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Fast Wax High-Fluoro HSF 80g

Fast Wax High-Fluoro HSF 80g
  • Temperature: HSF Green: 5F to 15F
  • Temperature: HSF Tan: 12F to 28F
  • Temperature: HSF Salmon: 22F to 32F
  • Temperature: HS Bronze: 30F to 50F
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Green 80g HSF-10 (5F to 15F)
Fast Wax's cold snow racing fluoro. Apply over a hard prep wax like HSLF white or teal for good adhesion and durability. Ideal base wax for cold pure fluoros like Fast Wax Elite 11 Arctic or Cold.

Tan 80g HSF-20 (12F to 28F)
This mid-temp high fluoro is one of our best sellers for years running. Forgiving outside of its intended temp range and easy to apply.

Salmon 80g HSF-30 (22F to 32F)
Our second most popular high fluoro from Fast Wax. Like HSF Tan, Salmon is forgiving outside its temp range. A reliable performer for many years.

Bronze 80g HSF-40 (30F to 50F)
Bronze is a great spring or general melt-down wax. High fluoro content maintains good glide with minimal dirt pick-up. Soft enough to apply by crayoning if desired.