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V2 Rollerski Ferrules 8mm &10mm
Super durable and affordable ferrule option for rollerskiing. Carbide spike can be resharpened with diamond stone many times. Specify size when ordering. Require sharpening. Sold in pairs.
Swix Triac Giro Crx Pole
Swix Pole Size Chart This new pole from Swix in the famous Triac series optimizes lightweight, stiffness and pendulum properties. It uses the TCS and TBS strap and basket system. This model follows the new measuring system for poles. This means you can use our size guide to find you're correct length. Product information A high performance racing pole with a traditional circular cross-section. State-of-the-art circular cross-sectional pole, comparable with any premium circular poles on the market. Technical pole with a focus on optimization of lightweight, stiffness and pendulum properties. Ultra High Modulus Carbon composite material. The Triac Giro pole is 100% compatible with the Swix TBS and TCS systems, allowing top performance in all conditions. The Triac Giro comes with TCS Pro straps. Stiffness: 24 mm Strength: >70 kp Shaft weight: 58 gr/m Total weight 155 cm pole: 139 grams Lengths 130 cm - 175 cm. 2.5 cm interval. Recommended use: Groomed trails, competition racing, skating and classic skiing. Highlights -Traditional circular cross-section -Tested by some of the world's best skiers -Excellent pendulum properties -Recommended for groomed trails -Focus on optimization of lightweight, stiffness and pendulum properties
One Way Exchange Release Tool
Tool for loosening interchangeable straps.
Swix Triac 3.0 Cork Grips
Sold in pairs. Replacement grips for triangular Triac shafts only. Any TCS strap is compatible.
One Way Storm 6 Mag
$69.30 - $99.00 $99.00 Up to 30% Off
The Storm 6 Mag is a 30% Carbon pole for active skiers. Its special feature is the Mag Point Strap 2.0 and Mag Point Grip 2.0. This unique magnetic quick release grip system provides an easy-action button for quickly securing and releasing the strap without opening it. The Flash Basket provides the needed support in all types of snow conditions so enjoy your next tour on the tracks. - Shaft Diameter Combined: 16:9 mm - Shaft Material: Carbon 30% - Lengths: 145 - Swingweight: 185 kgm² - Balance Point: 683mm - Breaking Load: 650 N - Stiffness: 35mm - Weight Per Meter: 100g
Swix 10mm Mountain Ferrule
Ferrule for Swix Mountain poles. 10 mm in diameter and with a standard tip. Highlights: - Ferrule for Swix Mountain poles - Standard tip - 10mm diameter
Rossignol FT-501 Nordic Pole
Kick and glide with the lightweight, durable performance of the FT 501 junior touring pole. It has a 100% aluminum build and features a molded rubber grip and a loop strap for a secure, comfortable feel.
Swix Mountain Extreme Pole w/ Leather Basket
Pole Size Chart The Mountain Extreme is dedicated for demanding use on snow. The pole has a super lightweight tube with excellent strength and durability. The pole comes with a new extended Ergo/Multigrip handle in EVA and Corkfilled urethane for maximum comfort on long skiing days. The handle is linked to your hand with the Sonic strap system. The strap fixation is bullet proof and strap adjustment is easily done even when wearing thick mittens. The flexible leather basket gives excellent support against soft/powder snow, but still work well on crust snow and groomed trails. Features: Weight: 212 grams at 155 cm pole length with leather basket. Diameters & lengths: Handle 16 mm, ferrule 10 mm. 130 cm - 165 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use: Backcountry skiing, expeditions, snowshoeing, powder snow and loose tracks DETAILS - Carbon composite - Offtrack and expeditions - For explorers - Extended cork handle
One Way Rollerski Ferrule
Sold in Pairs. One Way Rollertip - The replacement roller tip from One Way. Specially developed tip with a long shaft for roller skis. Compatible with all 9 mm shafts Diameter: 9 mm Tip: Tungsten
Swix PC Grips - Locking Wedges Not Included
Note: Does not include wedges. Dual density rubberized grips are Swix's most durable. Fits 16mm Swix round shafts. Sold in pairs.
One Way Carbon Grip
Sold in Pairs. Fiber-reinforced Grip with 360° cork shield. Compatible with all 16 mm shafts.
Rossignol L1 Interchangeable XC Tips
Kit includes: -S, M, L Commutable baskets. -Rollerski Tips -Nuts & Tool
Swix Swix Trail Basket
The flexi basket system is an inter-changeable basket system that allows you to change the basket in the middle of the trail. Simply screw off the basket and choose the basket that best fits the current conditions. All trekking models come with the original Trail basket, which is developed for handling steep conditions. Fits the trekking ferrule RDHH059. Weight: 20g
Swix Nordic ST102 Pole
Pole Size Chart Non-tapered, durable alloy shaft with large, square touring baskets, suitable for on or off trail use. An excellent choice for taller junior recreational skiers. In the case of a hard crash, these will usually bend rather than snap - just bend back and ski on! Sold in pairs. Lengths available in 5cm increments: 120-160cm.
KV+ Bora Pole
Pole Size Chart A budget-friendly alternative to Tornado Plus poles. Reinforced with additional carbon bands along the entire length, they feature the same Tornado Plus stiffness, small quick-changing baskets, and Falcon Clip grips. Falcon grips are designed so that the strap fixing point is located exactly in the center of pole shaft, letting you push off the snow with maximum energy efficiency. Strap enters the grip at an angle that makes pole return to your palm quicker after the push. At just 62 grams per meter they are almost the same weight of Tornado Plus poles, so they’re still light enough for almost any pro skier. Weight: 50g/meter. Size: 150- 185cm.
Swix Mountain Tourer
The Mountain Touring is a high performance composite pole reinforced to withstand rough usage outside of tracks. At the same time the basket system ensure good performance in groomed trails. The pole comes with SWIX Touring handle in corkfilled urethane with the Sonic strap system. The strap fixation is bullet proof and strap adjustment is easily done even when wearing thick mittens. The flexible leather basket gives excellent support against soft/powder snow, but still work well on crust snow and groomed trails. Features: Weight: 223 grams at 155 cm pole length. Diameters & lengths: Handle 16 mm, ferrule 10 mm. 130 cm - 165 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use: Backcountry skiing, powder snow and loose tracks. DETAILS - High performance composite - Offtrack and groomed trails - Touring, snowshoeing and back country skiing - Sonic strap and handle system
Swix Elite Touring Classic Poles
Pole Size Chart The Elite is a pole dedicated to skiers that wants function combined with easy and intuitive usage. - Light and strong aluminum alloy - For groomed trails - For training, touring and recreational use Specifications: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. Length 125-160 cm, 5 cm interval.
Rossignol Force 3 Pole
Pole Size Chart Feel the carbon difference. The Force 3 is a lightweight racing pole with a 30% air-carbon build for a responsive feel. The natural cork grip and purpose-built racing strap offer a secure and comfortable grip. An XL racing basket delivers full support against the snow. Weight - 94 g ½ pair (per meter) Shaft - 30% Carbon Diameter (mm) - Upper: 16 /Tip: 9 Grip - Rubber Natural Cork (Black Pp + White Tpr+ Black Top) Strap - Ergonomic Race Basket - Race L (Black) Tip - Carbide
KV+ Complete Set of Quick-changing Baskets &Tips
The new Quick-Changing Baskets by KV+ allow you to be prepared to any snow conditions, be it hard-packed tracks or soft spring trails. And the best thing is: we made our system compatible with ANY(!) pole, so it can be installed on any 8–8.5 and 9.5–10 mm poles. Change with ease between large baskets, small racing baskets and roller ski tips. No glue needed!
Swix Triac Triangolo Trx Poles
Swix Pole Size Chart Swix is proud to present the next generation of ski pole innovation. Triac 4.0 is a culmination of research, design, stress and durability testing that pushes the bounds of carbon technology. The ski pole used by the world’s best cross country skiers in the Olympics, World Championships and World Cup races! Triac TCS Pro Strap Included. -Superior stiffness for better efficiency -Wind drag reduction compared with Triac 3.0 for improved pendulum -Optimized laminate and process control resulting in higher strength -Raw materials with aerospace tolerances to ensure superior consistency -Compatible with SWIX TBS and TCS systems for the best performance in all conditions Stiffness: 2 mm Weight of shaft: 56 gr/m Strength 70 kp Deflection: 23mm Weight: 136g/155cm Size: 135-180cm Swix has dominated our pole sales for a decade. Find out why when you swing these down the tracks. **Straps and Baskets included in price.
Swix Square Tour Basket - 16 mm
Sold in Pairs. Molded Touring Baskets. Fits pole shafts 16mm measured at tip of pole.
KV+ Elite Clip Straps
The Elite Clip straps from KV+ are comfortable, supportive, and efficient. Three sizes to fit most hand sizes even wearing gloves, and the ladderlock adjustment allows for fine tuning. The quick release system is solid and dependable and allows for quick detach and re-attach to the KV+ Elite pole grip, a feature valuable for skiathlon races but of great value during training as this allows for easier non-skiing tasks such as water or snack breaks or clothing adjustments. Unlike some other quick release strap systems, the KV+ Elite Clip design isn't floppy and provides solid power transfer. Will only fit KV+ Elite Clip pole grips
Swix 16MM TCS Cork Grips
16mm Dia, fits round shafts only. Fits only Swix TCS clip-style straps. Sold in pairs.
Swix 10MM Rollerski Ferrules
This is Swix's newer design for 10mm pole tips. This version is slightly lighter than the original roller ferrule design . Carbide spike can be resharpened with diamond stone many times. Fits 10mm shaft tips. Glue on shaft. Sold in pairs.
One Way Storm 4
$90.30 - $129.00 $129.00 Up to 30% Off
The Storm 4, with its stable and lightweight 70% carbon shaft, is a great addition to any serious Nordic skier's gear. AV WC Strap and Carbon Grip offer the perfect blend of efficient power transfer and comfort for a smooth and easy Nordic ski experience. The Flash Premio Basket provides grip in a variety of conditions and terrain to help you enjoy your skiing. - Shaft Diameter Combined: 16:9 mm - Shaft Material: Carbon 70% - Lengths: 145 - Swingweight: 149 kgm² - Balance Point: 689mm - Breaking Load: 650 N - Stiffness: 28mm - Weight Per Meter: 85g
Swix Infinity Basic Aluminum Pole
Pole Size Chart Conical aluminum pole with cork filled urethane handle, shaped strap and large 97 racing basket. Diameters & lengths Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. 120 cm - 155 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use Groomed trails. Highlights - Comes with strap - Basket included - Robust pole - Swix pole - The pole matches the Swix Infinity collection - Large 97 racing basket
One Way Storm 6
$55.30 $79.00 30% Off
The Storm 6 is a 30% Carbon pole with AV Race Strap, Carbon Grip, and Flash Basket for energetic skiers. It offers the necessary support and comfort in all types of snow conditions to enjoy your next tour on the tracks.
Swix Triac TBS Race Baskets
$25.00 - $30.00
Sold in Pairs. Innovative glueless installation allows for easy pre-race swaps if conditions change. Heck, change 'em mid-race if you want! Choose XS or Small for hard and medium track conditions and Large or the Large 97 for the softest conditions. Fit TBS Shafts only (Triac TBS, Star TBS, Team TBS and Carbon TBS). XS Carbon Claw (upper left) is 1.25" wide. Small Carbon Leaf (upper right) is 2" wide. Large Carbon Paw (lower left) is 2.5" wide. Large 97 (lower right) is 2.5" wide, but is largest overall.
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