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Pole Parts

Rossignol L2 Racing Grip Wedge
Replacement Nordic Race grip wedge secures pole strap to grip. Sold as pair.
Swix Pro-Fit/Simple Strap Locking Wedges
Fit all Current Pro-Fit Swix grips.Color may vary. Sold in pairs.
Swix 10mm Mountain Ferrule
Ferrule for Swix Mountain poles. 10 mm in diameter and with a standard tip. Highlights: - Ferrule for Swix Mountain poles - Standard tip - 10mm diameter
Swix Locking Cap
Sold in Pairs. Locking cap for PC handle. White.
Swix Swix Trail Basket
The flexi basket system is an inter-changeable basket system that allows you to change the basket in the middle of the trail. Simply screw off the basket and choose the basket that best fits the current conditions. All trekking models come with the original Trail basket, which is developed for handling steep conditions. Fits the trekking ferrule RDHH059. Weight: 20g
Swix Triac Locking Wedges
Locking wedges for Triac grips and straps. Color may vary. Sold in pairs.
Swix Oval Touring 99 Snap-On Basket
Sold in Pairs A large asymmetrical snap-on basket that give good support. Recommended if you like to ski in loose snow and off-track trails. Fits ferrule RDHH915C 10mm Snap-On Ferrule.
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