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One Way Diamond Premio SLG 30 Pole
Pole Size Chart The Premio 30 is the lightest, most balanced XC pole from the World Cup. Its now even lighter carbon shaft with perfect swing weight and the quick-swap, tool-free Exchange Basket System bring clear advantages in terms of lightness and handling. The high performance grip-strap setup ensures maximum power transfer and allows you to get the most out of each push-off. Shaft Diameter - 16:9 mm Shaft Material - UHM Carbon 100% Swingweight - 69 kgm² Balance Point - 686 mm Breaking Load - 472 N Stiffness - 44 mm Weight per meter - 49 g **Straps and Baskets included in price.
One Way Storm 4 Mag Pole
Pole Size Chart The Storm Mag 4, with its stable-yet-light, 70% carbon shaft, is a great addition to any serious Nordic skier's gear. It also has the unique Mag Point System 2.0 quick-attach magnetic capability. A simple to use button lets you attach or detach the strap without having to open it. High-quality Mag Point Strap 2.0 and Mag Point Grip 2.0 optimize your control and maximize your power transfer. The Flash Premio Basket provides grip in a variety of conditions and terrain to help you enjoy your skiing. Shaft Diameter - 16:9 mm Shaft Material - Carbon 70% Swingweight - 149 kgm² Balance Point - 689 mm Breaking Load - 937 N Stiffness - 64 mm Weight per meter - 81 g *Baskets and Straps included in price.
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