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Race Wax Services

New Moon Trail to Prince Haakon Registration
$150.00 - $250.00
A guided ski experience for first-time Birkie event skiers, emphasizing "eventing" vs racing. Basic instruction, advice and regular outings beginning December 7th will culminate Feb 20th skiing the Prince Haakon. This program is geared toward those new to cross-country skiing, those returning to the sport or recreational skiers who want to give "eventing" a try. "Eventing" - A cross between touring and racing. Fee: $150 for first time Haakon skiers, $250 for returning Haakon skiers. Fees include entry to Prince Haakon and a regular-season Birkie Trail Pass (Groomed, natural snow. Valid once the Birkie Trail officially opens). The pass does not include the snowmaking loop at the Birkie start area. Prince Haakon entry is non-transferable. Details: Program will meet Thursdays, 5:30 pm at 'OO' warming hut in Seeley. Skiing will be under the lights of the 'OO' loops until later in the program. There may be one or two Saturday sessions to be decided on by the group. The tentative start date, weather depending, is Dec. 7th. Limited to 25 participants. For further information contact: Stephanie Martin at the Birkie office 715-634-5025. Kristy or Joel Harrison at New Moon 715-634-8685.
New Moon Non-Fluoro Prince Haakon Budget Glide Waxing Service
Enjoy Birkie Week - leave the waxing to New Moon! For both Skate and Classic skis. Race prep at a lower cost. Everyone should enjoy fast skis. This option is an affordable option for the more casual racer. *Note to Classic Skiers: To avoid additional charges please make sure all kick wax is removed prior to drop off. A Few Simple Steps to Follow: 1) Pre-order Haakon Budget Wax Service here on this page. 2) Print your order confirmation and secure to your skis with masking tape. 3) Mark your skis with your name and phone # on masking tape. 4) Drop your skis off at New Moon OR carefully pack, insure, and ship your skis to: New Moon Birkie Wax Service, 15569 US Hwy 63, Hayward WI 54843. Skis should be at New Moon no later than Thursday 10am. We do not receive shipments on Saturdays and Sundays so allow sufficient travel or transit time so that your skis arrive in a timely manner. Curbside drop off and pick up is available. As a US Ski & Snowboard sanctioned event, no fluoro wax will be allowed at the Birkie events. Testing by USSA Good Luck at the Prince Haakon!
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