rex does not turn into an abrasive paste that quickly wears out chains. This is due to Rex’s extensive knowledge of dirt-repellent waxes and their additives. ENHANCED COMPOSITION SYNERGETIC ADVANCEMENTS WITH NANO TUNGSTEN We took the recipe for Black Diamond and made it even better for electric bikes in two ways: Nanotungsten (WS2) improves the pressure resistance of the lubricant and further reduces the level of friction. When used in combination with our proprietary Black Diamond nanoparticle technology, a synergistic effect is achieved. The use of both additives at their optimal concentration gives a result that is better than the sum of its parts. For best performance, both nano additives are blended into the lubricant in an ultrasonic process at our factory in Hartola, Finland. As an additional spice, we added Rex N-Kinetic™ hydrophobic polymers to the composition. They give Black Diamond E better anti-corrosion properties than our previous chain lubes, and improve performance in very cold conditions.
Hot waxing is an increasingly popular method for lubricating bicycle chains. The solid wax does not collect dirt, keeping the entire transmission of the bike clean and repelling dirt more effectively than traditional chain lubes. BLACK DIAMOND HOT WAX combines Black Diamond’s proven effective additive technology with over 70 years of wax experience from Rex. By switching to hot waxing, bike cleaning becomes much easier, and drivetrain component wear is dramatically decreased in long-term use. Hot-waxed chains don’t stain and do not require powerful solvents for cleaning. Instead, they can be easily cleaned with hot water only. We transformed the already thoroughly tested and effective Black Diamond additive technology onto a solid Rex wax base. To ensure high manufacturing quality, we put all the Black Diamond additives into one black piece, which is hand-cast in our product development laboratory in Hartola. The black additive piece can be thought of as a bottle of Black Diamond chain lube in solid form! The eleven white Rex paraffin blocks, carefully selected for their wax mixture, are combined with the additive block to guarantee the best lubrication performance on the market. By melting all the pieces (11+1 blend) together, you get a wax mixture that works perfectly in all conditions. For an extremely durable mixture for even the longest rides and races, melt the black additive piece with four pieces of base wax (4+1 blend). The remaining seven blocks of wax can be used as a cleaning pre-treatment wax to keep the 4+1 blend clean and maintain its high performance for longer. With the two-stage wax treatment option in one package, you get everything you need for optimal chain lubrication.
(Minimum order of 2 cases) A clean energy boost without sugar or caffeine. One shot will help you feel clear, focused, and ready to take on the day. When you’re low on fuel, Ketone-IQ™ is your secret weapon. Take it whenever you want to Fuel Fantastic. every morning to kick off the day, to get into flow at work, before, during, and after hitting the gym, to power through the afternoon slump without resorting to coffee… you name it! We recommend taking 1–3 servings daily. Some people like to spread it across the day, and some take double or triple shots at once for an extra boost. Stable energy, no crashes. Like flow in a bottle. Stay focused, think sharp. Your brain thrives on ketones. Athletic Performance Go harder, bounce back faster. Perform at your peak with ketones. Curb cravings, stay on track. Ketones can help tame hunger pangs.
$69.88 - $115.00 $99.00 - $115.00 Up to 39% Off
Versatile shorts for MTB and multisport Elastic, mainly recycled materials with environmentally friendly water-repellent finish. Elastic waistband, two side zip pockets. Versatile for biking, but also for mountain walking. Prints are inspired by mountain flowers and bergarnica respectively, woven Mountain People logo on left leg. Inseam Length 26 Quick Drying Triple Stitched At critical seams, where extreme strain causes high abrasion, the clothing is triple stitched, thus high durability is guaranteed. 4 Way Stretch This fabric offers cross and lengthwise stretchability and thus provides perfect freedom of movement. Elastic Waistband Due to an integrated regulation system the waist size can be adjusted. Multi Stretch Multi Stretch Multi Stretch is our light all-round material for bike and multi-sport shorts.The high-quality fabric is made of a Recycled-Polyester-Spandex blend and offers 4-way stretch. It ensures high freedom of movement and dries quickly. Composition: 86% Polyester / 14% Spandex
STRETCH: 2-Way Stretch FABRIC PROPERTIES: Wicking & Quick Dry SUN PROTECTION: UPF 30 VENTILATION: Under Arm & Side Panel Vents VISIBILITY: RideLight Reflective Accents CLOSURE: Clear Pearl Snaps POCKETS: 2 Pockets. 1 Chest Pocket, 1 Hidden Rear Zippered Pocket LENS CLEANER: Hidden Sunglass Cleaner FABRIC INFORMATION FABRIC: Lightweight Stretch Woven Yarn Dye Plaid Fabric STRETCH: 2-Way Stretch FABRIC CONTENT: 97% Poly / 3% Spandex FABRIC WEIGHT: 115 g/m²
Memorable days on the bike start and end with a comfortable short that delivers all day performance no matter what the adventure. Our 9" Inseam Rider Shorts are constructed by blending recycled synthetic yarns, spandex and a touch of cotton filaments to create the ultimate in stretch technical materials. We expect nothing less than maximum performance and comfort from our gear and the Rider Short is at the forefront of modern design and fabric technology. Slip it on, ride all day and cool off in the river. The short that has no boundaries is finally here! Inseam: 9" FABRIC: Recycled Polyester, Spandex, Cotton Blend FINISH: WR Finish for Water Resistance STRETCH: 4-way FABRIC CONTENT: 40% Recycled Polyester, 26% Polyester, 22% Cotton, 12%Spandex FABRIC WEIGHT: 150g/m²
The New West is absolutely the most iconic Club Ride shirt. Putting this shirt on will take you to the happy place we found the first time we made a loose fitting, custom plaid western cycling shirt. Smiles for single track miles and looks for days! It's loose fitting, yet sporty. It's cool but casual. It's everything that makes Club Ride #1 in bike clothing. We started with the fabric. Nothing else matters if the soul of the shirt doesn't work during sweaty adventures. It has lots of stretch, wicking, quick dry and delivers UPF of 50. So many things to keep you hot doggin on the trails or just kicking around town. Venting under arms, reflective accents and back pockets to keep the list going. All you have to do is put it on and ride. The shirt takes care of all your cycling clothing needs. From Sun Valley to Asheville, riding in a western shirt is nothing short of the coolest thing on the planet. See for yourself. Just be prepared to never go back to the tight arm band, belly showing, 3 pocket jersey. FABRIC INFORMATION FABRIC: Stretch Woven Plaid Fabric STRETCH: 2-Way Stretch FABRIC CONTENT: 95% Poly / 5% Spandex FABRIC WEIGHT: 100 g/m²
Versatility, comfort, and style—Fuze Shorts combine them all, making them a great choice for serious bikers who also like to look seriously good. These shorts have a removable chamois liner and plenty of zippered pockets. You’ll love them while you ride and you’ll fit right in at any casual social function. - Mid-weight stretch double-weave fabric - Fabric Weight: 160 g/m2 - WR finish for water and dirt repellency - Velcro interior waistband adjustment - Stretch knit gusset and yoke - Seamless crotch gusset - RideLight reflective accents - Innerwear chamois liner gunslinger - Inseam: 12” - Fit: Comfort
Athletic fit. Minimally constructed for speed and comfort, our Soleil Short Sleeve Jersey is made of a proprietary UPF 50+ fabric that’s extremely lightweight, moisture wicking and comfortably wearable in hot temperatures. We've also minimized the seaming and extended the sleeves so they're a little longer than other short sleeve jerseys (note that we have new Soleil Sleeves in matching prints so you can go full length on the fly). Fully featured with an extra long front zipper and 3 open rear pockets. • 88% micropoly/12% spandex fabric is lightweight, moisture wicking, antimircobial, and UPF 50+ • full collar, tapered at front • elastic-free arms and hemline • 14 inch hidden front zipper • longer-length sleeves for additional coverage • one-of-a-kind custom prints are unique to Terry • 3 open rear pockets Product Care To get the most out of your performance wear, we suggest that you wash on delicate cycle using cool temps, mild detergent, with like colors. Line dry if possible or on low heat in your dryer. Don't iron or dry clean
Lightweight, technical MTB shorts made mainly from recycled materials with lots of pockets - a Bluesign® product These technical bike shorts with laser-cut ventilation openings on the inner leg and a bonded hem are made from elastic, mainly recycled material. Two front pockets, a zippered cargo pocket on the side and a dedicated cell phone pocket provide plenty of storage space. The Bluesign® product label guarantees the responsible use of resources and the safe production and processing of synthetic and natural fibers. Inseam Length 27 Waterproof Mobile Pocket This garment contains an integrated mobile pocket. Quick Drying Quick Drying material technology is used in this product to optimize moisture transport and fast garment drying. Triple Stitched At critical seams, where extreme strain causes high abrasion, the clothing is triple stitched, thus high durability is guaranteed. 4 Way Stretch This fabric offers cross and lengthwise stretchability and thus provides perfect freedom of movement. Waist Width Regulation System Due to an integrated regulation system the waist size can be adjusted. Bonded Hem This unique technology allows for the arm and leg openings to be glued rather than stitched. The process of gluing keeps the garments opening’s soft, comfortable and elastic. With no stitching, glued seams produce neither friction nor pressure points. laser ventsLaser Vents The garment implores precisely lasered ventilation perforations. Laser Vents are used on areas of the body where increased breathability is needed. Water Repellent ECO The outer material has a durable water and dirt repellent finish that allows rain and snow to roll off. The outer surface of the clothing is less sensitive against dirt and the breathability is not affected. All treatments used by us are Bluesign® approved and fulfill all necessary requirements regarding sustainability. Multi Stretch ECO Multi Stretch ECO is our lightweight all-round material for bike and multi-sport shorts. The high-quality fabric is made of a recycled Polyester-Spandex blend and offers 4-way stretch. It ensures high freedom of movement and dries quickly. Composition: 86% Polyester ( recycled ), 14% Spandex
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Lightweight and warm vest for ski touring, outdoor and climbing Warming G-Loft ECO padding, breathable inserts on the back, two side zippered pockets and a zippered chest pocket that are accessible even with the backpack straps closed. Maloja patch on the left chest pocket. Regular Fit BASIC BREATHABILITY PREMIUM INSULATIO DURABLE WATER REPELLENT ECO WINDPROOF PACKABLE VEST LASER VENTS REFLECTIVE To ensure the best fit we recommend upsizing on our regular and slim fit items
The Soleil Short provides a refined approach to adding print to cycling bottoms. Our spin is to take our best Soleil jersey prints and turn them into twin mesh pockets that are smartphone friendly and nicely shaped. In addition to being made of UPF 50+ fabric, you'll find that the Soleil has just the right amount of compression and has our Fleet Air chamois with enough padding and ventilation for a full day on the bike. Terry proudly manufactures this short in the USA at a green energy-certified sewing facility. Best quality, highest standards, local jobs . • nylon/spandex (body); polyester/elastane mesh (print panels) • extra-wide waistband with enclosed half-inch elastic and 4.5 inch center back yoke • two mesh hip pockets are smartphone friendly and ergonomically shaped for easy access • 2 inch elastic-free leg bands • 8.5 inch inseam • Fleet Air Chamois with soft wing technology & perforated foam for breathability Fleet Air Chamois: Seamless chamois with 4-way stretch Elastic Interface Technology and multi-level foam padding, perforated for ventilation and breathability. Light, smooth microfiber fabric and Terry's signature soft-wing construction reduces bulk at inner thigh to avoid chafing. Made in Italy. Care: Remove your shorts and launder asap for best results as residual sweat may damage the chamois. Wash only in delicate cycle at 86 degrees. Use neutral non-aggressive detergents, keep like colors together and avoid dryers. If you use chamois butter/cream, your garment's ability to wick moisture will be greatly reduced and the durability of your chamois may be compromised. Note: we recommend that you wash new bottoms prior to use.
$194.00 - $202.00
Fit Wide - Universal Fit SIZE: M (133MM) The Sutro family expands with a semi-rimless version of the popular style for greater field of view. Inspired by the daily life of urban cyclists, the high-wrap shield creates a bold, versatile look, protects from the elements and enhances vision with Prizm™ Lens Technology, while inspiring athletes to move confidently and seamlessly through their day. • Available with Prizm™ lenses that are designed to enhance color and contrast so you can see more detail • A high-wrap, semi-rimless frame designed to increase field of view and improved ventilation • O Matter™ frame material provides durability and all-day comfort to keep up with life on-the-go • Ridged textured Unobtainium® added to the inside of the temple for retention • Oakley’s Unobtainium® nosepads provide increased comfort and performance and increase grip with sweat
$194.00 - $202.00
SIZE: M (133MM) Sutro Lite Sweep blends the sweep lens shape first made popular by Eyeshade with the Oakley’s popular Sutro frame design. A functional sport design with optimized coverage, extended field-of-view, retention and impact protection makes Sutro Lite Sweep the perfect choice for durability and all-day comfort while making a bold statement. Select colorways come with vented lenses for increased airflow to help keep you cool no matter where the day takes you. • DESIGN - Functional sport design with optimized coverage, field of view, retention and impact protection • FRAME MATERIAL - Strong yet light O Matter® frame provides durability and all-day comfort • ADDED RETENTION - Earsocks are molded the temples to help provide all day comfort and excellent retention • NOSEPADS - Unobtainium® nosepads for a no-slip grip IMPACT PROTECTION Oakley lenses are designed and tested under extreme high mass and high velocity circumstances to ensure uncompromising protection across a wide range of demanding conditions.
A fibreglass composite rollerski that delivers the most on-snow feeling of any skate rollerski available. Swenor Skate Elite with #2 Wheels - A fibreglass composite rollerski that delivers the most on-snow feeling of any skate rollerski availible. The Swenor Skate Elite skis are known for their superb vibration dampening that make the Km's melt away. This is accomplished through a combination of their wood composite shaft, and their machined aluminum forks. By reducing the chatter from uneven surfaces, you can extend your training sessions comfortably. This ski is ideal for you if: You are looking to get the most out of your roller skiing experience with a ski that will go the distance with you. This ski is the choice of those who are looking to enhance their training by reducing the fatigue associated with hitting bumps in the road. This is ideal for elite skiers who are skiing for prolonged periods, skiers looking to reduce the impact of the road on their joints and ligaments, or those who wish to skate as comfortably as possible. Stats: Wheel Diameter: 100mm Wheel Width: 24mm Weight: 1900g/pair Length: 615mm Sealed bearings (water-proof bearings) Fibreglass/Wood Composite Shaft Includes Mudflaps
Introduce the rider you are today to the one you’ll be tomorrow. The Edge® 840 touchscreen cycling computer offers targeted adaptive coaching when used with your compatible power meter and heart rate monitor. It helps you manage your efforts by providing power targets throughout a course plus stamina insights, so you know how much gas is left in the tank. Get superior accuracy under dense tree cover or the urban canyon, thanks to multi-band GNSS technology. It features button controls that work in any environment matched with a responsive touchscreen so you can tap, pan and swipe on the fly. Whether you’re riding roads, trails, gravel or indoor, you can benefit from insights and workouts that will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for upcoming races or personal milestones.
$2,200.00 $2,400.00 8% Off
12 Months Free Financing Fast gravel, rough gravel, pavement or dirt. However you choose to roll, this bike does it all. A new composite frameset and adjustable wheelbase make it more capable than ever. With a lightweight Advanced-grade composite frame that's engineered for compliance, Revolt Advanced lets you push your limits on variable terrain. A composite fork eats up bumps, and the D-Fuse seatpost and handlebar absorb shocks and vibrations. A flip chip on the rear dropout adjusts wheelbase and tire clearance, and you can choose the included D-Fuse seatpost for maximum compliance or a 30.9mm round or dropper post. Details including a smart mount system for racks and accessories give you a head start on any gravel riding mission. KEY PERFORMANCE FACTORS Fast and light New Advanced composite frame and fork save more than 160 grams compared to previous model. Updated geometry includes a lower bottom bracket, longer reach and steeper headtube angle for improved acceleration and climbing. Tuned compliance New frame features thinner, dropped seatstays to absorb road shocks and vibrations. D-Fuse handlebar and seatpost work as a system to add compliance without sacrificing stiffness while cornering, sprinting or climbing. Adaptable to the terrain A flip chip on the rear dropout adjusts the wheelbase short for quicker handling, or long for improved stability at speed. The long setting allows for larger diameter tires up to 53mm. You can also choose the included D-Fuse seatpost for maximum compliance, or switch to a 30.9mm round or dropper post.
$6,337.88 $9,100.00 30% Off
12 Months Free Financing Gently Used Expertly Maintained. Price includes full tune. Upgraded to the Pro Vibe aero bar for added aerodynamics and comfort. This bar will reduce weight and increase aerodynamics giving you the fastest possible ride. The latest generation of our flagship road racing series has been winning the biggest races in the world for more than three decades. It's the ultimate all-rounder for the performance-obsessed. The latest TCR Advanced SL Disc builds on its proven climbing capabilities, boasting its highest stiffness-to-weight ratio ever, and adds aero shaping in key sections of the frameset for added all-rounder performance. Additional updates include added frame and fork clearance to fit high-volume tires up to 32mm and the latest integrated WheelSystem technology.
12 Months Free Financing Trail Riding's New Pulse ACCELERATE Flipping the script that most e-bike builders are following, we decided to focus on what matters - the dynamic of trail riding - and placed an emphasis on lightweight, refined suspension, crisp handling, and game-changing performance. PRODUCT DETAILS: Get everything you need to know about the Shuttle SL. - Sleek Full Carbon Hollow Core Frame - Seamless Integrated FAZUA Ride 60 Drive System - Progressive Trail Geometry - Flip Chip Geometry Customization - Size Specific Chainstay Lengths - 132mm Travel DW-Link Suspension - Trunnion Mounted Float X - 150mm Fox 36 Grip 2 with custom eMTB Tune - Trail gripping Maxxis Dissector Tires - Full-size water bottle fits inside the front triangle - Pivot's Cable Port System - 60 Nm of Torque/ 450 Watts Peak Power - Integrated 430 Watt/Hour Battery - Superlight System 9.25lbs (4.2kg) - 3 Assist Levels + Boost Mode - Drag-free pedaling without assist - Magnetic Charging Port & Cover - World Cup Build starting at 36.25 pounds (sub 17kg) FAZUA RIDE 60 DRIVE UNIT: - Torque: 60 nm - Maximum Power: 450 Watts - Battery Capacity: 430 Wh - Motor Weight: 4.3 lb / 1.96 kg - Battery Weight: 4.85 lb / 2.2 kg
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