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Nordic End of Season Sales

Toko Multi-Purpose Scraper
$5.50 $6.00 8% Off
Practical plastic tool for removing wax residue in grooves on edges and sidewalls. With Klister edge.
Toko Natural Cork
$6.00 $7.00 14% Off
Nothing beats the feel of real cork! Get that Blue Extra smooth as silk with a natural wax cork from Toko.
Toko Plasto Cork
$7.50 $10.00 25% Off
Synthetic hard foam for corking kick waxes.
Toko Thermo Cork
$8.00 $8.50 6% Off
Formerly the Toko Thermo Pad. Now mounted on a cork block rather than foam. This cork block has a wool felt side for polishing pure fluoros.
Toko Natural Wax
$9.00 - $15.00 $9.00 - $16.00 Up to 6% Off
Rapidly biodegradable hot wax, plant based, for all snow types and conditions.
Toko Performance Hot Wax 40gm
$10.00 - $12.00 $22.00 Up to 55% Off
Future Fluoro Performance Hot wax for racing and practice sessions in all disciplines. Has a bonding agent for Top Finish products. Good sliding properties, durable and can be used as a base layer in races. This is the exact same product that is used and available at the World Cup and Olympic Games. The wax case is resealable. Snow temperature recommendations: Yellow 32F to 21F Red 25F to 10F Blue 14F to -22F Black for use in dirty or aggressive snow. Either use by itself or mix with the “wax of the day”.
Toko Slouch Hat
$10.00 $32.00 69% Off
Medium weight knit slouch-style hat. Black/Yellow/Grey
Toko Structurite Rollers
$10.00 $39.00 74% Off
Blue, Red or Yellow Roller for Toko Strucuturite. Blue structurite imparts a linear, shallow rill into the base. Helps glide in colder, dryer snow types. Red roller for Structurite. Universal transverse for lightly transformed snow; ice and fresh powder with moisture present. Yellow roller for Toko Structurite. Coarse cross structure for wet snow, spring corn, falling wet snow.
Toko Skin Cleaner 70ML
$12.00 $14.00 14% Off
Toko Skin Ski Cleaner gently cleans skin ski hair patterns allowing better kick, especially on glazed trails. Formulated with special, skin-safe solvents that will not dissolve or soften the adhesives use for skin patterns. Use whenever skin pattern appears matted or discolored from debris. Simply spray on skin until damp, and wipe with cloth or fibrelene from tip to tail. Allow to dry. Then, re-apply ski wax treatment before skiing. 70ml pump spray.
Toko Gel Cleaner 250ML Aerosol
$13.99 $15.00 7% Off
Ideal for removing kick wax and klisters and cleaning up filthy ski bases. Also excellent for cleaning tools. Remember, avoid using base cleaners on a well-waxed base unless extremely dirty. This does not apply to the kick zone on classic skis. Purge waxing is always advised for cleaning well-waxed bases. 250ml aerosol spray can.
Toko Nordic Klister
$16.00 $17.60 9% Off
A simplified klister line up from Toko. BASE GREEN: cold klister and binder BLUE: -22F to 19F snow temperature, great for cold, refrozen, icy conditions. RED: 18F to 30F snow temperature, great all purpose for frozen or damp conditions. YELLOW: 28F TO 32F snow temperature, ideal for wet corn snow or slop.
Toko Nordic Grip Wax
$16.00 $16.60 4% Off
Toko Grip line-up simplifies choices by broadening the effective temp ranges for each wax compared to the previous line. •X-Cold - a grip wax for extremely cold conditions. (-22F/10F snow temp) •Green - is used as a base for other grip wax layers as it increases abrasion resistance. (-22/32F snow temp) •Blue – used in cold, refrozen, icy conditions. Ideal for dry snow especially (5/19F snow temp) •Red - a virtual "universal" kicker that works well in a huge variety of snow textures. Sure to be a favorite! (14/32F snow temp) •Yellow - has proved its capabilities late last season on damp, pre-klister snow for us. (28/32F snow temp)
Toko Nordic Klister Spray
$16.00 $17.60 9% Off
Highly effective GripSpray for fast/ clean/ and durable grip application with outstanding adhesion. - Base Green: Used as the foundation for other GripSprays (or other klisters or grip waxes) and greatly improves abrasion resistance and durability. - Universal: Universal klister formula
Toko Horsehair Brush
$22.00 $24.00 8% Off
Very gentle brush for pure fluoros and polishing.
Toko Insulated Drink Belt-Winter Warrior
$24.00 $40.00 40% Off
*BE SURE TO TIGHTEN CAP FIRMLY TO ENSURE A WATERTIGHT SEAL* Insulated drink belt with additional pocket for carrying wax or keys. Washable. Color: Winter Warrior.
Toko Profi Glove
$25.00 - $48.95 $44.95 - $48.95 Up to 44% Off
Toko Profi Lightweight Race Glove - Wind blocker outershell with reflective accents - Tapered finger construction - Chamude palm - Lycra cuff with pull tab - Thumb reinforcement - Terry thumb patch - Anatomical cut with Precision Fit Technology - Touch Screen Compatible
Toko High Performance Hot Wax 40gm
$32.00 $64.00 50% Off
Future Fluoro High performance racing hot wax to meet the highest demands. This is the same exact wax used at World Cup and Olympic events. Optimal sliding properties Unmatched durability Best bonding agent for Top Finish products Resealable wax case Snow temperature recommendations: Yellow 32F to 21F Red 25F to 10F Blue 14F to -22F
Toko Digital Snow Thermometer
$45.00 $54.00 17% Off
Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Toko PFC Free WC High Performance Wax 40g
$55.00 $64.00 14% Off
Hard high performance racing wax to meet the highest demands. The wax used by World Cup stars! Features: - Perfect sliding properties - Maximum water and dirt repulsion - Unmatched degree of hold - Best bonding agent for Top Finish products - Resealable wax case Snow temperature recommendations: Cold: -11/10F, air temp. -4/14F - Cold & Aggressive Snow Conditions Universal: 3/32F, air temp. 3/36F - Wide range of use in medium snow temperature conditions Warm: 25/32F, air temp. 25/50 - High moisture and wet snow conditions
Toko Rotary Handle 100mm
$69.00 $78.00 12% Off
Axle with cover for 100mm (3 15/16i) brushes. When using rotary brush wool, we recommend to take off the shield.
Toko Rotobrush - 10MM Brass
$70.00 $80.00 13% Off
Soft brass for opening up the base and structure before waxing. Great for team use, where lots of skis need to have bases freshened before waxing. Also, use it lightly for quick removal of very hard waxes.
Toko Legs for Cross Country Profile
$89.00 $120.00 26% Off
Foldable legs for Cross Country Profile.
Toko Core Tune and Wax Kit
$93.20 $145.00 36% Off
Contains 120g Base Performance Yellow, Red, and Blue, an Express Runer, a 3mm Plexiscraper, a Nylon Brush, a Red (fine) DMT Diamond Stone, and an Edge Grinding Rubber all in a nice kit bag!
Toko PFC Free Base Performance Liquid Paraffin Kit - T20
$110.00 $149.50 26% Off
Kit containing all of the essentials for waxing Base Performance Liquid Paraffin. Contains 1 each of Base Performance Liquid Paraffin Yellow, Red, and Blue, a Base Performance Hot Wax Blue 120g, and a Yellow Liquid Paraffin Polishing Brush all in a high quality cordura zippered bag.
Toko Rotary Brush Steel
$119.00 $130.00 8% Off
For optimal base cleaning prior to waxing. Rotation rate max. 800 rpm. Use the single axle with cover.
Toko All Inclusive Ski and Snowboard Wax kit
$150.00 $250.00 40% Off
Includes 120g size Base Performance Yellow, Red, and Blue hot wax. Also includes 100ml Express Pocket liquid wax. 3mm Plexiscraper, Nylon Brush, Express Tuner Kit, T8 Iron, and a medium Diamond File are also included. Comes in a nice kit bag. A $250 value!
Swix T76SS Screw 6mm for Waxtables
$5.00 $6.00 17% Off
Screw. 6 mm. Fits the waxing tables T0076/ T0075W/ T00754.
Swix Ski Straps for BC Skis
$7.00 $8.00 13% Off
Ski straps for back country or alpine skis. For skis up to 120 mm wide. - Ski strap - For wide skis - Solid rubber and Velcro
Swix Touring Straps - 24/12
$8.00 $10.00 20% Off
Pole strap and strap lock.
Swix Fibertex T267-Combi 3-Pack
$9.00 $12.00 25% Off
One sheet each of abrasive, mild abrasive, and polishing fibertex.
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