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START RG Ultra Liquid Gliders
Our all new Start RG Ultra Racing Glider series are next generation, fluor free, technoceramic gliders. High Concentrate. Advanced mixtures of numerous ceramic compounds influence the nano structure of the gliding surface to reduce both wet and dry friction with new levels in durability. Additionally, graphite additives enhance performance in new snow while Molybdenum additives enhance performance in old, transformed and artificial snow. RED 10°...-2°C (50°...28°F) 70...100% 80ml PURPLE -2°...-8°C (28°...18°F) 65...100% 80ml BLUE -6°...-15°C (21°...5°F) 55...100% 80ml
START HFXT Fluoro Gel Wax
Start HFXT gel finishers are perfect step up for athletes who want uncompromising results. HFXT delivers better and long-lasting glide with an environmentally friendly profile.
START High Fluoro Glide Wax 60gm
Start high fluoro gliders are suitable for all snow conditions, when humidity is between 55% - 75%, or as a glider under fluoro powders and blocks. HF10 GREEN -13F to 19F A higher performance option to standard Start Green. Ideal for ultra-cold temps with dirty, high humidity conditions. Caution! Apply carefully so you don't overcook your base. Keep the iron very hot so that you can move quickly over the ski without dwelling iron the ski to melt each spot. HF10 is incredibly hard and requires a sharp, fresh scraper to scrape effectively. HF8 BLUE 10F to 20F HF6 PURPLE 20F to 28F HF4 RED 27F to 32F HF2 WHITE 32F to 50F
START MFXT Gel Fluoro 80ml
Medium Fluor Liquid Wax Glider Blue -6°...-15°C (21°...5°F) Purple -2°...-8°C (28°...18°F) Red 10°...-2°C (50°...28°F)
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