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Toko Cross Country Profile
Professional fixation device made of aluminium for securing cross-country skis. The large profiles offer a large support area and thus enable professional preparation of skis. With optionally available clamp screws (not supplied) the profile can be mounted to any workbench or used without a workbench with the appropriate legs available as accessories.
Toko Structurite w/ Red Roller
Ergonomically shaped surface structuring device with interchangeable structure roller for easily structuring of the running surface of cross country skis. Structuring significantly improves the sliding properties of skis. The device comes with the red roller (diagonal structure) for the mid snow temperature range.
Toko Workbench Small
Multifunctional, lightweight, stable wax table with 4 non-slip rubber feet. -Adjustable height (87 cm, 85 cm or 75 cm), bench top 120 cm x 35 cm, weight 11 kg -Suitable for 2 XC Profile Sets for Wax Tables
Toko PFC Free WC High Performance Hot Wax 120gm
PFC Free High performance racing hot wax to meet the highest demands. This is the same exact wax used at World Cup and Olympic events. Snow temperature recommendations: Cold: -11/10F, air temp. -4/14F Universal: 3/32F, air temp. 3/36F Warm: 25/32F, air temp. 25/50 -Optimal sliding properties -Unmatched durability -Best bonding agent for Top Finish products -Resealable wax case
Toko Coaches Pack
This is the perfect bag to take with you to the start of an event. Will keep your dry clothes dry and the extra “wet” pocket gives a place for soggy race clothes and boots that won’t get the rest of your items wet. The contents of this bag will stay dry even if snowing or raining. Color 10000 black Smooth Tarpaulin duffel/ fully cold cracked proof for extreme weather. Hidden wet pocket at end. Rain welt at main zipper compartment for protection. Padded shoulder strap and handle. Hidden Padded harness system for pack use.
Toko T14 World Cup Digital Iron
Updated from the T12 with a beefed up handle and more precise electronic control. Remarkable iron for the money. Allows precise temperature selection. 1200 Watts. 210-320F.
Toko XC Profile Set for Wax Tables
Plastic profiles for cross-country skis fit Workbench Small. -Includes mount for fixing the binding -Suitable for classic and skating skis (lengths from 170 - 210 cm) -Lightweight and stable, 1.4 kg
Toko PFC Free Base Performance Liquid Paraffin Kit - T20
$129.00 $149.50 14% Off
Kit containing all of the essentials for waxing Base Performance Liquid Paraffin. Contains 1 each of Base Performance Liquid Paraffin Yellow, Red, and Blue, a Base Performance Hot Wax Blue 120g, and a Yellow Liquid Paraffin Polishing Brush all in a high quality cordura zippered bag.
Toko Boot Pack
Two waterproof main side compartments each hold a boot up to size 13. Pack is fully insulated and padded to guard against freezing weather. Padded and lined top compartment for goggles and other precious gear. Two large zip front compartments to store accessories. Bottom fully padded and waterproofed. Fully padded shoulder and harness system. Padded buddy handle on top.
Toko Ski Holder
Two-piece ski holder for easy fitting to the Workbench. For 4 pairs of cross-country skis or 2 pairs of alpine skis.
Toko Rotary Brush Steel
For optimal base cleaning prior to waxing. Rotation rate max. 800 rpm. Use the single axle with cover.
Toko PFC Free High Performance Liquid Paraffin Wax 125ml
NEW PFC FREE Toko 125 ML Liquid Paraffin Wax. Where high performance meets convenience! Great for last minute wax changes! Best applied to a freshly waxed, clean ski at room temps. Blue: Hard liquid wax for snow temperatures -22/14 °F, air temp -22/16 °F. 0-60% relative humidity. Red: Medium hard liquid wax for snow temperatures 10/25°F, air temp 12/28 °F. 40-80% relative humidity. Yellow: Soft liquid wax for snow temperatures 21/32 °F, air temp 25/50 °F. 80-100% relative humidity. -Wide application range for common conditions in the medium snow temperature range. -Very long-lasting wax adhesion. -Can also be used as adhesion promoter for top finish products. -Fast processing. -For brushing/polishing use the Polishing Brush Liquid Paraffin
Toko Handy Wax Box (Empty)
(14" x 7" x 11") Compact version of the Big Box. Features: three drawers, two shelves, and a lock. Yes, the Wax Mouse will fit. Maybe use this one to handle the overflow from the Big Box.
Toko Legs for Cross Country Profile
Foldable legs for Cross Country Profile.
Toko Merino Wool Rotary Brush
Merino Wool Rotary Brush for cold application of waxes. - 100mm wide
Toko Rotary Brush Fleece
High quality roto fleece. Great brush for improving the performance and durability of liquid paraffin.
Toko T8 Iron
800 watt economy waxing iron. 210F to 320F temperature range regulated through a solid state thermostat. Beveled and channeled base for ease of waxing.
Toko Structurite Roller - Blue 1 (0.5SR)
For use with the Toko Structurite Tool and in conjunction with the Blue Roller .5 Screw Left
Toko Structurite Roller - Blue 2 (0.5SL)
For use with the Toko Structurite tool and in conjunction with the Blue Roller .5 Screw Right
Toko Structurite Roller - Yellow 1 (1.5SR)
This tool should be used with the Toko Structurite and in conjunction with the Yellow Roller 1.5 Screw Left
Toko Structurite Roller - Yellow 2 (1.5SL)
This tool should be used with the Toko Structurite and in conjunction with the Yellow Roller 1.5 Screw Right.
Toko Handlebar Cozies - OS
Keep hands warm when riding in cold weather. For flatbar handlebars only. Reflective logos and accents for safety. One size fits all.
Toko Rotobrush - 10MM Brass
$70.00 $99.00 29% Off
Soft brass for opening up the base and structure before waxing. Great for team use, where lots of skis need to have bases freshened before waxing. Also, use it lightly for quick removal of very hard waxes.
Toko Rotary Handle 100mm
Axle with cover for 100mm (3 15/16i) brushes. When using rotary brush wool, we recommend to take off the shield.
Toko Base Brush Oval Copper
For brushing out and cleaning dirty bases prior to waxing. Also suitable for brushing out after hot waxing.
Toko Soft Wax Box with Shoulder Strap
Keep your waxes off the floor of your car and where they belong! Toko's all-new soft-sided wax case is the perfect solution for organized, efficient travel with your waxing supplies. The padded, main compartment protects your waxing iron from drops and impacts. Any size wax iron with its own iron cozy built-in. Its large, upper storage compartment includes two secure plastic bins for messy wax or klister. Two side zip pockets easily accommodate brushes, tools, and other accessories. Use with carry handle or the included shoulder strap.
Toko PFC Free WC High Performance Wax 40g
Hard high performance racing wax to meet the highest demands. The wax used by World Cup stars! Features: - Perfect sliding properties - Maximum water and dirt repulsion - Unmatched degree of hold - Best bonding agent for Top Finish products - Resealable wax case Snow temperature recommendations: Cold: -11/10F, air temp. -4/14F - Cold & Aggressive Snow Conditions Universal: 3/32F, air temp. 3/36F - Wide range of use in medium snow temperature conditions Warm: 25/32F, air temp. 25/50 - High moisture and wet snow conditions
Toko Base Brush Oval Horsehair
This fine horse-hair brush is perfect for brushing even the finest structures. A perfect brush for finishing cold waxes.
Toko Base Brush Oval Nylon
Professional all-round brush for brushing all kinds of hot wax.
Toko PFC Free Performance Hot Wax 120gm
PFC Performance Hot wax for racing and practice sessions in all disciplines. Has a bonding agent for Top Finish products. Good sliding properties, durable and can be used as a base layer in races. This is the exact same product that is used and available at the World Cup and Olympic Games. The wax case is resealable. Snow temperature recommendations: Yellow 32F to 21F Red 25F to 10F Blue 14F to -22F Black for use in dirty or aggressive snow. Either use by itself or mix with the “wax of the day”.
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