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Hard Wax

$36.00 - $37.00
PURE RACE grip waxes are especially for old, artificial and coarse snow. Viscous waxes are very durable and thanks to new additive also fast. Pure Race Blue: 30/-4 ºF | -5/-20°C Pure Race Ldr: 32/14 ºF | 0/-10°C Pure Race Red: 37/30 ºF | +3/-1°C
Excellent performance of GF fluorinated grip waxes comes from a revolutionary ingredient that reacts to temperature precisely. Thanks to this innovation, the risk of the grip wax icing in cold temperatures is reduced considerably and the grip properties are exceptional. GF grip waxes have wide operation range, which makes them a good choice also for recreational skiers. GF Green: -4F to 24F. Built for the coldest of days, GF Green is suitable for all snow types, and excels as the temperature drops. To maximize the durability and grip conditions of GF Green, you can use GF Carrot as a base wax. GF Carrot: Old Snow 10F to 28F. The flagship or the GF line of kick waxes, GF Carrot is a must have for every wax box. This all-purpose wax sticks extremely well to skis at sub-zero temperatures. GF Carrot works best on old or coarse snow, starting at temperatures around 30 F (-2 C), and extends down to 10 F (-12 C) on hard-packed tracks. GF Carrot can be used alone or as a base wax for other K-Line products. This wax is also extremely wear-resistant. GF Blue: 14F to 27F. GF Blue is the perfect complement to the GF Carrot. If the snow is too fine for GF Carrot, time to put your GF Blue to work. Best results are found on fine or coarse, old snow. GF Violet: 19F to 30F. A wax developed for new, fine snow in mild winter conditions, GF Violet is built for difficult new snow conditions. The grip properties of GF Violet set in at just below freezing with exceptional glide properties. GF Violet has a range extending as low as 23 F (-5 C) on new snow and 14 F (-10 C) on old snow without losing its superb glide properties. GF Pink: 23F to 32F. A new addition to the Vauhti line of kick wax, GF Pink is made specifically for new snow conditions. Best in dry or variable new snow, GF Pink is softer than other, similar grip waxes, giving it better grip properties on a soft track.
PURE PRO grip waxes are especially for new, natural and fine snow. Thanks to the new additives glide properties are much better than with the traditional synthetic grip waxes. Pure Pro Green: -4/23 ºF (-5/-20°C) Pure Pro Violet: 19/28 ºF ( -2/-7°C) Pure Pro Pink: 23/30 ºF (-1/-5°C) Pure Pro White: 27/37 ºF (+3/-3°C)
Fluoro-Free. Rubbing on and corking out layers of hard grip waxes on your ski can be time consuming. Vauhti is making skiers lives easier with a Liquid GS Carrot grip wax. Based on the popular GS stick wax, a thin and smooth layer is easy to apply. No cork, no elbow grease, just let dry and go skiing. We do wonder about the potential oxymoron of a liquid hard wax, but we would rather go skiing than spend much time thinking about it. Carrot: Good in new or old snow conditions Temperature range of -2 to -20ºC (-4 to 28°F) Purple: Best on fine and fresh snow Temperature range of -1 to -7ºC (19 to 30°F)
GS Base AT is a base wax that excels in fresh snow conditions. Good durability, combined with excellent glide properties make this a popular choice when the snow is falling, especially with fine snow. GS Base AT can be applied cold, without ironing.
Clear out your wax box and replace all your binders with Vauhti GS Base Super. The only binder you will ever need, GS Base Super has superior durability and glide properties in all snow conditions.
The GS wax series from Vauhti is a synthetic compound that is fluoro free. GS Green: Cold conditions make for the best classic skiing, and GS Green is the kick wax for the job when temps are down. Can also be used to cover our softer kick waxes for maximum grip. Temperature Range: 14/ -22 F (-10 / -30 C) GS Blue: An all-purpose grip wax for colder winter conditions. GS Blue is a great compliment to our GS Carrot. Temperature Range: 23/ 5 F (-5 / -15 C) GS Carrot: Has the ability to work in old and coarse snow over a large temperature range. It also has exceptional durability attributes. A great complimentary wax to our GS Blue kick wax. Not to be used in new snow conditions. Temperature Range: 30/ 21 F (-1 / -6 C) GS Red: Is the obvious choice for tricky conditions right around the freezing point. Containing aluminum, this formula can deal with all snow types. Temperature Range: 34/ 28 F (+1 / -2 C)
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