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Rex Molybdenum Gold Klister
New from Rex. Based on Gold Klister, this new molybdenum Racing Service klister is especially good on dirty and coarse snow. It is a bit softer for extra grip. The added molybdenum improves its glide properties and decreases the attachment of dirt on old and coarse snow. Temperature range: 23/39°F (-5/4°C)
Rex TK-2251 Klister (32F to 50F Wet Snow)
For new falling and slushy snow, as a final layer for better glide and dirt repellency. Billed as a new version of the classic Rex OV. Really successful World Cup wax; this belongs in every wax kit.
Rex Liquid Klister 60mL
60ML -Base -Gold 19F to 34F -Red 32F to 50F Same durable Klister wax as Rex’s traditional line, now in a liquid form. Allows a quick and thin application. Can be applied with minimal heating at room temps. Excellent base for hard waxes in mixed or abrasive conditions. For fully transformed conditions where a thick layer is needed use traditional tube klister.
Rex Klister
$15.00 - $17.00
Rex Blue Klister (14F to 23F Icy Snow) For icy and hard track. Famous for its durability. In abrasive conditions can be used as a base wax for other klisters and grip waxes. Rex Gold Klister (19F to 37F Man-made Snow) A new product for coarse snow, man-made snow and glazed tracks. Tested and approved by all major world cup teams in cross country. Rex Purple Klister (19F to 38F Wet, Old Snow) A durable klister for wide temperature range. For coarse wet snow and coarse icy snow. Rex OV Brown Klister (32F to 50F Wet, Old Snow) A special klister for coarse and wet snow. One of our top products! Rex Universal Klister (-22F to 50F All Conditions) An effective klister for new and wet snow. For all kinds of klister conditions. Due to new, enhanced formula, it is easier to apply.
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