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Pole Parts

Swix 10MM Rollerski Ferrules
This is Swix's newer design for 10mm pole tips. This version is slightly lighter than the original roller ferrule design . Carbide spike can be resharpened with diamond stone many times. Fits 10mm shaft tips. Glue on shaft. Sold in pairs.
Swix 10mm Snap-On Ferrule
Sold in Pairs 10 mm Touring Ferrule with standard metal tip. Black. Fits Swix Oval Snap-OnTouring Basket
Swix Basket 97L Black Basket - Standard 10mm Tip
Sold in Pairs. A relatively small, asymmetrical basket which offers excellent balance properties, while at the same time providing solid grip in the snow. Recommended for skiing in groomed trails. Standard metal tip. 10 mm, black.
Swix Click It Strap - XL
Sold in Pairs. X-Large strap for Just Click system. Comfortable and easy-to-use. Made of durable and non-stretchable surface material with a breathable and comfortable mesh surface.
Swix Leather Mountain Basket.
Large leather basket for ski touring ski poles
Swix Pro-Fit/Simple Strap Locking Wedges
Fit all Current Pro-Fit Swix grips.Color may vary. Sold in pairs.
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