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Liquid Gliders

Glide waxing is in the midst of a revolution. Recent efforts to be more environmentally responsible with wax formulation have led to a rapid evolution of alternative and new formulations.

Basic rules of application:

1 - Spray or wipe on to the ski's glide zone. 2 - Allow to dry for several minutes. Indoors is best. 3 - Brush, buff, or cork dried wax. 4 - Enjoy your fast skis!

Fluoro Free. The newest test wax from Star. World Cup Performance wax.
Star's new Next Fluoro Free waxes offer world cup level glide using a completely fluoro free compound that's easy to apply and cures quickly. The enormous success of liquid paraffins with Dry Fast Technology has been combined with the use of new, and already successful additives used in the NEXT Powder line. To apply just shake the bottle, sponge a film of liquid onto your skis wait 1 minute for drying. You can then simply brush with a fine nylon brush. For maximum performance and durability Star recommends polishing with a wool roto-brush fleece. 100ml, sponge head for easy application while minimizing waste. For snow temperatures: Warm: 23 to 32F [0° / -5°C] Medium: 17 to 27F [-3° / -8°C] Cold: 10 to 21F [-6° / -12°C] Polar: -4 to 14F [-10° / -20°C]
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