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Craft Men's Core Dry Baselayer Set

Craft Men's Core Dry Baselayer Set
  • Color: Black
  • Color: Burstblaze
  • Color: Burstblaze
  • Color: Burstblaze
$59.99 - $69.99
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Get a full matching top and bottom when you buy the Craft Core Dry Baselayer Set. Soft channel-knit top and bottom with efficient moisture transport, flat lock seams. Keeps you dry and comfortable.

-100% polyester.


Follow the care instructions to extend the function, shape and lifespan of the garment.


Taking good care of your garment results in better function and protection, allowing you to focus on your training. Don't wash your functional garment more often than necessary; it saves both the clothes and the environment.

Follow the instructions on the product's care label and use an environment-friendly detergent (dose carefully).

To ensure that your garment maintains its shape and to avoid wear and tear, always close zippers, Velcro openings, buckles and buttons before washing.

Don't use fabric softener when washing functional clothes. Softener encapsulates the fibers and thus ruins the fabric's ability to transport moisture.



Wash with similar colors. Clothes with prints should always be washed inside out. Remove the garments from the washing machine immediately after finishing washing. Line dry the garments, preferably in a drying cabinet. Do not tumble dry; it's bad for the environment and wears out the clothes.


Some of our knitted products contain wool. Wool has the amazing capacity to self clean outdoors in fresh air, most effectively in damp weather under the cover of a roof. The preferred washing temperature for wool garments is 30 degrees (also called cold wash). Spin carefully. Don't tumble dry. Shape and line dry the garment after washing.

Lined synthetics & shells with protective surface

Air the garment after use. If it's dirty and/or sweaty – wash. Not washing a dirty garment can reduce its breathability. Always follow the care instructions. Line drying works okay but adding heat will reactivate the water-repellent surface of the outer fabric. Use a drying cabinet or iron on low heat.

It's important to re-impregnate your garment to maintain the surface's protective properties. This can be done either in the washing machine or with a spray. Remember to follow the instructions on the waterproofing and ensure that it's designed for breathing garments. It's important for all types of waterproofing to be exposed to heat after application, in order to maximize the effect.

Jackets with down filling

Don't wash down garments more than necessary. Often it's enough to clean the garment with a damp cloth. However, down garments can be washed as long as you do it the right way. Always follow the care instructions on the garment and use rather too little detergent than too much.

Down garments should be washed inside out and tumble-dried with tennis balls until they are completely dry.

Turn the garment inside out and make sure there's plenty of room for the jacket in the drum. To reduce wear, always close zippers, Velcro openings and buttons before washing. Choose a delicate cycle, 30°C or 40°C.

Place the washed jacket in a dryer along with three tennis balls. The balls help to distribute the down evenly and to regain its fluffiness. Dry the jacket on low temperature for as long as possible. You can help the down to spread evenly by removing the jacket every now and then, shaking it and loosen up any clumps.

The drying process usually takes longer than you think. Before you end the drying, make sure the jacket is completely dry, light and fluffy. Then hang your down garment on a hanger with lots of space around it.

It's possible to dry without a dryer, but it takes more work. You need a warm, well-ventilated room and have to shake the jacket frequently and thoroughly throughout the drying process to prevent the down from clumping.