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Rode Klister
$16.00 - $19.00
MULTIGRADE (21F to 42F) Rode Multigrade Klister for coarse snow 21 to 42 F. This one is killer in coarse snow and when the tracks are falling apart. If you're building a klister collection, this better be in there! SPECIAL BLUE (10F to 25F) Rode Special Blue Klister for 10 to 25 F. This one isn't as tough as Chola, but other waxes bond to it more easily so you can also cover it with hard wax in cold, abrasive new snow. BLUE (23F to 32F) Rode Blue Klister for 23 to 32 F, when the track is thawed and refrozen. This is for the blazing fast hold-on-to-your-hats type of days! Don't be afraid of klister! Imagine rollerski kick with melt-your face speed! That is what spring skiing is all about. VIOLET SPECIAL (23F to 30F) Rode Violet Special Klister for 23 to 30F. This is the ticket as a binder for cold snow under blue hardwax! VIOLET (27F to 32F) Rode Violet Klister for 27 to 32 F. This is the ticket as a binder for cold snow under blue hardwax! RED (28F to 39F) Rode Red Klister for 28 to 39 F. This needs to be in your box, as you'll want to try mixing it with other waxes to increase speed and prevent icing. SPECIAL RED (32F to 37F) Rode Special Red Klister for 32 to 37 F. Great for wet snow or mixing to prevent icing and speed up other waxes. SILVER (31F to 34F) Rode Silver Klister for 31 to 34 F. Mix this stuff in where the snow is dirty to maintain speed and prevent icing.
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