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Rex Rexlon Teflon Cloth
Size 8x20 cm. Used for ironing fluorinated coatings. Prevents base burning and keeps the iron clean. Lasts dozens of applications. One sheet.
Fast Wax Base Saver Teflon Film For Fluoros
DON'T BE AFRAID OF FLUOROS! Fast Wax founder, Dan Meyer, has developed an innovative new film to protect your bases while applying high-heat, pure fluoro waxes or additive cold powders. To use, lightly cork in or smooth your fluoro or cold powder, place the Base Saver Teflon side down between your iron and the base, and make one pass at 260-280 F using medium to firm pressure. Let cool and brush out. Will work with all wax brands. The Base Saver will help newer waxers gain confidence with their tools and techniques for high-level race waxing. All pure fluoros have melting points that are dangerously close to melting points of ski bases. This is a very inexpensive way to help protect your race skis. Come race day, the speed is worth the investment! Lasts dozens of applications. One sheet.
Swix Wax Carpet
36" x 90" Protects floors and rugs. Polyethylene plastic.
Swix T0070-H Iron Cover
Practical wax iron cover that fits all SWIX waxing irons. Protects iron when traveling. Keeps cord and iron together. Heat resistant bottom for quick stow away.
Swix T70-H2 Holder For Waxing Iron
Practical Waxing Iron Holder for mounting on to waxing table or workbench (max. 40 mm). Reduces the risk of dropping a valuable iron on floor. Fits all SWIX Irons.
Toko T8 Iron
800 watt economy waxing iron. 210F to 320F temperature range regulated through a solid state thermostat. Beveled and channeled base for ease of waxing.
Swix T73 Digital Waxing Iron
Good wax iron for alpine and cross country skis. 110 Volt, 500 Watt. The 8 mm thick plate gives a stable temperature. T73 has manual choice of temperature by indication of degrees and is simply done by an adjustment wheel. Adjustment range from 100°C to 165°C. Also available for 220 Volt (product # T73220).
Toko T14 World Cup Digital Iron
Updated from the T12 with a beefed up handle and more precise electronic control. Remarkable iron for the money. Allows precise temperature selection. 1200 Watts. 210-320F.
Star Star Digital
From Asiago, Italy, the Star Wax Iron is the preferred tool of many pro wax techs on the World Cup Circuit. Features include: a high-precision, digitally-controlled dial thermostat with readout, heavy, beveled aluminum base for even thermal distribution; 850 Watts /360F max temp for stubborn, high-melt fluoro and cold weather waxes, and a super-comfy cork handle. You will be the “Star” of the wax room with this one! 110V.
Toko T18 Digital Racing Iron 110V
This wax iron is especially suited for the handling of temperature-sensitive special and racing waxes. - The 15 mm thick base plate guarantees a constant temperature. - The temperature of the wax iron is regulated and monitored by a microprocessor. - Heating zone from 195-355F. In the rear area, the plate of the T18 is bent to simplify the application of JetStream 2.0. - The front plate is flat to apply the gliding waxes evenly. - This wax iron is especially suited for the handling of temperature-sensitive special and racing waxes. Iron cover included.
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