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W30 replacement wheels for all XL900, as well as older 900 and 900K series classic skis
New Moon Advanced Skate Rollerski Package
$1,124.00 - $1,150.00 $1,249.00 - $1,292.00 Up to 11% Off
Best Fit Form Advanced Skate Rollerski Package, super comfortable carbon shafts, stiffer performance boots, lighter and stiffer poles Fischer Speedmax Skate Rollerskis Rottefella Skate Rollerski Bindings KV+ Bora Pole Fischer Carbonlite Boots Or Alpina Pro Rollerski Boot Swix Rollerski Ferrules 10mm Fischer Speedmax Rollerskis are light, flexible, comfortable and durable. Their lower standing height makes them more stable than higher riding shafts. The thinner ply means the standing height is low but the ground clearance is not compromised. Wheel speed is medium. The Bora+ Pole is reinforced with additional carbon bands along the entire length, they feature the same Tornado Plus stiffness, small quick-changing baskets, and Falcon Clip grips. Falcon grips are designed so that the strap fixing point is located exactly in the center of pole shaft, letting you push off the snow with maximum energy efficiency. Strap enters the grip at an angle that makes pole return to your palm quicker after the push. At just 62 grams per meter they are almost the same weight of Tornado Plus poles, so they’re still light enough for almost any pro skier. Weight: 50g/meter. Size: 150- 185cm. Fischer Carbonlite skate boots have a stiff heel counter and torsional resistance which gives the skier confidence and control. Alpina Pro Rollerski Boot works for both skate and classic rollersking. You get the same lateral and torsional support as the winter boot but in a lovely ventilated package. Your feet won't sweat like blazes! Rottefella rollerski specific bindings included.
V2 XL Aero Speed Reducer Pair
Fits Aero 150 Skis. These devices allow you to incrementally increase rolling resistance. Duplicate hills in flatlander country or contain the speed of killer descents to within sane limits. Speed reducers can open up hilly terraine previously too steep to descend. One per ski needed for proper function. Sold in pairs, call for singles.
V2 V2 Speed Reducer XLQ9848
The stainless steel roller arms and machined aluminum lever make it light and strong while nylon rollers and bushings reduce noise. Dual bearings ensure solid contact with the wheels and it works well in both wet and dry conditions. The lever actuated system has one neutral and four resistance positions that is easy to engage for training or for slowing the skis when negotiating moderately steep downhills. Sold in pairs, mounts to the front of each roller ski. For steep terrain we recommend the use of a brake. For all XLA9848, XLK9848 and XLQ9848 roller skis.
Ercolina Watt Meter
$400.00 - $499.00
Now, Ercolina is available with an optional watt meter to help athletes better manage workouts and track progress. Additionally, previous Ercolina Trainers can be retro-fitted with the new watt meter. New Moon has a demonstration Ercolina and watt meter mounted at the shop. Stop by and test it out!
V2 XLA9848 Classic Rollerski
Binding not included. The XLA9848 and the XLK9848 are the latest version of the popular V2 Terra Ski. The Terra was a favorite of Olympic Champion Kristina Smigun as well as several Russian National Ski Team skies. The XLA9848 series is made with our strong aluminum shafts and forks. The aluminum construction is protected by a clear anodic coating. Then wide 98mm wheel makes them an excellent choice or non-paved surfaces and for chip sealed roads. The wide wheels make the XLA9848 the most stable two-wheel classic ski. The XLA9848 is now available in two speeds: medium and slow. The rolling resistance in the 9848 slow free wheels is increased using two of our patented ISR (internal speed reducer), each weighing only 10 grams. The XLA is now available with our Dual Density wheels. The softer inner core aids in shock absorbtion, while the more durable outer core resists wear.
V2 Rollerski Ferrules 8mm &10mm
Super durable and affordable ferrule option for rollerskiing. Carbide spike can be resharpened with diamond stone many times. Specify size when ordering. Require sharpening. Sold in pairs.
V2 900 Series Front Wheel Clutch
Jenex works with manufacturers to make sure their wheels have the right blend of durability and performance. Different rubber compounds roll with more resistance or last longer. RW9 Clutch wheel for all 900 series rollerskis. Install on front fork and use dedicated axel. Wheel Diameter:70mm/2.75in.
V2 XL9848 Replacement Wheel
$38.00 - $55.00
Replacement wheels for XL9848. Choose from rear free wheel, medium or slow speed. (spacers not included) Or front clutch wheel. Sold Individually.
Swix Quantum Q1 Pole
Swix Pole Size Chart Quantum One is a racing ski pole with excellent stiffness, pendulum and weight. It’s a great choice for the the serious athlete who competes in many mass-start races and wants a slightly stronger pole. The pole is 100% compatible with all Triac components such as Swix TBS and TCS. Quantum One is supplied without a strap so that the strap can be selected from the entire TCS program for the best possible personal fit. Features: Stiffness: 24 mm Weight: 58 gr/m Strength: 70 kp Weight complete 155 cm pole: 142 grams Diameter & lengths: Grip 16 mm, basket 10 mm. 135 cm – 180 cm. 2.5 cm interval. -Compatible with Triac components -High Modulus Carbon composite material. -Uses TCS and TBS strap and basket system **Straps and Baskets included in price.
V2 98 XLQ Brake
The BXLQ98-G4 is our latest brake design, to be used on all XLA98, XLC98, XLK98, and XLQ98 series roller skis. Lean back "tele-style" to activate this brake. A very effective braking system that gives the skier the safety and control needed for gradual or sudden stops. Only one brake needed per pair of skis.
V2 98XLQ Speed Reducer Pair
Control your decents or turn flatlands into uphills! The 98Q speed reducer pair mounts on the front fork of the new 98Q Rollerskis. Speed Reducers have revolutionized the rollerski market by providing skiers with the ability to increase their resistance for training as well as providing a way to slow the ski down when negotiating moderate descents. They have one neutral position and multiple resistance positions. They are easily engaged or disengaged while skiing by simply reaching forward and either moving the lever backwards or forwards.
V2 RSTD10-G5 Spring Loaded Ferrule
VP-RSTD10G5 Latest in spring tip evolution and the G series from V2. From V2: V2 has a worldwide reputation for good roller ski ferrules. We tried many different carbide formulations before we found the best compromise between hardness and strength. Carbide is very brittle, and if not securely held in the plastic housing the tip can easily break. We developed geometry between the carbide tip and plastic that for over twenty years has been bulletproof. When we decided to make a shock-absorbing ferrule, we knew from experience that spring loading the carbide tip was not the answer. We wanted the shock-absorbing feature to be independent of the carbide tip. The major advantage is that if the shock-absorbing spring should fail, the carbide tip remains intact and the skier is still able to pole. For the G3 version, we changed the spring retainer from a plastic unit to a high-strength 4mm socket bolt. We are now able to use a smaller diameter spring with a higher damping force. As can be seen in the graph below, the damping stroke has been increased by approximately 40%. The spring force when the damping plunger first hits the pavement is lower on G3 than on the previous models, but after only 1.5mm of compression the force is equal to starting force of G1 & G2, and then increases rapidly. When the carbide tip penetrates the pavement the damping force of G3 is more than 2 times greater than G1 and G2. The result is greater shock absorption. Another advantage with G3 is that if the spring should fail it can be replaced by removing the nut and 4mm bolt. This was not possible in the G1 and G2 version REPLACING THE SPRING OR ALTERING THE LENGTH OF THE DAMPING STROKE Tools required: 3mm Allen wrench (supplied) and 7mm wrench (not supplied). The damping stroke can be shortened by tightening the nut. We do not recommend lengthening the damping stroke by loosening the nut. To replace the spring, or bolt, simply place the 3mm Allen wrench in the head of the socket bolt and with the 7mm wrench remove the nut and install a new spring or bolt. When supplied the bolt is covered with a light layer of grease. If the spring-loaded device is not moving smoothly compress the spring by pushing the bolt against a solid object and put grease on the non-threaded portion of the bolt.
Kinetixx Louis SF Glove
The Kinetixx Rollerski and Bike glove is great for long distance training and racing. The backhand of the Louis is made up of a breathable mesh fabric while the palm is equipped with a soft micro-suede topped with silicone patterns for extra grip. The palm also includes rubber reinforcements between the thumb and index finger for optimal protection while gripping poles or handlebars. The Louis with short fingers and extra breathability is optimal for hot days while still providing protection to our hands.
V2 Aero 150 Skate Complete Wheel - Sold Individually
Complete, assembled replacement wheel for V2 Aero XL150 Skis. Includes tire, rim, tube, bearings, axle,and spacers Always check inflation before every use. NOT A PAIR - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY
Swix 10MM Rollerski Ferrules
This is Swix's newer design for 10mm pole tips. This version is slightly lighter than the original roller ferrule design . Carbide spike can be resharpened with diamond stone many times. Fits 10mm shaft tips. Glue on shaft. Sold in pairs.
Toko 3 Season Glove
Durable lightweight washable glove ideal for rollerskiing, cyclocross, or mountain biking.
V2 XLC-920 Classic Rollerskis
XLC-920 Classic Rollerskis (930's available as a special order) The XLC are the lightest and the most snow-like solid rubber wheel roller skis we have ever produced. The vibration damping of the new composite frame is exceptional, and, coupled with the shock absorbing wheel forks, the XLC makes skiing on the pavement as similar to skiing on snow as possible. In addition to lower ski weight and improved vibration damping, another advantage of the XLC is a lower center of gravity. The clearance from the pavement to the bottom of the shaft is the same, but with the strong construction we can make the shaft thinner, so the top of the shaft is lower, making the skis more stable. Safety is high priority at Jenex, so all XLC models are available with our patented brakes and speed reducers. For skiers weighing over 90 Kg (199 pounds), we offer the XLC in a Heavy Duty (HD) version that is about 25% stiffer. COMPOSITE FIBERS: Over the last twenty years we have tested most high strength synthetic fibers, including the many variants of Carbon, S glass, E glass and Aramid. All of these fibers have strengths and weaknesses. Aramid (KevlarTM) fibers have high tensile strength, dampen vibration and re extremely abrasion resistant, but are very weak in compression. Carbon is extremely stiff and strong in both tension and compression, but breaks very easily from impact, which is why so many Carbon ski poles break in sprint and mass start races. Carbon is a great material, but to prevent impact failure Carbon fiber shafts need a core with good energy absorbing properties and perform best when combined with more impact resistant fibers. And that’s what we have with the XLC. THE CORE: The core material is the foundation of a roller ski shaft and we have tried about every material available including a variety of metal cores. We have used organic cores like Baltic birch, Italian poplar, Balsa and many synthetic cellular cores. We now know from extensive experience that for roller skis, cellular cores are superior to metal cores. The XLC uses the best core we have tested to date. However, fabricating the cellular core is time consuming and expensive compared to an extruded core. BONDING: Composite structures need a very strong bond to both the fibers and the core. Bonding high strength fibers to a metal core can be more difficult than bonding to a porous cellular core. The metal must be aggressively etched for the fibers to bond properly. The cellular core we use has thousands of microscopic pores per square centimeter, and therefore the epoxy penetrates and bonds extremely well the core. The epoxy that binds the fibers to themselves and to the core has a tensile strength about 3X greater than conventional epoxies and is the strongest commercially available. The wheel forks have much better fenders than the original 800 and 900 series skis. The combination fork and fenders are produced in Du Pont’s™ toughest thermoplastic, further strengthened with the addition of carbon fibers during the injection molding process. The non-metallic wheel forks reduce vibration, and for improved safety, all V2 Roller Skis are designed to accept the patented Jenex speed reducers and brakes. The XLC900 is available in 3 speeds. XLC930 is fast, XLC920 is medium and XLC910 is slow. The XLC910 are very close to snow speed. Roller ski study in Sweden. The 920 are medium slow and the 930 are medium speed. The rolling resistance in the 910 free wheels is increased using our patented ISR (internal speed reducer) that weighs only 10 grams. The wheel forks with the built in fenders use the same strong Du Pont™ composite material that we have employed on the V2-900 series for many years Specifications: Weight / pair: 1725 grams (4 lb) Wheelbase: 708 mm. ( 27.9 “) Wheel Dimensions: 70mm diameter X 41mm wide (2.75 in x 1.6”) Rubber composition: Highly abrasion resistant rubber with a durometer of 72 shore A. Bolts: 6x1x55 aluminum and 6x1x65mm grade 12-9 zinc-plated steel bolts. Optional Speed Reducer: ATRQ900 Optional Brake: BXLQ900 Replacement wheels: Front: RW9 ratchet wheel Rear- Free wheels: W10 – slow W20 – med W30 -med-fast
Salomon Prolink Pro Skate Bindings
The Prolink Pro Skate binding is mounted at the optimum position to get the most out of your skis. Compatible with Prolink®, NNN®, Turnamic® boots. Lightweight - Minimal lift, minimal material and simple mechanics keep the weight down. Snow Feel - Close to the snow platform lets you feel more of what is under your feet. Direct Transmission - Prolink's 2 rail system puts your power right next to the ski, for maximum transmission and feel.
Alpina Pro Rollerski Boot
New Moon Staff: Alpina Pro Rollerski Boot works for both skate and classic rollersking. You get the same lateral and torsional support as the winter boot but in a lovely ventilated package. Your feet won't sweat like blazes! From the Manufacturer: For summer rollerskiing, breathability is key. Alpina focused on this when creating their line of roller ski boots. As with their other boots, Alpina has utilized elite technologies, guaranteeing peak performance. Features: Carbon Cuff Ortholite Insoles
Ercolina Paletta
Swim handle "paletta" an aluminum plate with straps to secure to machine. Used to simulate swimming.
Ercolina Moto Upper Body Trainer
$1,700.00 - $2,200.00
Our favorite portable, low impact dryland training machine just got better. The New Moto Power unit on the Ercolina Moto allows you to pre-program different workouts based on time and resistance. The new Moto unit changes the regulation of force on the magnetic brake with an electric motor to automatically adjust resistance to programmed levels. The Ercolina provides a myriad of power and endurance training opportunities for Nordic skiers. Highly- adjustable resistance and comfortable strap system allow you to vary your workout and training plan quickly and easily. The attached moto meter allows you to better manage workouts and track progress. Gentle, yet demanding, no impact workout. Mounts permanently against a wall or mount with the adjustable height kit listed below. The Ercolina also travels easily for team workouts and camps with the travel bag and remote mounting hooks. All items sold separately. Call 800-754-8685 for more details or come in and try one out!
Ercolina Upper Body Trainer with Watt Meter
From Italy, the Ercolina upper body trainer with watt meter. The Ercolina provides a myriad of power and endurance training opportunities for Nordic skiers. Highly- adjustable resistance and comfortable strap system allow you to vary your workout and training plan quickly and easily. The attached watt meter allows you to better manage workouts and track progress. Gentle, yet demanding, no impact workout. Mounts permanently against a wall or mount with the adjustable height kit listed below. The Ercolina also travels easily for team workouts and camps with the travel bag and remote mounting hooks. All items sold separately. Call 800-754-8685 for more details or stop in and try one out.
Ercolina Snap Link Connector - Pair
Secure and quick fastener for Ercolina Ergo Handles . Sold per pair.
V2 98 Series Skate Replacement Wheel
$36.00 - $37.00
Complete Replacement wheel for the XLK98M & 98 Alloy Rollerskis. The Slow W98RS uses V2's patented internal speed reducer that makes it about 15% slower than the Medium W98RM. Sold individually.
V2 Aero 150 Skate Tube
In this case a new tube is better than a patch. If you've gone through the trouble of removing the tire, start with a new tube. Sold Individually.
Fischer Rollerski Wheel Classic 70/39 Med RL Carbonlite Ratchet
Replacement Carbonlite Classic front Ratchet Wheel, medium speed. Sold individually.
Fischer Rollerski RC5 Skate Wheel 80/20 Med Jr
Medium speed replacement wheel for RC5 junior ski. Sold as singles
Rossignol Classic Rollerski Bindings
Set up your dry-land roller skis with the same race-proven binding as your skis. The Roller Classic binding is built on the Turnamic Nordic system and is compatible with all NNN and Prolink boot soles. It features a screw mount to attach to the roller ski and a user-friendly step-in system for quick entry. Classic Specific Flex Classic Flexors offer tool-free replacement for progressive power transfer and better ski control for classic skiing
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