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Skin Treatments

Rex Hydrex 2.0 Liquid- Skins and Glide (-4F to 50F)
Updated formulation for 2019! New, eco-friendly chemistry breaks down within 30 days of exposure to the outdoors. Hydrex serves as both a glide and kick wax "booster". Apply thinly over high fluoros, pure fluoros, and kick wax to enhance water repellancy and reduce kick wax icing. Hydrex is also a superb treatment for skin skis to promote glide and reduce icing underfoot. Easy and economical way to get world class glide. Recommended to all racers from juniors to elite racers. 40g pump spray. -4F to 50F.
Rex Skin and Glide Cleaner Kit
Rex Skin Care 85ml Rex Skin Cleaner 170ml Rex Glide Cleaner 170ml
Rex Skin and Glide Kit
Rex Skin Care 85ml Rex Skin Cleaner 170ml Rex Glider Blue 65ml
Rex Skin Ski Care Kit
Rex Skin Care Conditioner 85ml Rex Skin Cleaner 170ml 10m roll of Rex Fiber Cloth
Rex Skin Care 85ml
New dirt-repelling and glide-enhancing conditioner for mohair grip insert skis. Safe to use on all ski brands. Apply to a cloth and wipe the mohair clean. Leaves a protective treatment after drying. Hydrocarbon-free.
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