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Bliz Optics Hudson - Polarized

Bliz Optics Hudson - Polarized
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GLARE-FREE VISION Polarized sunglasses will cut out the glare from the sun reflecting off the road, water, snow or other shiny surfaces, giving you a clear and glare-free vision.

100% UV-PROTECTION The polarized sunglasses serve an important purpose: protecting eyes from the invisible and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays produced by the sun.

LESS EYE FATIGUE Glare contributes to eyestrain. The polarizing filter effectively reduces the eye fatigue symptoms such as headaches and tired eyes.

HIGH CONTRASTS Light-colored surfaces will stand out in enhanced contrast against the darker backgrounds, giving you a more detailed vision.

ENHANCED COLOR PERCEPTION The polarizing filter reduces reflection from other surfaces such as foliage, thus making their colors look more intense.

PRODUCT FEATURES: 100% UVA- & UVB protection • Polarized lenses • 1.1 mm optical lenses • Glare-free vision • Less eye fatigue • Higher contrasts • Enhanced color perception • Protective case included • Complies with European standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013