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Non Fluoro

Toko X-Cold Powder Additive Wax 50gm
Toko X Cold Powder Additive is a very hard glide wax powder applied as a hardener and topcoat for superior glide in cold and abrasive conditions. Easy to apply- - simply sprinkle liberally on top of ironed-in layers of the wax of the day you and iron in. Also known as Nordlite Powder.
Toko Base Performance Hot Wax 120gm
Ecological hydrocarbon hot wax for training sessions and taking care of ski and snowboard bases. Biodegradable Resealable wax case Snow temperature recommendations: Yellow 32F to 21F Red 25F to 10F Blue 14F to -22F
Toko Grip & Glide Liquid Wax 100ml
IMPORTANT: This product is not for skin skis. Perfect for waxless skis! Helps prevent fresh, wet snow from sticking to the ski's waxless pattern. Simple and quick to use-- just wipe on, air dry and ski in about a minute. 100ml size stores easily in a pocket. Easy to reapply on the trail for longer skis. For a higher performance option-- consider Toko TF90 Paste . TF90 requires more application time and some buffing, but offers a step up in glide and durability.
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