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Cleaners & Wax Removers

$22.00 - $180.00
Gentle cleaning fluid for cross-country ski skins and touring skins. It removes all types of dirt and residue from the skins.
Gentle cleaning liquid for all types of base. Removes wax residue especially of Top Finish products and prepares the base for waxing.
Effective, non-smelly formula for removing wax from skis. Low aromatic formula.
Very soft special wax with low melting point. Ideal for base cleaning and use as basic care of new skis Penetrates very deep into the base Biodegradable Resealable wax case Snow temperature 0 °C — -30 °C Air temperature 10 °C — -30 °C Volume 120 g
Ideal for removing kick wax and klisters and cleaning up filthy ski bases. Also excellent for cleaning tools. Remember, avoid using base cleaners on a well-waxed base unless extremely dirty. This does not apply to the kick zone on classic skis. Purge waxing is always advised for cleaning well-waxed bases. 250ml aerosol spray can.
Toko Skin Ski Cleaner gently cleans skin ski hair patterns allowing better kick, especially on glazed trails. Formulated with special, skin-safe solvents that will not dissolve or soften the adhesives use for skin patterns. Use whenever skin pattern appears matted or discolored from debris. Simply spray on skin until damp, and wipe with cloth or fibrelene from tip to tail. Allow to dry. Then, re-apply ski wax treatment before skiing. 70ml pump spray.
Aerosol spray wax remover. 250 ml.
Special fleece for base cleaning and different types of polishing. It can also be used as a base-friendly fleece when ironing in hot wax and JetStream. 20 m x 0,15 m.
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