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Toko Rotary Brush Steel
$119.00 $130.00 8% Off
For optimal base cleaning prior to waxing. Rotation rate max. 800 rpm. Use the single axle with cover.
Toko PFC Free Base Performance Liquid Paraffin Kit - T20
$110.00 $149.50 26% Off
Kit containing all of the essentials for waxing Base Performance Liquid Paraffin. Contains 1 each of Base Performance Liquid Paraffin Yellow, Red, and Blue, a Base Performance Hot Wax Blue 120g, and a Yellow Liquid Paraffin Polishing Brush all in a high quality cordura zippered bag.
Toko Merino Wool Rotary Brush
Merino Wool Rotary Brush for cold application of waxes. - 100mm wide
Toko Rotary Brush Fleece
High quality roto fleece. Great brush for improving the performance and durability of liquid paraffin.
Toko Base Brush Oval Steel Wire
Brush with steel-hair for cleaning oxidized bases or damaged structures prior to hot waxing. Also suitable for brushing out after hot waxing.
Toko Rotobrush - 10MM Brass
$70.00 $80.00 13% Off
Soft brass for opening up the base and structure before waxing. Great for team use, where lots of skis need to have bases freshened before waxing. Also, use it lightly for quick removal of very hard waxes.
Toko Rotary Handle 100mm
$69.00 $78.00 12% Off
Axle with cover for 100mm (3 15/16i) brushes. When using rotary brush wool, we recommend to take off the shield.
Toko Rotary Roto Brush Horsehair
For brushing out hard and medium-hard paraffin waxes. 6mm long bristles
Toko Rotary Brush Nylon 100mm
For optimal base cleaning prior to waxing. To be used as the first brush after scraping of paraffin. Approx rotation rate: 1500-1800rpm.
Toko Base Brush Oval Copper
For brushing out and cleaning dirty bases prior to waxing. Also suitable for brushing out after hot waxing.
Toko Base Brush Oval Horsehair
This fine horse-hair brush is perfect for brushing even the finest structures. A perfect brush for finishing cold waxes.
Toko Base Brush Oval Nylon
Professional all-round brush for brushing all kinds of hot wax.
Toko Combi Nylon/Copper Brush
High quality bristles last a long time.This combi brush has a copper side for opening up the base structure to take wax better, and for brushing out very hard glide waxes, and it has a nylon side for brushing out all other glide waxes.
Toko Copper Brush
Our softest, least aggressive metal brush. Great for cold and mid-temp wax removal.
Toko Nylon Polishing Brush
Ultra soft nylon brush for final polishing.
Toko Stiff Nylon Brush
An efficient general purpose wax removal brush.
Toko Horsehair Brush
$22.00 $24.00 8% Off
Very gentle brush for pure fluoros and polishing.
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